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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Nov 10 2018

Would you rather?

Time for another round of our Instagram-blessed silly celebrity gawking game.For some reason it's a mostly manly lineup this morning.We'll get back to the actresses soon enough.They are never far from our hearts and minds and eyeballs.

Would you rather morning beauty treatments with Laura Linney and Tony-nominee Ashley Park?
...accompany Tom Holland and pup to the vet?
...gamble it away with Bianca del Rio?
...reminisce aboutElektrawith Jason Isaacs?
...visit Thailand with Dan Stevens? career advice from Karl Urban?
...feel the hope with Patrick Stewart?
...convalesce with Nico Tortorella?(poor baby!)
...chill with Orlando Bloom and lots of teddy bears?
...or read with Nicole Kidman and Liane Moriarty?

Photos are after the jump to help you decide...

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May 18 2018

In the Links

The New YorkerKathleen Turner is singing...yes,singing,at Cafe Carlyle for a week or so.OMG I'd love to cover that for y'all but that place ispricey.
Film School Rejectsthe troubled history of the film adaptation of Lin-manuel Miranda'sIn the Heightsmay finally be ending with Warner Bros snatching up the rights
MNPPon the trailer for the art slasher flickKnife + Heartpremiering at Cannes

The Guardianthoughtful piece by Xan Brooks about provocative cinema,Cannes,and Lars von Trier in our new age of moralizing
PlaybillCalifornia readers take note.At the upcoming Hollywood Bowl production ofAnnie,Megan Hilty,Ana Gasteyer,and Lea Salonga star.Fun casting!And those voices!!
Boy CultureTrinity Taylor makes over Nico Tortorella who now identifies as gender fluid,or as he says 'sort of cisgendered but not so...CISSY
AV ClubJordan Peele producing a series set in the '70s about Nazi-hunting in NYC.What now?
DListedobsesses over a strange Cannes moment with John Travolta and 50 Cent
MovieMakerprofiles Geena Davis's Bentonville Film Festival
W Magazineinterviews Brie Vinaite on her busy post-Florida Projectlife
Film School Rejects"How Marvel Broke Storytelling"a good piece on exactly what the problem is with how they've trained audiences and deferred endings
PlaybillThis is so heartbreaking.Just a few months ago Tony-winning actress Ruthie Ann Miles (The King and I) lost her daughter (to a driver who hit five pedestrians including Miles) and now due to complications from that tragic event she's lost her unborn child
ExtraTVsilly bro clip of Josh Brolin talking about his naked ad for Fish Love

Exit Video
Here's the trailer for the series finale movie ofSense8.Sad that this singular series from the Wachowski sisters and J Michael Straczynski is ending but glad we'll have closure.

Aug 30 2017

would you rather...?

It's time to play our new favorite fantasizing rather than dealing with awful reality game.So where and with whom would you like to be doing what right about now.Would you rather...

...hug a tree with Goldie Hawn?
...decorate Milla Jovovich's face with jelly stickers?
...float in the sea with Nico Tortorella?
...seeHamiltonwith Ashton Sanders?
...go vegetable shopping with Kristin Scott Thomas?
...hit the stables with Naomie Harris?
..."go heavy"with Orlando Bloom? a shot with Leonardo Nam andPtolemy Slocum asWestworldseason 2 begins filming?
...F@*# Up some homophobes with Haaz Sleiman?

Pictures are after the jump to help you decide.

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Jun 25 2016

110 in the Tweet

It's that time of the week (the weekend!) when we groggily awaken and seek out bon mots rather than essays to amuse us.If you do the same these bite-sized morsels are just the ticket.In this week's roundup: Lea Michele,Nico Tortorella,Nicolas Winding Refn,Marvel's peak,Dory's acclaim,and more.

It's allafter the jump...

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May 13 2016

Thank Link It's Friday

Vanity Fairmeet Millicent Simmonds,a young deaf actress starring in Todd Haynes next filmWonderstruck
Film Independentif you are very rich and can afford $150+ to see a live screenplay reading,Hannah and Her Sistersis being performed tonight in Manhattan.Olivia Wilde directs an all star cast including:Bobby Cannavale,Rose Byrne,Uma Thurman,Michael Sheen,Maya Rudolph,and Salman Rushdie.(Love all those ladies but I'll save my pennies to see two fully staged Broadway shows on discount for that price.Jesus)
Oscars YouTube亚博主页has released a bunch of conversational videos with the team behindBeauty & The Beastfor its 25th Anniversary
DeciderJoe Reid remembers gay romcomThe Broken Hearts Club(2000)
The Film Stageinterview with Terence Davies aboutSunset Song(2016) now playing
VulturewhyX-Men Apocalypsehas so little buzz

Stage BuddyNico Tortorella,of Younger fame,tests his comic chops out on stage in "Crude"
Nick's Flick Picksis revisiting the 1996 Cannes Festival,day by screening day.First up was Oscar nomineesRidicule(1996)
Film Forum(NYC) is screening several films based on the work of Noél Coward starting today includingDesign for Living,Bunny Lake is Missing,andBrief Encounter
Rolling Stoneon a newly restored X rated Japanese anime from the 70s,Belladonna of Sadness
Talk Housea comic strip review of a comic book movie (Civil War) - this is really fun
THRGeorge Miller talks about his past Cannes jury stints (this next week he's leading the jury) and Oscar night forMad Max Fury Road
Interview Magazineunearths a Laura Dern interview from 1990.Great photos.

