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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Directors ofFor Sama

Lulu Wang(The Farewell)
Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Apr 14 2019


After the jump three truths that jump right out,Disney remakes,the zombie carcass of Europe franchise (?),Tessa Thompson being a snack,and more...

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Mar 05 2018

"Remember that one, ladies?"

Just passing a love note to Eva Marie Saint for mentioning this dress while presenting the Costume Design Award last night...

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Jul 18 2017

Martin Landau (1928-2017)

Landau at an event honoring Tim Burton last yearWith well over 100 credits to his name no one can say thatMartin Landaudidn't have a fine and enduring career.But for such a fantastic talent,perhaps he remained undersung.After a brief stint as a cartoonist,he found his calling with acting and nabbed his first TV guest spots in the mid '50s.By the end of the decade he appeared in his first classic (Alfred Hitchcock'sNorth by Northwest) but it wouldn't be his last.For the remainder of his long long career he toggled between TV (most notably three seasons in the mix ofMission Impossiblein the 60s and leading the cult favoriteSpace 1999in the 70s) and intermittent movie success.

You can't call it his late 80s/early 90s success a comeback,given that he never quit working,but it was a revival and a rediscovery...

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Oct 31 2016

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

Happy Haloween.Please enjoy this Photo of Oscar nominee and birthday girl Sally Kirkland wearing a live tarantulaHalloween isn'tonlyfor trick or treating and costume parties though it is most definitely for those things.It's also home to many fine birthdays and eventson this day in showbiz history...

1795Poet John Keats is born.Two hundred and fourteen years later Ben Whishaw plays him beautifully in the still undervalued Jane Campion movieBright Star
1864Nevada becomes the 36th State.Without Nevada no Las Vegas,one of the favorite cities of filmmakers and storytellers.It is entirely untrue that what happens there stays there -- it's always broadcast!
1879Oscar nominee Sara Allgood (How Green Was My Valley)is born in Dublin
1892Sir Arthur Conan Doyle publishes the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.Movies and TV haven't shut up about the Great Detective since they were invented as mediums.
1906George Bernard Shaw'sCaesar & Cleopatrapremieres on Broadway.39 years and 11 months later the film version starring Vivien Leigh is released.
1922Barbara Bell Geddes ofDallasandI Remember Mamafame is born in NYC
1925Oscar winner Lee Grant (Shampoo) is born.Have you read her recent autobiography yet?
1926Harry Houdini dies

Mount Rushmore,River Phoenix and more after the jump...

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Aug 24 2012

Movie Love

Hello,readers of The Film Experience –亚博主页Matt Zurcher,here.Aside from joining in on a few recent editions of Hit Me With Your Best Shot,it's my first time writing at The Film Experience.亚博主页I want to publicly thank Nathaniel for inviting me to cover for him today.In order to introduce myself,I wanted to make a little list focused on a trademark of this site – the adoration of actresses.

Is it possible to fall in love at the movies?I'm not talking about the fleeting arousal that Hollywood manufactures so well – I'm talking about that strange,lingering fantasy.Pauline Kael's book titles – "I Lost It at the Movies,""Going Steady,""Reeling,""When the Lights Go Down,"and "Movie Love"– all render moviegoing as a sexual experience.I can't disagree with Pauline.There is something deeply intimate going on between the viewer and the screen.Fiction isn't so far from Fact.When we're properly pulled in,we don't separate our feelings for the person sitting next to us from the person whose face is 20 feet tall.

These are five performances that continue to enchant me.Who have you fallen for in the dark?

5.Teresa Wright,The Best Years of Our Lives[Wyler,1946]

I want to give the biggest high-five to the casting director ofBest Years of Our Lives.Teresa Wright was not the most beautiful or charming choice to play the romantic lead and daughter of Frederic March's WWII veteran. But her presence inBest Yearsis warmer than a Snuggie.She is the ultimate girl to take home to your parents.She isn't sexualized and creates a portrait of calm concern for her family and relationships.She plays a young woman who believes in the value of emotional intimacy.Gregg Toland's photography can't be left out of this discussion.It's a perfect example of Hollywood manufacturing the impossible ideal that pushes film so close to us.

