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Dec 21 2018

Months of Meryl: Florence Foster Jenkins (2016)

JohnandMattheware watching every single live-action film starring Meryl Streep.

#51 —
Florence Foster Jenkins,a socialite and opera singer of abysmal ability.

MATTHEW: Florence Foster Jenkins was an affluent New York heiress who is only remembered today for her decades-long career as a nonprofessional soprano that spurred many to label her "the world's worst opera singer."Meryl Streep is one of the most acclaimed and rewarded actresses in history,a global celebrity whose foremost attribute is talent,pure and simple.The marquee casting of Streep as Jenkins is the amusing and unignorable irony at the center of Stephen Frears'Florence Foster Jenkins,a biographical drama that narrativizes the amateur,septuagenarian chanteuse's notorious attempts to resuscitate her dormant career in the years before her death in 1944.It is nothing if not a testament to Streep's power as one of the only active,major female movie stars of a certain age that a period piece about an awful opera singer well into her 70s received a prime summer release from a major studio (Paramount) and a full-steam awards campaign that garnered the actress her 20th Oscar nomination...

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Aug 13 2016

Review: Meryl Streep as "Florence Foster Jenkins"

This review was originally published in Nathaniel's column atTowleroad

It takes a gifted singer to sing this horribly.Every other note is wrong.No phrasing goes unmangled by shortness of breath.No lovely moment meant to soar cannot be shattered by a flat ear-piercing decibel.The central conceit of Stephen Frears new comedyFlorence Foster Jenkinsis that Florence,a considerably wealthy patron of the arts played by Meryl Streep,lives for music but is ghastly at it.The inside joke,given the casting,is that we all know La Streep can sing with the best of them.She followed the "is there nothing she can't do?"revelation ofIronweed's tragic showstopper "He's Me Pal"(1987,Oscar-Nominated) with transcendent country crooner feeling inPostcards From the Edge(1990,Oscar-Nominated),and just kept on singing whenever a movie gave her the opportunity all the way up through last year'sRicki and the Flashwhich was practically a concert film there were so many scenes of Streep at the mic,rocking out.

Florence Foster Jenkinsdoesn'trock out.Florence is not that kind of girl andFlorence,also,is not the kind of movie...

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Aug 07 2016

Seventeen (Links) Again

VarietyTCA Awards announced with top honors going toThe People vs OJ Simpson,Black-ish,The Americans,Mr Robotall of which enjoyed big Emmy nominations andCrazy Ex Girlfriendwhich did not.GRRRR
TheaterManiaNina Arianda talksFlorence Foster Jenkins(I just saw the movie and she's bliss to watch in it,so lively)
The ObserverThelma Adams on John Waters restoredMultiple Maniacs
Broadway.comGlenn Close might be revivingSunset Boulevardon Broadway
The Film StageMartin Scorsese saysSilencewill be ready for release this year as planned.(But that means Paramount has 4 major titles to juggle this Oscar season.)

Interviewtalks toLittle Menbreakout Michael Barbieri who's already lined up two major projects afterwards
i09Deadpool 2will take aim at superhero sequels in its jokey fourth wall breaking

Nerds of ColorWhy is theKubo and the Two Stringscast,set entirely in Japan,so white?Good question.And why on Earth is Rooney Mara doing this again after being raked over the coals for taking Tiger Lily inPan?I asked it about the also totally AsianGuardian Brotherswhich as an all white star voice cast (Kidman/Streep/etcetera) despite being about Chinese legends and people got mad at me,as if animated films should have different rules and it's okay because everyone does it.It's not okay.Stars with huge bank accounts need to stop accepting these roles,they have innumerable other ways to make a quick buck.It just looks bad for everyone.Animated studios need to stop doing this.The voice talent is not the stars of animation,it's the animation itself.ACCEPT YOUR STRENGTHS.Big ups to Disney who cast racially appropriate actors forBig Hero 6andMoana,trusting the material was there and you don't need big movie star names on posters when their faces never appear in the film.
After Ellenthis is some bullshit - Delta Airlines edited the kisses between Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara out of Todd Haynes'Carol
Slategood piece on understanding angry conspiracy theory behavior via angrySuicide Squaddefenders
Slateanother interesting piece on what's wrong with numbers based movie review systems
Comics AllianceCara Delevigne proves she has complete ignorance about modern film criticism when she announces that they just don't like superhero movies.Oh,Cara.no.They just don't likeyours.If anything critics are too easy on superhero movies which usually win pretty favorable review percentages.

