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The New Classics: Y Tu Mamá También

"Great piece of writing of one of my all time favorite films."-Almasy77

"The final scene still hurts like the first time."-Peggy Sue

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Feb 06 2019

10th Anniversary: Laika's "Coraline"

by Timothy Brayton

Coraline,which opened in theaters ten years ago today,was groundbreaking in all sorts of ways.It was the first feature made by Laika,soon to become a cultishly loved,critically praised animation studio with an Oscar nomination for every one of its four films (a fifth,Missing Link,is set to open in April).It was one of the first films in the most recent 3D fad to demonstrate a real sense of the emotional and narrative possibilities of using stereoscopic effects,and it was only rarely equaled in the years following.It represents an extraordinary leap into a brand new mixed-media animation style that I refrain from calling "revolutionary"only because nobody else but Laika seems to be interested in experimenting with it.

The truly special thing aboutCoralineis not that it achieved any of these things.Plenty of films invent new stuff.What's special – downright miraculous,even – is thatCoralinefeels just as fresh and bold in 2019 as it did in 2009...

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Jun 19 2015

Who do you link you are?

The PlaylistStop the presses!Nicole Kidman is working with Jane Campion again,probably on her adaptation ofThe Flame Throwers
VarietyinterviewsJurassic World's mini-star Ty Simpkins who has quite a resume for a 13 year-old
Kenneth in the (212)Fred MacMurray was once quite a hunk.How did this escape me?
MNPPFinn Wittrock joins the cast ofAHS: Hotel.So after years of supplying only major diva thrills (not complaining),Ryan Murphy is finally supplying massive hunkiness...all of the dark haired pale skin variety: Cheyenne,Finn,Bomer

MNPPreminds us that Starz is greenlighting potentially great stuff to series:Evil Deadand Neil Gaiman'sAmerican Gods(have you read that book?So good.)
THRinterview with editor onInside Out
Birth.Movies.Death.on the strangely cruel deaths ofJurassic World
Playbillcomposer Andrew Lippa (I saw his oratorio "I Am Harvey Milk"last fall and it was magnificent) is writing a song for Kristin Chenoweth's Maleficent  for that Disney seriesDescendants
LA Timeslooks at the Emmy races for Best Comedy - canModern Familyfinally be dethroned?
EmpireIn news that won't surprise anyone anywhere Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks are joining forces for a heroic Oscarbait biopicCaptain Sully

Lots o' Fun
Den of Geek"Cats are not Capable of UnderstandingRambo: First Blood Part II"
Jezebel"Damn,Meryl Streep is Great at Turning Off the Lights"
PajibaAnnie Golden,mute Norma onOrange is the New Black,used to be a 70s punk rocker

Hero of the Month!
I have to bow down to my friend Tim Brayton (of Tim's Toons right here) whose siteAntagony & Ecstasyhas always been one of the very best strictly-movie-reviews sites around.As previously noted Tim,who is a cancer survivor,helda fundraiser for the American Cancer Society-- anyone who donated to them via his fundraiser got a review of their choice -- and he raised nearly $5,000 this year!He's not done with all the reviews yet so I don't know what some TFE readers who donated chose but I can see your names in the list.My requested review wasthis one forLove With the Proper Stranger(1963)starring Natalie Wood.But he reviews whatever is requested so there's lots of variety:The Iron Giant,Evita,Ball of Fire,Meet the Feebles,Grosse Pointe Blank,you name it.

Bitch I'm Madonna
Here is the Queen's newest video with a slew of guest stars*,yes,but the most exciting thing is unquestionably Madonna herself,still flipping off the the ageist and haters-- "we go hard or we go home"and Madonna aint ever goin home,duh!-- with that ombre trashy pink hair,making out with random partygoers,throwing a drink down Jon Kortajarena's throat (as one does),dancing with naked Asian girls.My favorite part is that awesome collapse at the tail end of the video twice over as the party continues to rage on all around and above her.That final long shot when the hotel's candy colored lights go from garish to dreamy with a single cut is also a keeper.Nice work Jonas Akerlund.

*Beyonce looks like she doesn't want to do it -- so they shoulda cut her -- but everyone else gets into it.My least favorite part is the extended Nicki Minaj rap...if only because Nicki isn't actually there.If you're going do a "featuring"role,commit,damnit!Still,I heart "The Snap"'s take on How Madonna convinced these stars to do it.