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"I watchedWhere'd Ya Go Bernadette,it was entertaining enough but what did it all add up to in the end,not sure.I also watchedAngel Has Fallen,which was silly,made no sense in parts but who cares,it was a fun movie."-Rami

"Finally went to seeOnce upon a Time...in Hollywoodand boy did I find it pompous and underwhelming!"-FrenchToast

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Directors ofFor Sama

Lulu Wang(The Farewell)
Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Mar 04 2014

And the Link Goes To...

Mashable"12 Ways June Squibb is the New Jennifer Lawrence"
Kenneth in the (212)Indiewire article onThe Normal Heartappears to be outing Taylor Kitsch.Typo?Weird punctuation?Odd sentence structure?
Yahoo Moviespremieres thePaddingtonteaser.But don't get too excited Nicole Kidman is nowhere to be seen
/FilmThe Avengers Age of Ultronscrambling to rethink shooting schedule.They start shooting next month when Scarlett Johansson will totally be showing (4 months pregnant at the moment)

MNPPdo dump or marry: two Hemsworths,one Ben
Dark HorizonsHugh Jackman planning to hang up the Wolverine claws soon.YES!I 100% co-sign everything my friend JA says about this one on his blog:

Honestly at seven films down I'm kind of ready for Jackman to do something else,too.As long as he keeps taking his clothes off,of course!But the bulging vein Wolverine look has gotten to be too much.Smaller and sleeker but still naked - that's what he should do.

Oscar Hangover
Self Styled Sirena must read on Kim Novak's industry history and her Oscar appearance
LA Timesa Memo to Hollywood on Lupita Nyong'o's future.(Her slate is pretty much free now -- Who's going to sign her to what?)
MNPPis this the best picture from the Oscar after parties?The expressions!
The Wire"We All Have To Get On The Same Page Of What Oscars Year This Is"亚博主页I'm so happy Joe Reid has joined me on this lonely battlefield
Variety5 brands that deserve an Oscar for marketing.Arby's certainly made a brilliant move on Oscar day

Today's Watch...

Idina Menzel remembering to have fun with the third defining song of her career on Jimmy Kimmel.(If you haven't been paying attention -- her two other huge cultural moments were "Defying Gravity"in Wicked and Maureen in general in Rent & "Take Me or Leave Me")

Dec 27 2013

Randomness: Grandmaster,Paddington,Catwomen and Babies

Can you develope ADHD suddenly as an adult?I'm hating it but as with last weekend,I can't concentrateat all,starting multiple blog posts and never actually finishing any of them.Hours go by and I'm staring at the screen still and WHERE DID THE DAY GO.Nothing.I got nothing.Like,I'm watchingThe Grandmasterlast night and as Tony Leung and Zhangi Ziyi stare at each other for minutes on end,immobile in some badass mixed martial arts yoga pose,all I could think was "such powers of concentration!"

I did NOT expect that movie to be all about Zhang Ziyi's vow to avenge her father and refuse Tony Leung's heretofore unrefusable sexual advances.i thought it was going to be a biopic of Ip Man (Leung) but he's kind of an afterthought once Zhang starts tearing up and reflecting from her opium haze.Once the movie goes back to Ip Man,it seems to give up suddenly.Like,"yeah,we know this isn't half as interesting,kthx bye.Closing credits - bam!"Zhang Ziyi won Best Actress at the Golden Horse Awards (as previously discussed) and though I wouldn't go that far,she sure can hold a movie camera.

So herewithsome random thoughts on everythingfrom overheard drug store movie chatter to that awful silhouetted lone-man back-turned movie-poster plague we can't stop hating on.If youfollow me on twitter,and you should,some of this will be familiar.

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Nov 01 2013

Say What?Hangin' With Nicole

You delight me!I asked readers to caption or commentary to this photo of Nicole Kidman on the set ofPaddington Bear.

She shared this image onher official Facebook page.And hey while you're over there"like"the Film Experience亚博主页too.

Her new Vanity Fair cover and the winning caption after the jump...

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