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"Wouldn't it be a crime if this movie gets ignored by Oscar after they fawned all over Bohemian Rhapsody?"-David

"Standard,paint by the numbers biopic."-Max

"Damn,this was fun.Taron really pulls off a miracle.I actually forgot he wasn't Elton John LOL.His singing is wonderful."-Brookesboy

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Apr 10 2018

Links: The Wife,Anika Noni Rose,Kiss the Boy

Oscilloscope MusingsInteresting piece about Zach Snyder'sSuckerpunchand how it reflects various old movies,especially the musicalGold Diggers of 1933
Cartoon Brewon the making of a new animated featureBig Fish & Begonia,now in select cities
DeadlineJumanji(2017) broke a long held record just barely toppling Sam Raimi'sSpider-Man(2002) to become Sony's all time biggest domestic hit

lots more news and entertainment tidbits after the jump including Omar Sharif,Glenn Close,Melissa McCarthy,Anika Noni Rose and Keiynan Lonsdale...

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Dec 26 2015

Team Experience: The Best of 'Doctor Zhivago' (1965)

WithStar Wars: The Force Awakensbreaking box office records daily we thought we'd look back at another colossal hit,which is celebrating its 50th birthday this week.Though it places in thethe ten all-time biggest movie blockbusters,David Lean's adaptation of the best sellerDoctor Zhivagois oddly among the least celebrated/remembered of those record-shattering successes.But it wasn't always so.Drop it right between 1939'sGone With the Windand 1997'sTitanicand you havethecomplete trilogy box set of 3 hour plus epic doomed romances that movie audiences obsessed over and obsessed over and obsessed over.(Binge screen them all now and you'll be done in about 11 hours!)

ThoughOmar Sharif(who plays the title character Yuri Zhivago)recently passed away,the other three members ofZhivago's political/romantic quartet are still very much with us:Julie Christieis,of course,one of the all time greats and though she's resistant to working much since her last triumph inAway From Her(2007),Lara is just one of many standouts in her great filmography;Oscar nominated Tom Courtenay co-stars as Pasha,Lara's idealogue husband (and you can and should see Courtenay in theaters now as Charlotte Rampling's confused husband in45 Years);and Geraldine Chaplin (who did fine work recently in theDominican Republic Oscar submissionSand Dollars) completes the romantic quartet as Zhivago's wife Tonya.

For the 50th Anniversary,four members of Team Experience agreed to share theirfavorite scenes after the jump...

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Jul 17 2015

Omar Sharif in Egypt

Having already honoredOmar Sharif's passingthrough a Hollywood lens,please welcome new contributorMurtada Elfadlwith a look at Sharif's relationship to Egyptian cinema and his leading lady there -Editor.

Faten and Omar in 1955The first thought I had when I heard of Omar Sharif's passing last week was "Oh,he's joining Faten!".Faten Hamamawas arguably the biggest female movie star in the Arab World and enjoyed a 50+ year career.She was also Sharif's leading lady in the 1950s and 1960s.It was through the prism of his relationship with Hamama that I came to know and love Sharif.By the time I was growing up in Sudan in the 1980s her output had shrunk to only a movie every few years but at our house we spent many a night watching her old movies on TV.And watching Faten meant watching Omar.

Sharif's relationship with Hamama defined his early roles.He was plucked from obscurity and chosen to star with her - the biggest Arab movie star and #1 box office draw - in 1954'sStruggle in the Valley.Their chemistry was combustible on and off screen.It was quite a scandal of the time as Hamama was a married woman and it was the 1950s in a conservative Eastern society.They were of different religions,she's Muslim,he was Christian.Their love affair had all the ingredients of a soap opera.She got divorced!He converted!  They were the Taylor / Burton of Egypt or the Angelina / Brad of the 1950s Middle East.It speaks to their popularity that they were not shunned by the public and the industry a la Ingrid Bergman whose own love affair / scandal happened just a few years before theirs.[More...]

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Jul 10 2015

Omar Sharif (1932-2015)

Sharif Photographed by Andrew Walker in 2011Hollywood's first and still only Egyptian movie star passed away at 83 today of a heart attack.It had recently been announced that he was suffering from Alzheimers and after such a full life this may feel like a mercy to some,though his loved one are surely grieving and our hearts go out to them.