four more lovely ladies after the jump

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Feb 28 2012

Tues Top Ten Pt 1: Takeaways from the 84th Oscars亚博主页

We love to dotop tens on Tuesdaysand more of them will be coming your way soon.Today's top ten is not strictly ascending,some of these moments I loved and some I decidedly did not but they're ten things that I'm thinking about today and that I imagine will always come up when I think of the 84th Oscars.亚博主页

Things to remember,for better and for worse,from the 84th Oscars亚博主页

10Direction is Everything With Dance
When I first heard they were doing a Cirque Du Soleil number at the Oscars,亚博主页I groaned.Not that I don't enjoy the odd acrobatic but why at the Oscars?亚博主页If you want it to be a variety show,stop being so inexcusably high and mighty about the Original Song category (that music branch and those rules.sigh) and start nominating 5 songs each year like in every other category.There are several songs this year that might have made for great ceremony moments.But when it began with that graceful,hypnotic liftoff via North by Northwest,my spirit lifted off with the twinned Cary Grants And then crashed back down to earth when I realized that the guy in the control booth had ADD and felt it necessary to show me closeups during big elaborately choreographed acrobats,which made for entirely confusing moments.Sometimes you couldn't even tell what film clips they were dancing to.

There's a certain cross-section of film critics that have been so cynical and mean spirited about our Best Picture,The Artist,that you'd think it was directed by Ed Wood,Alan Smithee or Michael Bay.They've been so weirdly hyperbolic about their hatred that it's been hard to actually hear an argument within the bile.But the Cirque Du Soleil number only served to illustrate how wise Michel Hazanavicius was with the physicality ofThe Artist,especially in its last glorious continuous take moments where you could see (wait for it) ENTIRE BODIES DANCING.This is quite possibly the simplest visual performance concept of all,that to understand / absorb / fully enjoy a dance,you have to see the body.It'ssucha simple concept that 96% of the (modern) time,directors screw it up.Well done Hazanavicius.Should the Oscars choose to ever have musical numbers again,亚博主页please hire a control booth with less panicy "ohmygodthey'llgetbored"insecurities.It's hardly ever boring to watch great dancing / acrobatics / performances.It's only boringwhen you can't see themand are forced again and again to look at one particular detail at the expense of the whole.

09David Fincher's Oscar Stride
With Kirk Baxter and Angus Wall's semi-surprise win in film editing forThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo(I predicted it as the "spoiler"should there be one and now of course I wish I'd just gone for it fully) they achieved an Oscar miracle: it's the first back-to-back editing Oscar since 1935/1936 when Ralph Dawson took home prizes forA Midsummer Night's DreamandAnthony Adverse.Baxter and Wall won last year forThe Social Networkand though they really are superb editors,what this most definitely illustrates (along with the great guild showing forDragon Tattoo)is that David Fincher has really hit his stride with the Academy.It took them a long time to get there but now that they're there expect every one of his films to win nominations in some category or another.It was hard not to view the clip selection for Rooney Mara as the Academy own cheeky response to Fincher's preemptory quipping about his movie's AMPAS fate.

There's too much anal rape in this movie to get nominated."

08Leggy Angelina
Angelina has always felt a bit like a cartoon version of a movie star,so overripe,so perfectly visual.The best part is that she knows it.Her strut to standing hip swung leg out pose was so deliciously diva that it must be celebrated (and mocked by the next Oscar winner) immediately thereafter.

07Movie Stars Talking About Movies Is Love.
King Kong Morgan Freeman talking King Kong.Brad's amusing description of The Gargantuans.Adam Sandler talking James Bond and Sean Connery's chest hair and saying "can i please do that?"(um which part?) And most of all Gabby Sidibe marveling over "My Left Foot"(who knew?) we love this sort of thing.

"Nader & Simin"watching Farhadi accept the Oscar

06Art is Global.Art is Political.Art is Good For the World.
Asghar Farhadi and cast were present and Iran won its first Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.Farhadi got political in his speech and we're glad he did.Though some of the sentiment was lost in his English,we appreciate any reminder that respectful discourse and rich cultural exchange is possible and admirable,especially in the face of so much lowest common denominator politics.So many politicians these days play on people's worst instincts toward hostility and resentment for all,never thinking through the effects of war mongering rhetoric.

But back to the movies.We hope that A Separation marks a turning point and the category that used to give us the Bergmans and the Fellinis of the world will return to its roots and start giving statues to the masterpieces again.What a great start.

FIVE MORE TO GO - from Jessica to Emma Stone.
But what's your take on these five topics?