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Aug 26 2014

Best Shot Collection: Gone With the Wind (Pt. 2)

Previously on Hit Me With Your Best Shot -Gone With the Wind Pt 1

We return now to wind-swept Georgia and the tale of the most famous southern belle of all time,Scarlett O'Hara Wilkes Kennedy Butler.We've lost a few Best Shot participants this time around (people don't love Part 2 as much I guess - a group which includes me) or they're just running late (which includes me).I'm still debating between a few images and too tired to think any more.I'll decide tomorrow.Tomorrow is another day!

Click on any of the Best Shot choices to read the corresponding articles

The marriage of Scarlett and Rhett is its own version of Sherman's march...a path of destruction in their wake.
-The Entertainment Junkie

There is something you love better than me,though you may not know it.
-Ashley Wilkes for The Film Experience亚博主页

a glimpse of reality;her funhouse mirror is cracking

My favorite section of the film [is] the hardcore suffering part,where everyone is starving and filthy and Scarlett has to wear the same dress for 18 months...
-Video Valhalla

Certainly a movie you love wouldn't take you two weeks to watch...
-Pop Culture Crazy

No use trying to sweet talk me.I knows you since I put the first diapers on you.
-Mammy for The Film Experience亚博主页

You're a heartless creature.But that's part of your charm.
-Captain Rhett Butler for The Film Experience亚博主页

One of the great characters and performances in the annals of cinema...
-Antagony & Ecstasy

Scarlett stands confidently and defiantly.Its the only way she knows how.
-The Film's The Thing

Nothing modest or matronly will do for this occasion...
-Film Actually

Here's Our Darling Scarlett."
-Melanie Wilkes for The Film Experience亚博主页

Melanie as the calm moral centre of the film...
-Lam Chop Chop

I love the fact that Scarlett's bedroom hasa portrait of Marie Antoinettein it...
-Allison Tooey

Gone with the Windis my mom's favorite movie...
-Coco Hits NY

-The Futurist

And that is...the end!Except for my choice.Unless a few stragglers show up.Hope you enjoyed.

Next Tuesday night,September 2nd,our Season Five Finale:THE MATRIX(1999) for Keanu Reeve's 50th Birthday.Why not pick a shot and join us?

Aug 23 2014

"House Servant"= Slave

Looking back over some of the entries for last week's Best Shot episode (Gone With the Wind's first half) and chasing links here and there I found myself atThe Anzrin Exchangea personal blog of Alison somebody.It's not a "best shot"piece but an essay written earlier this year about howGone With the Windis viewed now (especially in the wake of12 Years a Slave) and how it has aged in terms of its racial politics and themes - which are entirely separate things though naturally they're in conversation,especially retroactively.

Back then,the world was a different place.There were Civil War veterans still living,the Holocaust was unknown,interracial marriage was illegal,and the Walt Disney Company was close to bankruptcy.A radically different time.

This is the argument that's made to defend every racist Grandma at Thanksgiving,and it is the argument that "Gone With the Wind"apologists use to silence its detractors.There's no denying that this is a film made by racists,for racists,about racists.But,while"12 Years a Slave"is explicitly about slavery,the "meaning"of "Gone With the Wind" has always been a little more fluid. Ultimately it's a movie about people who can't let go,who ruin their lives by clinging to a past that does not want them anymore.This is true,whether we view that past as a hateful hell or rosy paradise.

In 2014,few people mourn the loss of the Old South,but we're just as receptive to the idea that dwelling on the past can kill you.And that's the theme of "Gone With the Wind,"when you cut right down to its heart: The people who thrive are the ones who can let go of the past and take charge of their future,who canchange.

The bold is mine for emphasis;that's a bluntly stated truth,but one that's easy to miss if we conflate all presentation with endorsement and shut out other ways of looking at the movie.It's a really thoughtful engaging piece,particularly interesting when it comes to the performances of Hattie McDaniel's "Mammy"and Butterfly McQueen's "Prissy,"soyou should read it.(Hattie & Butterfly's billing as "House Servants,"really struck me in the credits this time;that sure is a fancy guilt-easing euphemism for "Slaves,"right?)

And if you missed out onthis week's Best Shot,there's still time to join us.Any late comers doing GWTW Part 2 (everything after the Intermission) can also do Part 1 and I'll add you in retroactively.We're reconvening on Tuesday night August 26th for the finale.

