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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Dec 13 2017

Soundtracking: "Magnolia"

With a new Paul Thomas Anderson film waiting in the wings,Chrislooks at the music ofMagnolia...

Rarely is a film and musician as inextricable from one another as Paul Thomas Anderson'sMagnoliaand Aimee Mann.The singularity of her voice repeated throughout helps streamline Anderson's massively expansive vision,like a tidy bow pulling together the film's many untidy pieces.With the film's religious themes and allegories,her omniscient voice makes Mann the film's watchful angel,perhaps a messenger of God.She's as much as character as everyone else,if a far more enlightened one.

"One is the loneliest number..."and Anderson announces his ensemble as a collection of "ones".The Harry Nilsson track is a smart choice,establishing that no matter their twisty associations to one another,each is essentially isolated.Having Mann cover the classic song marries the old and the new,sounding like something that's lingered for an indeterminate time but still aches like a fresh bruise.A curse of the biblical variety destined to perpetuate and repeat itself...

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Dec 12 2017

Five Lingering Questions About the Globe Nominations.Do share your answers!

By Nathaniel R (and guests)

Okay last Globe conversation frenzy for a bit with SAG nominations happening tomorrow.We'll save a few truly silly questions about the Globes until the Golden Globe week hits but for now the rest of our informal polling of friends and TFE contributors now that you've read theBig Sick/All the Money/ Snubs responses (you read that,right?).Join the conversation in the comments won't you?

Five questions and special guests answering them after the jump starting with this one.What's the "surprise"you don't think is surprising at all?

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Nov 23 2017

woof woof.It's your daily Oscar trivia

by Nathaniel R

101DAYSDALMATIANSuntil Oscar.For today's Oscar trivia did you know that neither the Disney animated classic of 1961 nor the live action Glenn Close starring remake in 1996 earned Oscar nominations?

Everyone knows that the Academy didn't have a Best Animated Feature category until the 21st century began but prior to that Disney's beloved animated classics were often honored in Original Song.But "Cruella de Vil,"the hit single that dog-loving composer Roger writes in the film,the one that earns him enough cash to feed and care for 101 pups in that film's happy ending was not so nominated...

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Oct 27 2017

La Pfeiffer and the Original Song Oscar Race

by Nathaniel R

Here's some rather surprising news: Michelle Pfeiffer sings the closing credits song ofMurder on the Orient Express.The song is called "Never Forget"which we never in danger of doing for anything Pfeiffer.Though opinions vary about how well the goddess sings,we personally love it when she croons.Case in point:Grease 2(1982),The Fabulous Baker Boys(1989),The Prince of Egypt(1998),andHairspray(2007).Listen it's not her fault that her character inUp Close and Personal(1996) was supposed to be a bad singer or that "Miss Baltimore Crabs"isHairspray's worst song!

"Never Forget"is written by two-time Oscar nomineePatrick Doyle,a regular on Kenneth Branagh films,who also composes the score.La Pfeiffer is,of course,not the sort who would deign to sing in front of the whole world on Oscar night so they will reassign the vocals if the song is nominated.

Regardless the Original Song category is beginning to show its possible contenders so we've updatedthat chartand still suspect the leader is The Greatest Showman's catchy "This Is Me"- which was recently performed in NYC by Keala Settle & Darren Criss.

We eagerly await the full eligibility list of 80ish songs we've never heard from 40 movies we've heard of and 20 movies we didn't know existed before this always surprising list hits.

Aug 24 2017

OTD: The Whisperers,Marlee Matlin,and "The Power of Love"

On this day (August 24th) in showbiz-related history...

1890"Father of modern surfing"and part time movie actor Duke Kahanamoku born in Hawaii.We've written about him before.Where's his biopic?

