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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
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Feb 10 2017

Say What!Aaron Taylor-Johnson for NY Mag

Chrishere with a little Aaron Taylor-Johnson.Remember him,the one whose potential nomination forNocturnal Animalsmany of us were dreading a few short weeks ago?Well,he's just posed forNew York Magazinesans shirt.Depending on your vantage,this means he is either doing just fine or is so forlorn he can't remember his clothing.In the comments below,tell us what you think is on ATJ's mind.

Jan 17 2017

The Final Predictions Begin!

I've updated thePicture,Director,Screenplays,ActorandSupporting Actresscharts with final predictions.Though many questions remain we must make the hard calls with nominations only a week away!

Best Picture&Best Director
The Best Picture race will literally never be "locked up"again so long as Oscar sticks with its "5 to 10"balloting math.That shifting number of Best Pictures means that you just never know.I want to say 8 again this year but what if its 5,6,7,9,or gulp 10.The big question mark,at least for this pundit,isNocturnal Animals.Given that it's the movie that won't go away in precursor season with great showings at the Globes and BAFTA and significant buzz in Los Angeles despite its polarizing nature and its relatively low box office take (lower than ALL the other still buzzing pictures with the exception ofLoving).The thing is you can't vote AGAINST something.You can only vote for it,so we're predicting Tom Ford in Best Director.

Leading Actor
Arguable the most settled of the Oscar acting races with Casey Affleck,Denzel Washington,Andrew Garfield,Viggo Mortensen,and Ryan Gosling all steady players for months.At this point it would be a minor surprise to see one of the ousted.Support for their rivals seems to be far too diffuse.

Supporting Actress
The other "settled"acting race though you can definitely make arguments about one of two women spoiling the party:  Greta Gerwig who is brilliant in20th Century Womenand who has definitely earned her place at Hollywood's most prestigious tables after years of fine work,or Janelle Monae,who proves herself a total natural inHidden Figureswith a bright film career ahead of her.Supporting Actress is a friendly category to double nominees which means if there's a major shake-up it could be both Octavia and Janelle in the mix.

With Captain Fantastic holding strong for Viggo and with its SAG nomination,we're betting the Screenplay shows up,too.

Original Screenplay&Adapted Screenplay
The big question in Adapted might be whetherFenceshas enough goodwill to earn August Wilson a posthumous nomination,or if naysayers who believe its too "stagey"have made it a Viola & Denzel only party.My guess is that if Tom Ford doesn't show up in Director he shows up here instead and steals that slot away from the late theatrical giant.

In Original Screenplay with three films looking unstoppable for nominations (Manchester,Hell or,La La),one looking like a very typical "of course it nabbed #1 votes!"critical darling style nominee (The Lobster),there's presumably only one spot left and SO many strong screenplays fighting for it:Captain Fantastic,20th Century Women,Zootopia,Toni Erdmann,Jackie.

Jan 10 2017

Thoughts on this season's BAFTA nominations

La La Landwas the not unexpected leader for the BAFTA nominations.Slightly less known ahead of time was what film would threaten its leader status and that is arguably more surprising: divisiveNocturnal Animalstied for second place with the not very divisiveArrivalwith nine nominations each.

The film suffering the most this morning from lack of BAFTA love is surelyLoving,which had the advantage of a popular new homegrown star Ruth Negga but missed in all categories but for "Rising Star"for Ruth Negga.The nominations in all categories after the jump...

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Dec 27 2016

Cinematic Shame...with a "Stay Positive!" Twist

Year in Review.Every day a new wrap-up.Tonight,the "worst"of the year...

Since we are absolutely determined to make 2017 the greatest year it could possibly be despite oppressive circumstances,let this post serve as last call for excessive negativity.Get it all out of your system in the comments,mkay?We'll also put a positive spin on these dubious "awards"for ungreat things at the movie theaters this year...

Hacksaw Ridgebegins with such overworked hokey cartoonish Americana and Andrew Garfield plays his eventual pacifist hero as such a Forrest Gump style village idiot that it's something of a miracle that the movie becomes a surprisingly watchable war drama thereafter.

Even Garfield manages to turn his initially quite awful (sorry) performance around in the final hour of the film.I personally haven't seen a decent / good movie start so much like it was a terrible movie sinceJuno,have you?

Suicide Squadis so inept that it never gets past character introductions.Criticisms that it was just a movie trailer with a real movie running time proved to have deadlier aim than Will Smith's Deadshot.

Best Acting in Bad Movies,and other "Honors"after the jump....

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Dec 18 2016

Here's to the Ladies Who Lush

Year in Review.Each afternoon,a new wrap up list.TodayStevenwith our first wine soaked entry...

A lot of us were taken by surprise by the results of the election,and now we find ourselves living in a post "11/8"world.Since that day,how many of you have spent a quiet evening at home pondering the winding road ahead with a giant glass of red wine for company?I know I have.If you answered yes,you're not alone in this and you have fine actressy counterparts.Some of 2016's best narrative moments have played out just this way.Our screens,large and small,have been filled with fierce femmes sipping some wine,reflecting on life,death,pain,joy…you know,existence.

Join us in tipping a glass to some of the best of those scenes (possible spoilers ahead)...

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Dec 12 2016

Team Experience: Golden Globe Snubs & "WTF?"s

We polled Team Experience on theGolden Globe nominationsthis morning.Here is part one in which we dispense  quick thoughts about the most head scratching nominations and the 'I know they di't' dismissals (I know we're not supposed to call them snubs anymore but the word is such convenient shorthand).


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