Aug 21 2014

Best Shot Collection: Gone With the Wind (Pt. 1)

Seventy-five years ago this December (yes,we'll celebrate again...albeit in a different way)Gone With the Windpremiered.No,that isn't quite right.This epic about a selfish Southern Belle surviving the Civil War and beyond ARRIVED IN STYLE with a three day celebration in Atlanta which reportedly drew one million visitors -- how'd they fit them all into the theater?(Hee).1939's Best Picture winner arrived with roughly a bajillion times the anticipation that today's blockbusters get because pop culture was far less fragmented back then and everyone was obsessed with it.It would stay in theaters for literally years (the first couple of them at twice the normal ticket price) and become the biggest cinematic smash the world would ever see.To put it into perspective onlyStar Warsever came close withThe Sound of Music,E.T.andTitanicfightingfor a distant third.

To look at something this large for a single defining image is an impossible task (or two images rather since we've split it in half).My favorite recurring visual motif of the film,Scarlett movingagainstthe current of the crowd as befitting her singular tetchy anti-heroine nature and her duties as protagonist just doesn't look magnificent in freeze frames,but my favorite instances are two: First,when war has been declared and she walks up the stairs calmly through a sea of pastel dresses running down them (bless the film's first fired director George Cukor - that's obviously his work!),and second,her selfish exit from the scene of an amputation when she moves from the sweaty interior nightmare of a hospital to the shock of an exterior nightmare of chaos outside in the streets.Other favorite images were too small or atypical.For instance,there's this calming exquisitely lit shot of Mr and Mrs Ashley Wilkes.[more...]

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Aug 18 2014

This & That: Ant Man,Early Emmys,List Mania

Elisabeth Bergner,who started in German silents went on to a Best Actress Oscar nomination for Escape Me Never (1935)Schweigena fine collection of 1920s and 1930s postcards of film actors.I loved looking at it despite my Richard Dix aversion.And this postcard left makes me desperate to seeEscape Me Never,one of the 30s Best Actress nominations I still haven't seen
Cinema Blendprofiles the 5 pilots from Amazon Studios includingHand of Godwith Dana Delany and Ron Perlman
E!OnlineNeil Patrick Harris responds to rumors that he and David Burtka are breaking up.It ain't so.
Inside Madonna's 56th birthday bash
THRCinematography Gordon Willis who died earlier this summer,was memorialized in Hollywood this weekend

List Mania
Rope of Siliconevery death in a Quentin Tarantino movie thus far
Cinema Enthusiasthas been investigating 1992 cinema.LovesHowards End,The Player,Batman Returnsand more
Do You Remember Movies
names the 20 top female film stars of the 70s.I'm not sure what the criteria is but whatever it is,shunning Shelley Duvall ain't right!It ain't ever right.

Creative Arts Emmys
By now you've probably heard that the kiddie table awards for the Emmys have been handed out.(Theory #1: If you have too many awards to fit them all into one big awards show,you have too many awards.Theory #2: Awards shows should be longer but if you still can't fit them into a 4 hour event,you have too many awards).Todd VanDerWeff,TV expert,reminds usthat the Creative Arts Emmys don't really predict the major Emmys with quite the precision by which the craft categories on Oscar night can signal an impending Best Picture win.But it was a very good night forOrange is the New Black,SherlockandTrue Detectiveamong others.Here'sa complete list of winnersand the guest acting prizes went like so:

Guest Actress,Comedy: Uzo Aduba,Orange is the New Black
Guest Actor,Comedy: Jimmy Fallon,Saturday Night Live
Guest Actress,Drama: Allison Janney,Masters of Sex(her 5th Emmy but the first for something non-West Wing)
Guest Actor,Drama: Joe Morton,Scandal

Congratulations to the winners.But I'm definitely shedding tears that theMad Mencurse continues (no acting winners ever in its entire run).Even Robert Morse's transcendent song & dance farewell couldn't break it.

You may have already seen thisHello Kitty gallery of superheroes

I've never been more attracted to the Winter Soldier

In which Earth's Mightiest are modified for maximum cuteness and sparkle.ButIhadn't seen it and now my life is complete.Wellnearlycomplete.My life will only be complete IF they makeThor 3this way.At least then it'd be infinitely more watchable thanThor: The Dark World.

While we're on the topic of superheroes I do want to note that the long troubledAnt Manis finally out of the gate asfilming has commenced.I've gone in and out of interest in the project over the years but unlike most of the internet,the last minute hiring of Peyton Reed in the director's chair was the best possible news I could have heard after the unfortunate exit of Edgar Wright.Peyton Reed is so undervalued (seeBring It OnandDown With Loveand be embarrassed for every ignorant person who has ever called him a hack.)