Off Cinema
Monkey Seelovely piece on reading to your children and the power of spoilers with aStar Warsslant
MadonnaramaMadonna will be honoring the late Prince with a performance at the Billboard music awards on May 22nd
Voxon progressive US's citizens frequent threat to move to Canada -- hard to do!
MicLGBT magazines have an unfortunate habit of lily white male covers,straight and gay.Here are 100 suggestions for LGBT people of color who'd look great on magazine covers.

Body Positivity
This topic seems to be in the air right now -- and god knows who couldn't use it?-- so here are two good links on insecurities and self-discoveries
Buzzfeed"Wrestling taught me how (not) to be a man"
Towleroad"I am a Man..."is there strength in revealing our insecurities?Or just camarederie?

This is Funny
I don't know who did it though I'd love to give credit --maybe it's from here?-- but I LOL'ed

More Captain America Funny: In related unexpectedly amusing news,theUS Army confirmsthat it would indeed owe Steve Rogers 66 years of back pay after he was thawed out inCaptain America: The First Avengers;Pajiba reveals a list ofevery "Chris"that is not part of the Marvel-verse;Over at Funny or Die,thanks to Tony Hale,Civil War Reenactmentsnow mean a completely different thing...It's not a hobby it's a lifestyle!

Random News To Go
Godzilla 2has been pushed back to 2019.Way to strike while the iron is hot,Warner Bros.Five years between movies?Strange.
• It's not official official yet but Lupita Nyong'o is reportedly in talks for Marvel'sBlack Panther,assumed to be the superhero's love interest
• We dreaded it and it's now official:Agent Carter,Marvel's most joyful current property (and they have so many now on TV and film) has been cancelled.In much happier news,The Real O'Neals(absolutely adorable and super funny - please tell me you're watching) has been renewed.Here's a bunch of other new cancellations and renewals.

Jan 15 2016


Time is a real bitch.Between interviews and standard blogging and technical difficulties and Globes and Film Bitch Awards and a cold,your host has had a difficult couple of weeks that he definitely didn't plan well enough for.But this rought start to 2016 shall not deter him.Please stick with us and cheerlead in the comments and we'll make 2016 the best year yet at The Film Experience even though these past 10 days or so have not gone half as planned.亚博主页(Note to self for 2016: You can't cover everything...the link list is your friend.Also please win the lottery so you can hire a full time staff of 5?10?)

Here's some reading elsewhere while we continue to update Oscar charts,try to collect ourselves (still trying to decide how to approach the #OscarsSoWhite issue which is getting such shoddy or agenda-filled or misleading coverage elsewhere).亚博主页And maybe eating lunch or sleeping would be nice at some point!

Good LOL
The Toast"Signs You're About to be in a Sinister Homoerotic Subplot in a Midcentury Drama"

Extra Extra Read All About It
Boy Culture50 stars turning 50 this year.Which should we celebrate here at TFE?
Film School Rejectstalks Ryan Coogler's strong beginnings and bright future and the matter of hisBlack Panthergig
GizmodoInside Outmight get a sequel?Blargh.
VarietyDan Hagerty (best known as "Grizzly Adams"from TV died this morning at 74
New Now NextNico Tortorella gives you tips on how to maximize your Instagram account (of course if you look like Nico Tortorella you probably won't need any tips to get popular on Instagram
Playbillthe David Bowie scored musicalLazarusset to close this next week off broadway might get a second life
The GuardianMike Lee talks about what he's up to,his past film,his politics and his next projectPeterloo(date TBA) about a Manchester massacre in 1819.
Vanity FairJacob Tremblay,Charlize Theron,Cate Blanchett,Bryan Cranston and more doing their best Scarlett & RhettGone With the Windfinale impressions
Just JaredThe great Emma Thompson remembers her co-star the late Alan Rickman (RIP)
Slatelooks at the treatment of the romantic rival inCrazy Ex-Girlfriendand wonders why it isn't as subversive/progressive as other parts of the show.Are any of you watching this?There are true fans among TFE's team (including me)
MNPPwhenever you need a Michael Fassbender fix,Jason will provide.
The Guardianwonders if the Star Wars universe will replace the Marvelverse with the public within the next few years

Year in Review Stuff
Reverse Shotgets grumpy with "offenses"to take down awards biggies likeSon of SaulandSicario.Though I'll admit reading the take onThe Overnightmakes me glad I skipped it.
Coco Hits New Yorkwho recently joined the team here at TFE has shared his list of the best of 2015.It's a good long read with interesting choices so enjoy.I love what he writes about Alicia Vikander's work inEx Machina

For playing man as she plays machine,and for not disappointing a movie that builds its mysteries around her.