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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
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May 14 2019

Stage Door: A startling new take on "Oklahoma!"

by Deborah Lipp

Gabrielle Hamilton,nominated for a Chita Rivera award,for a very different take on the dream ballet in "Oklahoma!"

Wow,that was a lot.

Leaving the new Broadway revival ofOklahoma!,a reconceptualization of the show that pulls no punches,I felt a little staggered,like it wastoo soonto have a celebratory dinner afterwards.(Context: I'm assuming you know the basics of this classic of musical theater,and I won't consider any of its points "spoilers".I will hold back potential spoilers,though,for this version.)

Daniel Fish's unique production changes not one word,either spoken or sung,but it all feels very new...

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Nov 16 2016

Today in Showbiz History: Oklahoma!,Martha & Missy,JLaw's Ascendance

On this day in history as it relates to showbiz...

1873WC Handy famous musician is born in Alabama.The first credited use of his music in a movie was in the originalScarface(1932).That same song "St Louis Blues"is his most popular with Hollywood and has been used in dozens of movies since includingThe AviatorandThe Great Gatbsyrecently.But Blue Jasmine got all feisty and went with "Aunt Hagar's Blues"instead.
1889Playwright George S Kaufman is born.He wins two Pulitzers and his work has been adapted to films many times including classics likeYou Can't Take It With You,Dinner at Eight,The Man Who Came to DinnerandStage Door.
1907Oklahoma becomes the 46th State...

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Oct 30 2015

Links: Oscar,Kubrick,Jones,Knightley,and Ado Annie

PlaybillReviews are in for Keira Knightley's Broadway turn inTherese Raquin
VarietyNicole Kidman lines up a new thrillerSilent Wife.The good news is the director is Adrian Lyne who is great with actresses: seeFatal Attraction&Unfaithful
Just JaredJonathan Groff dies of happiness when Beyoncé pays him a compliment

Brooklyn Magpornish art films before Gaspar Noé's Love
PajibaPatton Oswalt ranks the GOP candidates with D&D statistics
PajibaQuentin Tarantino vs.Cops.Ugly business.
My New Plaid PantsRachel McAdams,Serious Journalist (viaSpotlight)

The Superverse
Varietytalks to superhero loving TV megaproducer Greg Berlanti (The FlashandSupergirlare big hits ...but they aren't even his first superhero shows - remember thatIncredibles/Fantastic4ripoff calledNo Ordinary Family?)
Empirelots of newSuicide Squadphotos
Coming SoonMatthew McConaughey turns Marvel villain role down - I mean wouldn't you?Their villains suck
Tracking BoardLi Bingbing (not to be confused with fashion icon X-Men actress Fan Bingbing) will supposedly headline a superhero film calledRealmwhich is an original idea of Stan Lee's.It's a long ways off since the script isn't even written yet.Li Bingbing has previously appeared in action films like the recent installments of the Transformers and Resident Evil series

Oscar Mania
Movie City NewsWhyThe Martianis the movie to beat for Best Pic at the Oscars亚博主页
Awards DailyTime to takeRoomseriously as a Best Pic winner?
In Contentionon the costume design Oscar race

Trailer Tease
After lots of teasing -- and we're sick of teasing!-- a real trailer finally emerged for Netflix'sDaredevilfollowup,Marvel'sJessica Jonesstarring Krysten Ritter.ICYMI it goes like so...

(On a personal note it'll be interesting to watch this one as for once I have no connection to the comic books.So much of contemporary comic book cinema and television is based on characters who've been around since before most of us were born.Batman,Wonder Woman,and Superman are practically octogenarians.Most of the Marvel superstars at the movies recently hit the half century mark.Etcetera.Jessica Jones didn't emerge in comic books until 2001 long after I had stopped reading them so I have no idea what to expect.)

Must See Mashup
This one is from some place called "GumpTV"which I hope isn't inspired by Forrest himself (blech).The short is called "The Red Drum Getaway"and it pits Hitchcock's Jimmy Stewart against the sinister auteurism of Stanley Kubrick.Terrifically edited,well paced,and that finale.Wowee.

The Red Drum GetawayfromGumponVimeo.

Showtune to Go
Did you know thatOklahoma!(1955) is coming back to movie theaters for its 60th anniversary?Here's Kristin Chenoweth singing "I Cain't Say No"in celebration.

Apr 22 2014

I'm Just A Girl Who Can't Say No (To Links)

HAPPY OKLAHOMA DAY!For serious that's what it is today so any of you reading from the Sooner state enjoy yourselves just a little bit more for the rest of us today

I'm just a girl who cain't say no,
I'm in a turrible fix I always say "come on,let's go"
Just when I outta say nix!

It's alsoEarth Day todayand we'll celebrate when we look at Pocahontas for "Best Shot"tonight.Have you rescreened in yet to choose your shot.You've only got 6 more hours to get your link in.We'll post at 10 tonight

And now,the linkage...