ALSO from Tonga.And one of 11 out male athletes at the gamesOlympic Fever
Broadway.com5 random Broadway talents that should be Olympic sports
The New Yorker"Olympic Events I would win if they existed"
Towleroadon that Tongan flagbearer
Outsportsa record number of out LGBT athletes are at the Olympics this year.Most are women,two of which are even married to each other.
OutsportsNone of the male out athletes are from the US begging the question - why don't American male athletes come out?The out men are from the UK,Tonga,New Zealand,Brazil,Finland and The Netherlands.

Aug 04 2016

Born in 1984?Oscar doesn't love you (yet)

Since 1984 is our Year of the Month I was prepping a "vintage"list of the people,places,and things birthed that year and was alarmed to realize that I could findZEROOscar nominees born that year.Not a one.And I've spent all too much time scouring the web for it.

Actors born in 1984are 31 or 32 years of age which is plenty of time to secure an Oscar nomination,at least for women.For comparison sake consider that a very quick glance at 1983,no more than one minute of research,turns up at least 5 nominees one of whom won (Lupita N'yongo).The same speedy glance at 1985 reveals 4 nominees instantly.Even 1986 has one that immediately pops out (Lady Gaga for Original Song) though the more recent years naturally have less as the field of contenders gets younger and younger.Unless I'm missing some fast-rising sound editor or makeup artist or some such,Oscar has yet to loveany1984 babies.Poor Millenial babies.If you were born in 1984 does this make you grumpy?

So who do you think will be first?Some options after the jump as well as the saving grace of Tony,Emmy,and Grammy nominees from that 1984 crop.

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Jun 29 2014

Our Link Summer

Must Reads
The Atlantic'How Brando Broke the Movies' -excellent piece from Tom Shone on perceptions of movie stardom,acting and chameleon tricks
L'etoileon summer's anniversary nostalgia and childhood idles
Pajibashares fun excerpts from Neil Patrick Harris' upcoming autobiography.Sounds like a must-read.The Scott Caan story is delicious

More Links & News
The Guardian"The Glorious Folly of Dance on Film"Singin' in the Rain,Pinaand more
The DissolveBond 24 gets a rewrite.But why?Daniel Craig returns of course with Ralph Fiennes and Naomie Harris in tow
Geeks OutBoo.Disney is taking pains to make sure we know that 'Wandering Oaken' fromFrozen(the guy with the store and sauna) isn't gay like the internet said
Kenneth in the (212)Shia Labeuf and the Jordan Almond defense
TowleroadGay Iconography: Bette Midler
VéritérecommendsRob the Mob(2014) with Michael Pitt and Nina Arianda.This is one of those rare 'under the radar' recommendations that actually is.I hadn't been aware of thisBonnie & Clydelike tale but I'm up for more Arianda for sure.

Off Cinema
Salonhas a list of the 19 greatests 'double entendre' songs from "Brand New Key"to "Milkshake"and so on.I object to the exclusion of Cyndi Lauper's "She-Bop"
Gizmodohow long until we get this weird 'Smart Morphable Surface' technology in sci-fi movie designs?

Oscar Notes / Production Design
In case you missed it as the weekend began,AMPAS made some minor adjustments to the rules (as they are prone to do) whichIn Contentionanalyzes.Mostly it's technicalities like how nominations are credited for Song & Best Picture but the super interesting one is that movies nominated for Production Design which feature heavily digital environments will now have an added nominee,the digital designer.I personally suspected /was hoping that the change which was bound to happen would be closer to the Black and White vs.Color designations that Oscar went through from the mid30s through the mid60s in cinematography and I was hoping it would happen in both cinematography and production design since visual fx achievements keep winning in one or both of those categories (thinkAvatar,Alice in Wonderland,Gravity,Hugo,etcetera).But I guess that was wishful thinking.

Sep 06 2012

More Melanie

This David Poland interview with Melanie Lynskey is fun to watch so soon after her warm and movie-lovin'guest blogging right here.My favorite part is when she talks about being stuck between "leading lady"and "character actors"(3:33) and Nina Arianda fans will be happy to know that she also compares Nina's magnetism to Kate Winslet's way back inHeavenly Creaturesin that it was obviously and readily clear that the only life outcome for certain actors is major film stardom.

Later in the interview she also reconfirms that she's a geek for film critics,citingMary PolsandGlen Kenny("so grumpy") as two of her many favorites.So,yes,unfortunately we don't have her all to ourselves here at TFE.But scratch "unfortunately"as we don't want her to hide that light under a bushel anyway -- happy to share her with the cinephile world.