David Dastmalchian photographed by Caleb Condit

And now one last cherry on top.The rest of the cast has been announcedand among the awesome ensemble cast which includes people we know and love like John Slattery,Bobby Cannavale,and Judy Greer,I have to personally congratulateDavid Dastmalchianfor getting another big deal film.I've had an eye on the actor since nominating him for a cameo prize forThe Dark Knightandhe did super work again just last year inPrisonersin a small but key role.  His upcoming filmAnimals,which gives him a rare leading role,was this year's SXSW sensation.So happy for this fine actor.You should expect to hear more from him.And very soon.

Exit Video

"Female Superhero Pitches a Movie"- this one has some pretty great lines in it as she keeps meeting roadblocks and narrowminded executives.I wish the pace was faster and the video shorter for more viral pleasure but,still,it's funny.

Apr 18 2014

TCM: Anna Kendrick ♥s "The Women"(So do we.)

It's Diana's last report from the TCM Film Festival which closed this weekend.One more from Anne Marie is coming up and it's a wrap.Take it away,Diana...

Ben & Anna Kendrick at The Women screening

In one of the few overlaps in our TCMFF schedule,Anne Marieand I sat down for the all-star classicThe Women(1939).We've both watched the film a countless number of times - it's such a treat.The El Capitan organist played a variety of film standards (including theStar Warstheme) as we chuckled and waited for the introduction.The cherry on top?Anna Kendrick,cool girl exemplar,was the special guest,there to introduce the comedy classic alongside TCM stalwart (and object of many TCM fangirls' affections) Ben Mankiewicz.

Walking out on stage,Kendrick sported a chic yet casual look with a black tee,black skinny jeans and black heeled boots paired with hipster glasses and gently messed hair.Within moments of sitting down,she nonchalantly revealed she was also still wearing her retainer.Kendrick opened up about how she stumbled on the film and fell head over heels for it,feeling the biggest connection to Rosalind Russell...

'While working on Broadway'(Kendrick put laughing emphasis on the "way"and sidebarred that "it was a douchey thing to say,no matter how I say it"),the then 12 year-old Kendrick was introduced to the film by two older fellow actresses who considered the a rite of passage for the then-tween.Like many of us,Kendrick couldn't keep the unbridled passion to herself and forced friends to watch it.Also,like many of us,she realized that not all tweens are that keen on a black-and-white 1939 comedy.Nonetheless,she persevered with her own interest in classic films,thanks in large part to a father who would rent things likeThe African Queenfor them to watch at home to counteract her frequent video store choice ofSpiceworld.

Stating thatThe Womenis part of her D.N.A.,Kendrick vowed that she would incorporate the Sylvia (Russell) leg-chair-hook "into a movie,if it's the death of me."(You know the one,early in the picture,when she's gossiping in the Haines' powder room and hooks the chair with her leg and without missing a beat sits down to dish even more.) Later on in the screening,that moment elicited a raucous amount of applause,thanks pretty much entirely to Kendrick's introduction.

the cast of The Women (1939).Accept no substitutes

On a current note,Kendrick revealed a great,passive aggressive way actors give shade to each other on-set.Whereas Joan Crawford would knit while feeding lines to Norma Shearer during reaction shots on "The Women,"apparently the thing to do on a modern-day film set is to break strategically,meaning to laugh a bit too heartily and flub the scene all the while crediting your fellow actor with being too good and too funny.Not that Kendrick has done anything like this,just that she 'heard about it' from other actors.

Anna Kendrick on stage as a tweenWhen introducing the young actress,Ben Mankiewicz said that she was one of the few actors working today who could have easily been a star in any other Hollywood era.Fromher martini glass-shattering performance inCampto her Academy Award-nominated performance inUp in the Airto her full-hearted introduction at this screening,Kendrick continues to win the hearts of new fans.As Mankiewicz predicted (and I agree),she's on her way to legendary,award-winning stardom herself.

Apr 17 2014

Seasons of Bette: Dark Victory (1939)

Seasons of Bettehad a headache last week but is feeling much better now,thank you.Herewith,your catch-up episode onDark Victory(1939)

it was the ghastliest feeling,everything went fuzzy.

Fallen out of order,have I.That's awfully dreadful of me given that the great revelation of both Anne Marie's brilliantA Year With Kateand my own intermittentSeasons of Betteseries is that you can actually watch a movie star grow in power and nuance and embrace of their own specificityifyou watch their films chronologically.

This is true,at least,of the studio system where stars were invested in for the long haul rather than dabbled with for a few months at a time if agents,lawyers,producer,directors and stars could agree on a one-time contract.The old system had its drawbacks of course,giving thespians less agency in their own filmography and less ability to test their range in different genres and with left turn character types.Despite that,and even because of it,it was uniquely ideal soil for the true movie stars to grow like majestic redwoods.You know the kind of superstar I'm talking about: they are emphatically always themselves no matter how well they play any particular character.[more...]

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