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Dec 16 2017

38 days til Oscar nominations.1938 favorites?

by Nathaniel R

While I update some Oscar charts,let's talk 1938.The first decade of Oscar was tumultous with rule changes and size changes in the Best Picture category but it settled at ten pictures in 1936 and stayed there for most of its second decade until five became the norm in 1944 and stayed there for decades and decades.Here's what we got in '38...

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Nov 28 2017

The 25 Youngest Men Ever Nominated for Best Actor

by Nathaniel R

Timothée Chalamet photographed by Craig McDean for Interview magazine

With the fine coming of age romantic dramaCall Me By Your Namenow in limited release,audiences can join critics in swooning over the revelatory work of Timothée Chalamet's as the preternaturally sophisticated but hormonally confused Elio.He won the Gotham Awards "Breakthrough"award last night.Should his incredible performance earn him an Academy nomination for Best Leading Actor,he will be the third youngest man to ever receive that honor (he turns 22 the day after Christmas)...

Only Mickey Rooney and Jackie Cooper were younger in their Oscar races and both happened in Oscar's first dozen years (!) when the Academy's habits and fetishes and aversions were still being sorted out.They quickly turned against really young actors.While many women have won Best Actress in their 20s,it's only happened once for a man.The youngest leading male winner is currently Adrien Brody who won his Oscar forThe Pianist(2002) just three weeks before he turned 30.

But who are the youngest male leads ever nominated?Read on for the dewiest 25.Tell us how many you've seen and who is your favorite...


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Nov 25 2017

59 days til nominations.Time for a little Disney trivia

by Nathaniel R

Disney won every single short category plus Documentary Feature at the 1953 Oscars亚博主页With 59 days left until Oscar nominations,it seems an appropriate time to remind everyone that it's not Meryl Streep (20) or Woody Allen (24) or even John Williams (50) who holds the record for Most Oscar Nominations of All Time,but industry titan and one of the most influential people who ever lived: Walt Disney.His fingerprints...or mouse glove prints if you will,are still all over showbiz,especially the business part.But we're here to talk Oscar.He received an incredible 59 competitive Oscar nominations,winning 22 of those races.

So in addition to holding the record for most nominations,he also holds the record for most wins.The last of those nominations and wins was his only posthumous honor --Winnie Pooh and the Blustery Day(1968) took the Animated Short Oscar (then called "Best Short Subject,Cartoons")...

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Nov 04 2017

120 days til Oscar."Best Dance Direction," anyone?

by Nathaniel R

It's your useless morning trivia!Guess what the 120th Oscar handed out was?If my calculations are correct -- I carefully counted through "Inside Oscar"'s brilliant year-by-year history to determine the order -- it was Best Dance Direction 1936 which went to Seymour Felix for "A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody"fromThe Great Ziegfeld.The famous number led up to the film's intermission.The film also won Best Picture.

"Best Dance Direction"only lasted three years at the Oscars from 1935 through 1937.亚博主页

Rather hilariously,the geniusBusby Berkeleynever won it though he was nominated all three years running and is the only man among the 11 nominated for that award that has any name recognition in the 21st century.Remember when Ryan Gosling was going to star as him in a biopic?Too bad that never materialized!

Here's Felix's winning number:

Feb 24 2017

Double Winners & Chart Updates

No Oscar Trivia today.Unless you count all the stuff that's on the Oscar pages.The major category charts have been updated with our popular "how'd they get nominated?"speculation,chosen preferred Oscar clips,and other sorts of trivia.Every acting chart plus Picture and Director are update!Woooo

Thoughts?Comments?Feelings?Nonsense?Opinions?Do share.(Note: The final predictions full article will go up tomorrow but you can see a sneak peek of the predictions onthe chart index.)

Okay fine,fine.You have to have your daily trivia don't you?As if the charts aren't enough!You're so greedy,sometimes,I swear. After the jump the six double winning actors who are two for two in that they won both times they were nominated,never losing an official Oscar race.(Obviously they lost out on nominations over the years but that's a different thing and everyone does.Even Streep)

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Feb 22 2017

4 Days Until Oscar.Come Low or High Trivia

Today's magic number is four.Since we have no brilliant angle on the number four,a random collection of Fab Four situations after the jump...

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