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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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May 14 2019

50 Appropriate Ways to Celebrate Cate Blanchett on Her Birthday

by Nathaniel R

Blanchett last week at a Louis Vitton fashion showFuture screen giant and supreme actress Cate Blanchett was born in Ivanhoe Australia a half century ago on this very day.Happy 50th birthday,goddess!

Last year at this time we were enjoying the two time Oscar winner in Cannes every day as she led the most stylish jury ever assembled but this year in May we have no Cate Blanchett to enjoy!It's a weird lull in Blanchett-mania so perhaps she's celebrating her birthday somewhere private today?Or maybe she's in Cannes again?We'll see.

Her next picture,Richard Linklater'sWhere'd You Go Bernadettearrives in theaters in August but until that time,let's celebrate all the Blanchettian goodness we can.She's given us so much over the years,with her sharp celebrity wit,fashion savvy,and (above all else) her inspired screen performances.So herewith...

50 Appropriate Ways to Celebrate Cate Blanchett This Week
Try them and report back on your success!

01 Kneel before your queen.

02 Channel her by being intimidatingly perfect.

03 Wear something fabulous today but dont let it wear you;you ARE the red carpet.

04 If you're not in the mood for beautiful dress,consider a stylish suit.

05 Describe someone you're crushing on as "flung out of space"and see how they react...

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Sep 23 2017

Tweetweek: Michelle & Miscellania

For this final* edition of Tweetweek,something more focused.Every once in a blue moon (okay,totally frequently) I do a search for "Michelle Pfeiffer"on twitter just to see what people are saying.It probably won't surprise you to hear that in the Off Years of her career,which are most years given how infrequently she works,it tends to be references toGrease 2,Scarface,and her iconic Catwoman with a light seasoning of other famous movies tossed into the mix.

Lately it's been mostly mother!and we're here for the web's enthusiasm about the RePfeiffal.I mean even RuPaul felt the need to chime in.We wish his prediction hadn't felt so quickly like wishful thinking (given the cold slap of audience response to the difficult movie) but it's not for lack of a great performance!

More Pfeiffer and a few random other topics after the jump like theKingsmanfranchise,Jessica Chastain's ubiquity,andVictoria & Abdul's leading man...

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Feb 18 2017


More truths and amusements and curiousities after the jump including Viola Davis,La La Land,Isabelle & Viggo,Kate McKinnon,and the perfect deployment of Tilda Swinton...

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Jul 09 2014

you wouldn't be able to do these awful things to me if i weren't still in this Blog | But cha'aar,Link, ya'aar!

Boy Culturecounts down 100 best Golden Girls guest spots - movie stars of yore!
The Daily Beasthas an excellent piece onTammyand Melissa McCarthy's career and body (also body of work) by Teo Bugbee
New Yorkerthorough piece on the arguments for and against VOD for indies and the question of "cultural endurance"(I'm against VOD in general but I recognize that's probably because I live in NYC where I can actually see the movies and I think moviegoing is so much more immersive than watching things at home)

Me SaysconsidersNotes on a Scandal(2006) theWhatever Happened to Baby Janeof our time
Bad-Ass DigestonExodus: Gods and Kings' 'white men with bronzer' cast.Will it finally crystallize the white-wash problem for people who still don't get it?
Nathaniel Rand have you seen that tacky black&white-in-color poster?
EWDick Jones the voice ofPinocchiodies at 87
Radarapparently Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are 7 months pregnant...I thought they broke up?I can't keep up with celebrity lovelives
Cosmopolitanhas a cool piece on top stuntwomen...stunts are on my mind alot given that it's blockbuster season and this piece a month back...
TFEan interview with Hollywood's top stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton
Movie Dearestinterviews the screenwriter of the 80s shockerCrimes of Passionstarring Kathleen Turner

Finally,what do you make of this plea for a collaborative performance Oscar?

Outstanding Collaborative Performance: Andy Serkis and companyfromPress Play Video BlogonVimeo.

On the one hand I absolutely agree that Andy Serkis needs an Oscar and I've been saying so since 2002.But,like Mark Harris,I don't think it needs to be a competitive one.Creating Oscar categories or changing Oscar rules due to one or two special things (like say a Batman movie directed by Chris Nolan or a really great year for animation) usually results in far more problems and undeserving honors than it's worth.I say bring back the special Oscar for cinematic achievements that don't have competitive categories.When I was a kid that was a semi-regular event and it was nearly always cool.

May 19 2014

Beauty Vs Beast: To Covet A Heart

JA fromMNPPhere,with perhaps one of the least cut-and-dry editions of our "Beauty Vs Beast"competition yet -- in honor of Cate Blanchett being awesome at Cannes let us compare and contrast the beauties and the beasts (mostly the beasts) within the two wicked school-teachers at the heart of 2006'sNotes on a Scandal.

Let's get our moral compromise on...

Well which is it gonna be,folks?The flighty pederast or the cruel closet-case?Choices,choices,choices.And please let us know what your reasons are for choosing what you choose in the comments.It's an up-hill battle loving either of the ladies.

PREVIOUSLYLast week we we were riding inhot on the back of Zac Efron(full stop) ...and Seth Rogen in the comedy-hitNeighbors- where did your loyalties fall?At 60% of the vote we kept it high and tight and Hollywood pretty with Efron,although Seth definitely put up a good fight - he's got surprising stamina,that one.MeIAmMariahTheElusiveChanteuse (aka Greatest Name Ever) captured the crude center of the conundrum:

"My heart is saying Seth,but my hole is saying Zac.So conflicted."

Mar 14 2014

"Carol"Now Filming

First pics of Cate Blanchett filmingCarolbased on Patricia Highsmith's "The Price of Salt"(which is sometimes called "Carol"or vice versa).I know everyone thinks I'm this huge Cate Blanchett nerd now thatI fell so hard for her inBlue Jasminebut truth: I'm in this for director Todd Haynes.Thank the gods he's returning to the cinema.It's been alongtime.

more here

His last feature film was 7 long years ago,the experimental Bob Dylan pictureI'm Not There...which was something of a comedown from his successful mainstream (though not really) breakthrough withFar From Heaven(by far his biggest hit).I'm Not Therenetted Cate Blanchett an Oscar nomination and her second Golden Globe.WillCaroldo the same?The film co-stars Sarah Paulson and Rooney Mara.

This will be Cate Blanchett's second sapphic-lust drama afterNotes on a Scandal.


More onCarol