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Dec 11 2018

The Sad Relatable Story of "Boy Erased"

Please welcome guest columnist Eurocheese,who you probably know from the comments section.We realized we hadn't reviewedBoy Erasedin full and he wanted to share his own story and how the film affected him.Here's Eurocheese...- Editor

Fifteen years ago,I came out to my conservative religious parents as a gay man.One of their first suggestions was that I voluntarily send myself to a gay conversion camp.Fortunately,I had accepted myself by that time and refused to go.What would have happened if I had been outed sooner,or if I still thought I could somehow change?I have seen several films addressing these so-called conversion camps,but never one that felt more in line with my personal story thanBoy Erased...

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Dec 08 2018

Would you rather?

It's our silly hangin' with celebs aspirational time-killer.SO,WOULD YOU RATHER...

• sip a poolside drink with Jharrel Jerome?
• attend the AACTA Awards with three generations of the Kidman family?
• go horseback riding with Zac Efron?
• cheat on your abs workout with Gilles Marini?
• pick out a Christmas tree with Tom Holland?
• do sauna time with Busy Philipps?
• hit the hot tub with Lea Michele?
• have an ice cream cone with Reese Witherspoon & Zoe Kravitz?
• visit an art studio with Ava DuVernay?

Pictures are after the jump to help you decide.

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Sep 26 2018

Nicole Kidman's Cats

They're sisters.I'm in love.In a different post on Kidman's Instagram she says "I've always been a cat girl."Well,all the best people are!

Sep 15 2018

TIFF Rankings.Plus: Who Does Nicole Kidman Belong To?

by Nathaniel R

Since I just had my last screening in Toronto,I thought I'd share my list of all the films I watched at the festival this year,in rough order of rank (highly subject to change as all the movies are brand spanking new).It's right here on Letterboxd.Over the next three days we'll finish up our writeups so reviews ofA Star is Bornand more are coming.

The highlight of the fest,other than staying with Joe,Chris,and Nick,and comparing notes each night andreuniting with lots of friends(even long lost Katey Rich!) was meeting Nicole Kidman again...

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Sep 12 2018

TIFF: Nicole Kidman and "Destroyer"

by Nathaniel R

One of the screenwriters of the sun-blasted crime thrillerDestroyer,describes the movie as "a detective investigating herself."Allowing a screenwriter rather than the reviewer to pigeonhole their movie may be an abdication of duty,but an appropriate one;Destroyerhas long gone rogue,flashing its badge but totally off the clock.Even the LAPD,which we all know has behavioral trouble of its own,wouldn't approve of Detective Erin Bell's (Nicole Kidman) "police work"in the real world.

You can't imagine that she'd still be allowed that badge given her AWOL behavior and frequent intoxication but realism isn't whatDestroyeris after.Director Karyn Kusama,introducing the movie at TIFF told us to "enjoy"it,providing her own finger quotes around the word,betraying a welcome sense of humor which is unfortunately little seen within the film.But again,levity is not what this relentless film is after...

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Sep 02 2018

Early "Destroyer"Reviews.Guess How Good Nicole Is!

by Nathaniel R

We knew ahead of time that Nicole Kidman would be great inDestroyer-- it's kind of her schtick to be brilliant,duh!So it's not a surprise to hear early reviews saying that she delivers and then some.But it IS a surprise and a nice change of pace,postLion&Big Little Lies,that people are willing to praise her so extravagantly for her uncommon gifts rather than berate her for (take your pick) not being warm enough onscreen / having a frozen forehead / liking "weird"projects / whatever other dumb things people used to hold against her between the Oscar win andLion(so roughly 2003-2015)...Seriously why must every great actress go through the public hate period?

Anyway.In "we all love Kidman again"mode (nice but obnoxious to those of us who never stopped and didn't fall for the misogyny hamster wheel of public opinion) these are the kind of reviews she's getting...

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