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"They're saying this is for Adam Driver what Kramer vs Kramer was for Dustin Hoffman.More about him than about her.  Scarlett,to me,is the open question.By now it's Driver vs Phoenix for best actor."- Melchiades -Andrew

"Mini-shutout to Alda,whom I loved and thought did absolute wonders in his what,3 or 4 scenes.Great review!"-Alex

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Aug 05 2017

Meet your new "Jafar"

The saga of Disney's live-actionAladdincasting is still underway.The new Jafar will be Dutch actor Marwan Kenzari.This is noteworthy because he's the first live-action version of a cartoon character who is hotter than the cartoon character.It's also worth noting that if he's great in the role this could be quite an international breakthrough.He speaks four languages (Arabic,French,Dutch,and English) which you can hear some of inhis most acclaimed role inWolf(2013)so imagine how many country's cinemas could use him!

He's mostly made Dutch films to date but he was recently onscreen in three epic English language flopsBen-Hur,The Promise,andThe Mummy.Next up he's playing the French train conductor in theMurder on the Orient Expressremake then the lead in a true story thriller about Ashraf Marwan.After those two films,he'll be tormenting Aladdin and Jasmine!

In short: big career ahead.After the jump more pictures (some NSFW) of the new Jafar...

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Mar 23 2017

every guy here'd love to link you, Gaston

Today's Must Read
BuzzFeedgood piece by Allison Willmore on the maddening response to absolutely nothing moments proclaimed to be LGBT "firsts!"in movies.Two parts of the problems she doesn't mention though are 1) the internet demands for constant content incentivize journalists to blow everything out of proportion including super stupid things like "LeFou is gay!"and 2) too many pop culture journalists are operating from a place of zero knowledge about pop culture before they were,like,12.

more links after the jump including insightful pieces onFeudand an investigation ofLogan's family jewels...

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Oct 27 2016

On This Day: Silly Walks,Full Frontal Oscar Nods,and Bell-Bottoms

Is today your birthday?If so you share it with multiple Oscar nominees and winners,the great John Cleese,the US President with the cutest name,Macy's Department Store and the NYC subway system.

That's quite good company which we'll explore after the jump (warning: one NSFW photo ahead)on this day in showbiz history...

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Sep 18 2016

What the hell did I just watch?A festival quartet

Nathaniel R reporting from TIFF.The festival ends today (I expectLa La Landto win the coveted People's Choice in this non-juried festival) so I'm about to hit the airport.I'll be scrambling to finish telling you about the cinematic adventures screened from all over the world in the next couple of days -- and yes update the Oscar charts with all this new information -- so we can wrap up.And then NYFF begins!

Here are three films that go completely off the rails and one film that stays perfectly on track though the protagonist goes off it.Each have as many cons as pros so they're mixed experiences,presented in preference order.So click on for Argentinian nudist comedies (NSFW),Anne Heche and Sandra Oh fist-fighting,Greek paraonia,and the latest fromA Girl Walks Home At Night's director who has graduated to bigger budgets and famous actors.

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Aug 05 2016

Method Linking

The Matineeon the trouble with "classics"and drawing timelines in the sand
Kenneth in the (212)theMommie Dearestmansion is on the market
The Stakeon why blockbuster franchises are all boring now.Even the good ones
National Postpop culture power rankings best and worst in method acting from Daniel Day Lewis to Jared Leto
Uproxxmovies have sucked this summer - well,the big ones have.Lots of goodies in limited release

MNPP* NSFW* Orlando Bloom made the internet all sweaty with his nude paddleboarding adventure
MNPPI love the "Siri Says"series Jason does.She picks a number,he delivers his favorite films from that year.
VarietyMaya Rudolph to co-star in Melissa McCarthy'sLife of the Party(2018)
The Tracking BoardHollywood is planning to remake Mexico'sMiss Bala(sigh).Good luck finding a lead to match Stephanie Sigman in the 2011 original
Coming SoonAngelina Jolie has opted not to take the lead role inMurder on the Orient Express.Charlize Theron is the new possibility.And ICYMI...
TFE...we held a Cast This about the other roles in that remake recently.
Film Stagenew Antonio Banderas movie is coming calledFinding Altamira.I hadn't heard of this but it's directed by Hugh Hudson who I've suddenly realized is still alive.He hasn't made a movie in 16 years.I was just watching hisGreystokemovie the other day
AV ClubAntonio Sabato Jr hilarious thinks his career is over because of his support of Trump.Oh babe,it's been over for a long time.That's like blaming Obama for the death of Captain Khan who died four years before he was in offic-- oh wait.
EsquireIn case you had forgotten that Clint Eastwood is an old guard conservative/misogynist,they have a new interview he does in tandem with his son Scott in which he uses "pussy"as a pejorative,disses Hillary and Obama,and tries that old chestnust "both sides"argument about Trump's behavior.Nope.Sorry Clint.Only one party tries to motivate voters with bigotry.(He also talks movies and at least he lovesSunset Blvdso he's not100%a terrible person.)
Women and HollywoodAva Duvernay to become the first black woman to helm a $100 million budgeted film withA Wrinkle in Time- this is news because she's quite successful already and men with a lot less success have been handed blockbuster budgets often.Crossing our fingers that it's a financial and artistic success!

Here's the very quick new tease for Christopher Nolan'sDunkirkwhich seems certain to net him that Best Director nomination that's eluded him so longif it's any good at all,it being a WW II movie and him being "overdue"and such.And he knows how to direct spectacle films after all.

Off Cinema
Buzz Feed"every time President Obama lost his chill around kids"if you need something adorable to look at
The GuardianLeonardo DiCaprio is "with her".He's hosting a $33,400 a plate fundraiser
The Daily GoodYes the mediadoesplay favorites in politics,but as this study shows,it isn't the people complaining about it who are getting the unfavorable treatment

Jun 20 2016

Swing,Tarzan,Swing!Ch.6: Two Horny Simpletons Walk Into the Jungle...

As we approach the release of The Legend of Tarzan (2016) we're ogling past screen incarnations of the ape man...

While there's plentiful competition for "Worst"Tarzan movie in the first 90 years of ape-man cinema,there's no competition whatsoever in the annals of Official Tarzan movies for "Least Tarzany"of all Tarzan Movies.That dubious honor belongs to the infamous 1981 Bo Derek film. Despite sharing a name with the original Weismuller film, Tarzan is,for the first time in history,a 100% bonafide Supporting Character.That's reflected in the credits where Miles O'Keeffe is third-billed and has not a single line of dialogue and in the poster,in which he doesn't appear at all!

For younger readers explanation is definitely necessary this time.Some stars maintain name recognition after their heyday even if younger generations aren't exactly surewhythey're so famous.Other names provoke blank stares.Bo Derek,still very much alive at 59,was once very famous but is surely the latter kind of star.Who?

[More,but mostly NSFW,after the jump...]

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