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Jun 06 2016

Cast This: "Ocean's Ocho"

Remember that time when everyone was excited about the prospect of a femaleExpendableseven though that action series wasn't any good in the first place?We were guilty,too.But the prospect of an all female version of anotherOceans 11,not THAT sounds worthy of premature fandom.

There's one in the works right now with Sandra Bullock & Cate Blanchett headlining a la Clooney & Pitt.

The film is currently being referred to asOceans Ochosuggesting the team of thieves is only 8 women wide this time and maybe it's taking place in some Spanish-friendly locale?We wish it were using the working title ofOceans Veinticuatrobecause more actresses hollaaaaa.

There are already rumors zooming around about other possible co-stars like Jennifer Lawrence (becausethat oneneeds more franchise.smh) and Gillian Anderson (a far more intriguing proposition) but nothing is set in stone since we're still talking casting and pre-production.

1960s Cast2000s cast

We need six more actresses to work with Bullock and Blanchett.Who would you have them be and why?

Remember that the first two iterations of this franchise had a wide range of stardom-levels,ages,and personalities so follow suit with your suggestions.Let's make it extra enticing!

Oct 30 2015

CAST THIS: Actressexual Ocean's Eleven

Hi,everyone.Cocohere,with a fantastic opportunity for all agents and casting directors out there...

Indiewirereports anOcean's Elevensequel is in the works,and that it will feature an all-female caper crew. Clooney is producing,Olivia Milch (Little Women) is writing,and Gary Ross (Seabiscuit,Hunger Games) is directing.The biggest news for Actressexuals: Sandra Bullock has landed the Danny Ocean role.

Bullock's star-persona is a little goofier than Clooney's ultra-suave schtick,but she seems like a great choice nonetheless.Very few performers ooze of charisma as strongly as Bullock.I mean,I still find myself thinking of her speaking "Chinese"at the Oscars from time to time.亚博主页

The bigger question,though,is what other wonderful actresses should join her and her team of madcap con artists. Here are some options:

Melissa McCarthy:McCarthy and Bullock had great chemistry inThe Heat,so who wouldn't love a reunion?The only problem I can think of is the fact that McCarthy is already committed to theGhostbustersreboot.Wouldtwo all-female franchise revivals be too much?

Reese Witherspoon:Listen everybody,this is where the Reeseurgence takes flight.Just think of Reese playing the Brad Pitt to Bullock's Clooney.

Lily Tomlin:Ocean's Elevenhad its share of older mentors with Elliott Gould and Carl Reiner.Tomlin's on everybody's mind right now thanks toGrandma,and we all know she'd be really funny in the role.

Julia Roberts:Well,she's already been in theOcean'smovies.And even if you weren't a fan of her infamous impersonation of herself,you should consider the following possibility: Roberts and Bullock were the queens of nineties comedies,wouldn't it be great to see them share the screen?

Angela Bassett:Because she should be in every movie,don't you agree?Maybe she could play the villain?

Mary Tyler Moore:Is she in good health?Because wouldn't it be cool if this television legend played the Carl Reiner role in a wink toThe Dick Van Dyke Show?

But here's the fun part: What wouldyoucast?Go ahead,sound off in the comments!

Jul 07 2015

'you okay?'

Yeah,I just bit into a pepper."

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