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"He should've totally won the Oscar for his sensitive and subtle turn inUlee's Gold"-Claran

"You're right,it is hard to look beyondEasy Riderin most assessments of his career,so it's great to hear more about these other films..."-Edward

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Dec 13 2015

Viola & Edie

Viola Davis and Edie Falco,who are both in their early 50s andSAG Award nominated againfor their show carrying work onHow to Get Away with Murder(S2) andNurse Jackie(S7,the final season) were interviewed together for the New York Times on their early days as actors and success coming when you're older.

Here's one interesting tidbit on embracing acting in their youth.

You both had rough childhoods.Viola lived in extreme poverty,and Edie's parents kept marrying and divorcing,lots of family instability.Why choose careers that put you right back in that place?

EF:It seems cuckoo,doesn't it?I haven't seen Robert [Iler],who played my son on "The Sopranos"since the show wrapped.We come together so intimately as actors,then break apart,which was the exact narrative I grew up in.

VD:I stumbled onto the best profession to heal my childhood.The only one that lets you release and express whatever is ugly and messy and beautiful about your life.We're in the business of creating human beings.The more we spew,and the more honestly we do it,the better.Try that on Wall Street.It's why they throw all the kids with bad behavior into drama.We don't care how screwed up you are.We actors love it.You can use it.

You felt that release as kids?

VD:No,I just wanted out.As much as I loved my parents,I wanted an escape.

EF:Same here.My parents did the best they could.But I grew up with so much craziness and turmoil at home,and I was in charge of fixing all of it.Being at school,or in plays,was a relief to me.I had such responsibility beyond my years at home.

You can read the whole interviewhere.

Sep 17 2014

The Link Graze

okay,more like The Link Gorge because there's so much of it.But how long has it been since we did a link roundup?whoopsie daisy.Chew away on these blog cuds today

good reads
New York Timesamazing thinkpiece on the death of adulthood in American culture with notes onMad Men,YA fiction,seminal premium cable series likeSopranosandSex & The Cityand more...
In Contentionfive things we learned from Anna Kendrick aboutThe Last Five YearsandInto the Woods
NPRhas a story on the making ofGone With the Wind.Expect a lot more of that film in the next few months all over the web given its 75th anniversary
Gawker"The Skeleton Twinsand the Crafting of Modern Gay Character"
Mike's Movie Projectorremembers the Oscar-winningSeparate Tables(1958) and other versions of that play.I have such issues with that movie.I think it's Deborah Kerr's worst performance for one.

TIFF roundups
You may be exhausted by our TIFF coverage (i have final notes tomorrow and then maybe a podcast so get interested again!) but here are some pieces elsewhere to give you a little more variety...
Girish Shambunames his best and worst
The WireJoe Reid picks 15 best performances from Al Pacino (?!?) through Julianne Moore
The Film Stagereally fine review ofWild.I liked it more than Sky here,but this is a very smart review
The Dissolvecritics pick their best and worst withDuke of Burgundyup top and Thomas McCarthy'sThe Cobblerwith Adam Sandler down below.I'm sad that the gifted Thomas McCarthy has his first critically reviled movie but maybe that's what you get by working with Adam Sandler.
Mind of a Suspicious KindJordan Ruimy's recap.I gave him a hard time for his comment on Eddie Redmayne...

...but it was super nice to meet him at the fest finally after chatting online
HitFixloved Jake Gyllenhaal inNightcrawler(I skipped that one but only because it was opening in October) and Julianne Moore
Little White Liesdoes a TIFF top ten from toForce MajeuretoA Pigeon Sat on a Branch
The LA Timesproves that not everyone loved TIFF as much as I did complaining about the final week
RogerEbert.cominterviews Liv Ullman finally back behind the camera withMiss Julie
The Matineewraps up quickly with superfast notes onTop Five,The Duke of Burgundy,and Jena Malone

Cigarettes and Vinesapparently Paul Thomas Anderson and Bennett Miller both hate digital filmmaking and text each other about it
Cracked8 actors who look the same on every movie poster.Did you know that Denzel Washington always avoids eye contact,Tom Cruise always goes profile,and Eddie Murphy can't help cocking an eyebrow?
CHUDcelebrates the really ballsy cameramen onMad Max: Fury Road.Dangerous filming there

Oh ohhhh!

This obviously happened during TIFF so I was unaware but not blissfully!Channing Tatum and Jillian Bell (his hilarious 22 Jump Street co-star) doing The Dick Graze and the Booby Meeting.Juvenile?Sure.Hilarious?Yes.

news in brief -icym these stories
Electronic Urban Reporthave you heard about the 'blackMagic Mike'?They're recasting the lead inChocolate Citybut some filming has already begun
GothamistBatman and Spider-Man were arrested for fighting in Times Square
Us MagazineEva Mendes and Ryan Gosling have now officially spawned.No word on the baby girl's name yet.Will Ryan Gosling make good on his promise to quit making movies when he starts making babies?I hope not.That terrible life decision has already destroyed too many actresses!
In ContentionGeorge Clooney getting the Cecil B DeMille prize at the Golden Globes this year
EWbig gallery ofAmerican Horror Story: Freak Showimages.So Jessica Lange does have arms afterall.I maintain that her character has no arms on that painted poster.I have stared and stared at it.They aren't there!But this is a good thing because at least 50% of Jessica Lange performances are hand gestures so she needs them!
AV ClubNurse Jackie's seventh season will be its last.I always think shows should end at five seasons.The fifth season finale of Nurse Jackie was just incredible and a perfect note to end on.I can't imagine what they'll do now though I still watch the show
Gawkersuch a horrible story.Django Unchained actresses harassed by police for prostitution after kissing her white husband

P.S.viaW Magazine...

Gugu photographed by Caitlin-Cronenberg

Gugu Mbatha-Raw* is really pretty.The end.

*I keep almost typing her name wrong via Star Wars Batmanny influences "Gugu Bantha-Ra"!or simple dyslexia Gugu Mbaw-Ratha is my other preferred misspelling.But one of these days I will get it right without having to double check.

Jun 04 2013

Best Written TV Shows?

If you haven't read the 101 Best Written Television Series list (voted on by the Writers Guild of America),chances are you've been on a wee internet break for the past 24 hours.But I kinda have been (#sorryboutit) so I've included it here for discussion purposes and with a few notes...

1.The Sopranos
3.The Twilight Zone
4.All in the Family
6.The Mary Tyler Moore Show
7.Mad Men
9.The Wire
10.The West Wing

Mad Men(for many years now the best show on television) has won 11 WGA nominations and 6 wins in its six year run...but what I find fascinating is when groups like the WGA vote for something they didn't originally get behind in a big way;The Wire,for example, makes their top ten all time list despite a measily 3 nominations and 1 win in its entire five year run.

91 more series after the jump

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