Though moviegoers roughly 35 and up surely remember him,here's the gist of it for younger budding cinephiles: Sharif began and ended his career in Arabic language cinema but in the vast middle (1960s-1990s) he achieved global stardom via Hollywood and British cinema.His English language debutLawrence of Arabia(1962) brought him a Supporting Actor Oscar nomination and he became a genuine superstar in short order,headlining one of the all time biggest box office smashes (Doctor Zhivago,1965).In his third enduring classic from that decade he helped Barbra Streisand ascend into the pantheon in her film debutFunny Girl(1968).

In fact,his performances in those three hits are rather fine illustrations of what was so special about his onscreen persona: his generosity and a certain intangible 'eye of the beholder' transference.He was one of the greatest romantic leading men precisely because he seemed so believably in thrall to the particular charismas of his co-stars.And he had great ones: Sophia Loren,Barbra Streisand,Julie Christie,Peter O'Toole,Julie Andrews and more.

And while he drank intheirinimitable beauty,he looked likethis:

Dr Zhivago (1965)a portrait from the 1950s when he starred regularly in Egyptian cinema
The Tamarind Seed (1974) and More Than a Miracle (1967)

Double the pleasure,then,for moviegoers who were ready to swoon.And swoon they did,all over the world.

What's your favorite Omar Sharif performance?

May 26 2015

Peggy Link

Theater ManiaJuliette Binoche to return to the stage with Sophocles'Antigone
Playbillinterviews Laura Benanti
Varietythe charming animated fableSong of the Seatakes Best Picture at the Irish Film Awards.Have you seen it yet?It wasvery nearly my favoriteof last year's animated pictures.
Guardianinterviews Vincent Cassell on his disturbing Australian dramaPartisanwith a look back at his now-classic breakthrough inLa Haine(which might get a sequel)
Varietycritics hash out the best and worst of Cannes together with the most fascinating split being on Hou Hsiao Hsien'sThe Assassinwhich Debruge finds "impenetrable"and for which Chang expresses rapturous love.(Note: they also seem to admireCarolmore than love it - which is why I've always been less bullish than most early Oscar prognosticators in assuming AMPAS's future love for it)
Nick Davis,Tim Brayton,Ivan AlbertsonandAmir Soltanicontinue their collective committed Cannes 1995 retrospective hitting films likeShanghai Triad(I loved that one at the time!),The Madness of King George,and Todd Haynes classic[safe]

Sad News
The Guardianreports that 1960s superstar Omar Sharif has Alzheimers
Kenneth in the (212)RIP to Anne Meara aka "Mrs Sherwood"inFame(1980) but was also a multiple Emmy nominee and Ben Stiller's mamma
In Contentionin case you hadn't heard John & Alicia Nash,the subjects of the Oscar winningA Beautiful Mindwere died in a car accident Sunday

Popcorn Season
Coming Soonlists the "15 biggest disaster movies"but skimps on older films with only four movies listed that existed prior to 1996.
CHUDnew pics from Ridley Scott'sMartianfeaturing Matt Damon's space suit (the costume designer is Ridley Scott regular,Janty Yates)
Empireshares newAnt Manimages
/Filmin more 'franchises never die' news,the Conan series may be revived asThe Legend of Conanwith Arnold Schwarzenegger back as the barbarian in his older years
Observations on Film Arton the waning thrills of CGI comparingThe HobbittoLord of the RingsandMad Max Fury Roadto the general contemporary action film
PajibaCaptain America Civil Waris filming and thus,lots of photos from the set
The Dissolvehas a long read on genre movies that followed in the wake ofStar Wars:Flash Gordon,Superman,andStar Trekand where they went right and wrong
David Johnsdoes aLaw & OrderstyleDaredeviledit.Good job

Showtune to Go...
This morning we chatted briefly aboutthe upcoming Peggy Lee biopicso why not a little Peggy for the afternoon?Enjoy this Peggy Lee & Judy G medley that kicks off with "I Like Men"

Dec 18 2013

Beauty Break: Julie Christie in Doctor Zhivago

The weather is turning colder (much colder if you live in the midwest) and Nathaniel just got back from Iceland,so this beauty break is inspired by the freezing weather and heated love affairs inDoctor Zhivago(1965).Specifically,this beauty break is devoted to Julie Christie as Lara,who never looked lovelier than when she was combining anachronistic hairstyles with fantastic winter wear.

1960's hairstyles and 1900's fashions while freezing after the jump!

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