1967The Whispererspremieres in London.It's about an old poor woman living in solitude who is beginning to lose her grip on reality.Dame Edith Evans sterling work was instantly lauded - she won Best Actress at Berlinale and from such disparate groups as the NYFCC,NBR and the Golden Globes.She landed her third and final Oscar nomination in the Best Actress lineup (sadly only the winner,Guess Who's Coming to Dinner's Hepburn,was less than superb in that shortlist!).At the time Evans was the oldest Oscar nominee of all time in any acting category having just turned 80 years old.That record has since been undone but she's still the third oldest lead actress nominee after Jessica Tandy forDriving Miss Daisy(also 80,who won) and Emmanuelle Riva forAmour(who was 85).Have you ever seenThe Whisperers?It's haunting and quite a time capsule of contemporary British cinema of the time.[And check out Nick Davis' 5 star review of this legendary performance]

1985Huey Lewis and the News hit #1 with their theme fromBack to the Future"The Power of Love".The music video had a cameo by the car and Christopher Lloyd's "Doc"though it was mostly just the band playing in a bar.Best Original Song was one of the film's 4 Oscar nominations (it won for sound effects editing).In case you haven't yet heard,1985 will be our "year of the month"in Septemberas we build to the next Smackdown.

2012Remember that movie where Michael Shannon was evil (wait,that's not helpful) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt was a bicycle messenger (nowthat'smore specific).Premium Rushopened on this day.Isn't it weird how some movies,like that one,feel much more ancient than they actually are while others from years earlier feel fresh as daisies?

Happy Birthday to Them!
Oscar Winner: Usurper of Kathleen Turner's and/or Sigourney Weaver's Best Actress statue.More generously we must admit that it's super impressive that Matlin trailblazed by refusing to be a one hit wonder,turning that splashy debut into such an unlikely but full career.She's been working ever since!
Oscar Nominees: Ava DuVernay (13th),Anne Archer (Fatal Attraction),Ronee Blakley (Nashville),Robert Pulcini (American Splendor)
Cool Talents: Actress Elizabeth Debicki,Wit Stephen Fry,Auteur Takashi Miike,Novelist A.S.Byatt
80s Touchstones: Steve Guttenberg (Cocoon,Can't Stop the Music,and so many more) and Gordon Wanecke (My Beautiful Laundrette!)

Aug 22 2017

link to the feeling

Film Doctor UKgood interview with a action film storyboard artist
IndieWireDavid Ehrlich makes a great case that Oscar needs to change their rules about Original Song."Cut to the Feeling"fromLeapis not eligible (incidentally for the same reason "Come What May"wasn't eligible...originally written for something else and then unused for that something else)
VarietyMorgan Freeman will be this year's SAG Lifetime Achievement Recipient
NYTandLATremember the career of movie & television star Jerry Lewis (RIP)

AV Clubmore drama for that Han Solo movie.Michael K Williams,currently Emmy nominated for The Night Of,has had his entire part cut out.
Deadlineanother new role for Roland Møller (in the action filmSkyscraper).The Danish actor is hot hot hot afterLand of Mine.You'll understand if you've seen that Oscar nominated picture
The Guardianwe're promised a definitive victor in the forthcoming action filmGodzilla vs Kong.But either way audiences probably lose.

Varietythe annual survey of who makes what per episode of hit TV shows.Casts of Big Bang Theory,Game of Thrones,Modern Family,and Robert DeNiro (in a new series) are swimming in money.Cast ofThis is Uswill surely eventually be but not quite yet.
OutRuPaul's Drag Race All Starsseason 3 is a go...and already filming!
VarietyPeak TV still hasn't peaked.At least in terms of quantity.One executive predicts 534 new series next year so you're not just imagining that it's impossible to keep up
Coming Soon'everything we know aboutStar Trek Discovery'...though can someone explain to me the deal with this.I keep hearing that it'll be on Netflix and that Netflix is distributing.Yet often times and sometimes even in the same single paragraph in various articles it will say "exclusively on CBS All Access"so I'm confused.Anyone?

Comic Book Resourcesfun article on that time that the Incredible Hulk could fly in the comics

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