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Feb 27 2011

Kidman at the Spirits.Three Moments.

UPDATED POST.My friendMichaelsnapped this photo yesterday of Nicole Kidman & Naomi Watts holding hands outside the Spirit Awards tent yesterday.Fun!

He tweeted:

just saw Nicole Kidman & Naomi Watts share a warm hug & walk off hand in hand like schoolgirls.Awesome.

Awesome indeed.I suddenly realized an hour ago that there will be no 'Nicole Kidman caught lipsynching to Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream"' moment tonight at the Oscars and this truly saddens me.亚博主页Nicole Kidman reaction shots for the win.Hope we get some.

THREE more after the jump!

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Feb 21 2011

Podcast: Sexy Interlopers.Oscar Role Play

New Podcast!
The gangs all here.Nathaniel,Nick,KateyandJoewere too full of the Awards Season spirit to squeeze into the alloted time so this one comes to you in two parts (part two tomorrow).We're bursting with chatter about the nominated actors in particular and the post BAFTAsKing's Speechclimate.So we decided to play The Film Experience's favorite hypothetical award season game: Which nominated roles do you think would have been interesting or totally different with the another nominated actors playing them?亚博主页But that's not all...

Topics covered include

  • Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell inThe Eagle
  • Queens of (Reaction Shot) Shade: Miranda Richardson and Anjelica Huston
  • Nicole Kidman at the Grammys
  • David Fincher "behind enemy lines"
  • Aronofsky's homage to Natalie Portman
  • Supporting Actress free for all.Who to predict?
  • Role Play Switcheroos.Which actors would be most interesting in each other's roles?Helena Bonham Carter gets quite a vocal/psychological workout and Mark Ruffalo's Sexy Interloper inThe Kids Are All Rightfinds plentiful sperm-donor competition.

Recent articles briefly cited:Nick's Annette Bening piece,Nathaniel's review of The Eagle,Joe's 1990 Oscar retrospective.

LISTEN IN.We'd love to hear your comments.Especially about the annual Film Experience Oscar game.Switch the roles around.What'cha got?

Podcast: Post Bafta Climate and Sexy Interlopers

Feb 20 2011

Zoinks!Nicole + Cate,Holly + Anna

Aussie actresses Nicole and Cate are fans of each others.We shouldn't be surprised and perhaps we already knew but have forgotten.The March issue ofIn Styleasked four Oscar winning actresses Nicole Kidman,Anna Paquin,Hilary Swank and Susan Sarandon to name their "Oscar Inspiration"and they chose Cate Blanchett,Holly Hunter,Jessica Lange,and Vanessa Redgrave respectively.

This photo has a certain imaginary Film Experience spark as it's an actress (Kidman) that readers tend to think I'm rathertooscarily devoted to combined with an actress (Blanchett) that I tend to think readers are rathertooscarily devoted to.;) Not that they both aren't great actresses,mind you.

The article may well have been titled "Airbrushed Inspirations"because all of the photos are way way glossy.But it's a fun concept.Here's what Cate said about her Oscar win forThe Aviator.

I was frankly relieved when I won -- relieved I wouldn't have to answer all the questions about what it feels like to lose,and relieved because,playing Katharine Hepburn,you can't but disappoint some people.You have to throw caution to the wind when you take on those real-people roles;you can't think of the outcome.

I don't see this info at In Style's official sitebut here is a photo-set.The Hilary Swank/Jessica Lange photos are fun but the one that just thrilled me,for the sheer nostalgia,was seeingThe Piano's mother and daughter Holly Hunter and Anna Paquin reunited.

The Piano(1993) is among my all time favorite movies and who wouldn't want such a reminder.Anna is apparently now taller than Holly!Although one reason I object to the super processed/airbrushed photo shoots that are the norm these days is that in the age of Photoshop when a photo looks too plastic,I just assume no one was in the room together.Let me see an errant hair or a wrinkle or a weird pucker of cloth,or some PROOF that these are flesh and blood people in a room together.

The other thing I think of when I look at this photo is: DOES HOLLY HUNTER WATCH TRUE BLOOD?Heh.I do.I wonder.

Feb 18 2011

Best Actress.Final Notes

My favorite category didn't disappoint this year,offering up the strongest overall lineup in quite some time.In fact,though these2010 Best Actressroles won't prove as iconic in the long run as2006's primo batch,I actually think as an entire range of performances,it might be that year's equal.Would you agree?

Should Natalie Portman be nervous about her chief rival?Or is it all in her head?

The question in terms ofwho will winis whether Natalie Portman's long lead is going to pay off or if a recent arguable passion / mood to finally crown The Bening has grown enough in the industry to yank that shiny gold man away.If that happens,Natalie,not Annette,will be the one yelling"Interloper!"

But I don't think it's going to happen.The Bening can console herself with the knowledge that she is one of my33 all time favorite actresses.;)

includesPOLL "Who Should Win?"and the reader requested "how they got nominated?silliness.Which is actually not ever entirely silly even though it's meant for fun.We all know Oscar is not only about the performances.And if you don't know that,you must have slept throughSandra Bullock's win last year.

Feb 15 2011

The Grammys Down Under

Awwwww I hadn't seen this.

I love Australians so much I feel like someone should offer me honorary citizenship.It's only right!In case you missed theprevious Grammys posts,here's a better video ofNicole Kidman's already famous lipsynching moment.It makes me wanna putMoulin Rouge!in the DVD player right this second.10th anniversary this summer!

But here we go again:Baz,stop partying!Get back to work.

Feb 13 2011

Best Part of the Grammys

Apart from the Cee Lo,Gwyneth Paltrow,Muppets performance of "Forget You",the best part of the Grammys was obvs all the Nicole Kidman reaction shots.

The one that got everyone was talking was her lipsynching to "Teenage Dream"as Katy Perry performed.(Here's a better video of thatthough it starts immediately so if you're not expecting sound,watch out!)

But she was just awesome throughout,singing along,dancing,smiling,applauding vigorously,etcetera.Since the Grammys have 213 categories they should add a 214th: Best Reaction Shots.Nicole Kidman for the win.

I can't prove the theory but it seems to me that whenever Kidman's hair stays red for long periods the world improves immeasureably.

The Big Wins of the Night

Best Album: Arcade Fire "The Suburbs"
Record and Song of the Year: Lady Antebellum "Need You Now"
Best New Artist: Esperanza Spalding
Best Pop Album: Lady Gaga "The Fame Monster"
Best Rap Album: Eminem "Recovery"

Oh and here's the OTHER Actress Oscar winner who made the night.