Rope of SiliconDavid Cronenberg apparently wrote a book due out this fall and Viggo Mortensen loves it and the mad director also made a trailer for it involving a plastic surgeon and a naked woman
's Nude Issue"has 4 actresses talking about their bodies while naked (Nia Long,Minnie Driver,Mrs Channing Tatum,and Kristen Bell).Shameless click-bait sure but also interesting interviews
The Black Brick Road of Oz
a complex webcomic with partially animated visuals that seems to be retellingThe Wizard of Ozthrough a twistedAlice in Wonderlandkind of lens
New York Theater
the Outer Critics Circle nominations are in which means the Tony nods are ever closer.Of the musicals that are Tony Eligible,they seem to like "A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder","Rocky"and Disney's "Aladdin"best.Their Off Broadway favorite is clearly "Fun Home"with Michael Cerveris

Coming SoonRachel Weisz and Toni Collette to star inMiss You Alreadya British drama about friends falling out.Interesting combo of actresses,right?
Awards Daily
Foxcatchergets a release date of November 14th.Great choice,SPC
wonders what happened to Alison Lohman.She hasn't made a movie in a long time
The Wire
Archerwill return to its spying roots next season after an experimental latest season
Whoa,I hadn't heard about this (because I don't watch ESPN) but on Monday's they're reairing those Battle of the Network Stars specials that were so popular in the 70s and 80s - a precursor to modern shows likeDancing With the Starsonly populated with less has-beens and more stars that were actually popular at that moment showing off their athleticism
pics from Denzel Washington asThe Equalizer.Funny that his great actor cred can remain so intact when he keeps pissing away the years in all these C grade projects,right?I guess one Flight every few years or so we'll keep you in critical good graces.That's a lesson other male stars with Denzel's bad taste (and there are so many of them!) should have probably learned

Directors Fortnight at Cannes
In ContentionSundance hitsWhiplashandCold in Julyhave been accepted
Playbillthis is the first we're hearing of a movie calledPridebut its set to debut at Cannes and has a pretty stellar cast Bill Nighy,Imedla Staunton,Paddy Considine and Dominic West among them.It's a true story about gay activists raising funds for striking miners in the UK in the 1980s.

Today's Watch
Nicole Kidman gets sassy with an ABC news reporter.Be prepared for your interview,kids

Apr 11 2014

TCM Film Festival: OKLAHOMA!is better than OK

"So it's a film festival,but for old films?Why?"

When I told folks how excited I was to finally go to the 5th annual TCM Film Festival this year in Hollywood,I got this question a few times.This isn't just about the old adage "see a film on the big screen,like it was meant to be seen."This is about celebrating the old and new: old films for new audiences,new restorations for old classics,old audiences sharing the new experience,and at the center of it all,Turner Classic Movies,which turns 20 this year,thereby becoming something of an old classic itself.

Last night,TCM rolled out the red carpet and opened TCMFF with a brand new restoration ofOKLAHOMA!(1955)starring Shirley Jones and Gordon MacRae.Dianaand I were able to nab (literally) front row seats to the screening at the TCL Chinese Theater,and this may count as the first I've been glad to sit front and center.The reason for the hooplah surroundingOKLAHOMA!has to do with its history: When Twentieth Century Fox brought the Rogers & Hammerstein musical to the screen in 1955,they shot it twice: once in Todd AO 65mm widescreen,and once in a lesser 35mm widescreen.This is a fact that has mostly been relegated to behind-the-scenes trivia,and the difference between the two versions has been negligible in home theater viewings.I've seen one or the other a few times on TV (including TCM) over the years,so I thought I knew what to expect.And then the film started,the camera pushed through the corn as high as an elephant's eye,and I realized how very important it is that we save moments like this.

Photo Credit: Mark Hill

Twentieth Century Fox provided a beautiful 4K restoration of the 65mm version,complete with a restored 6 track stereo score,to play on the Chinese Theater's huge IMAX screen.Speaking as someone who usually isn't usually anOKLAHOMA!-lover,I fell in love.When Shirley Jones said Gordon MacRae was her favorite singer,surely she didn't imagine him on such a grand scale.The sheer power of it won me over.Personally,I'm usually aSouth Pacifickind of gal,but I've been whistling since I left the theater and I would feel like a bad cliche if not for the fact that my fellow Metro passengers nearly broke out into "Oh What A Beautiful Mornin"with me.If you can get cranky Angelenos on a rundown train to sing at 1AM,then you've clearly made an impression.

Film restoration is a tricky balance between preserving the original filmgoing experience while also using to best advantage modern digital tools.Turner Classic Movies has arguably been one of the most important commercial advocates for restoration,providing studios with large audiences via the small screen for 20 years.How grateful we can be to TCM that for a weekend in Hollywood they're bringing back the oldschool via new methods.

Anne Marie is our resident classic movie freak.Follow her onTwitterand read her weekly series "A Year With Kate"