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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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Nov 08 2018

Happy Parker Posey Day!Her 10 Best...

by Nathaniel R

Happy 50th birthday today to the one and only Parker Posey.The 'Queen of Indies' of the 1990s isn't as celebrated these days and,frankly,we could use a lot more of her.So we're eager to read her hilariously titledmemoir(pictured left) which was published this summer.Hollywood has always been a bit confused about her but we're relieved that she didn't just vanish after that first decade of fame (it girl status,indie or otherwise,is by its nature,transitory) but instead forged a patchwork kind of career mixing supporting roles in indies,tv movies,the occasional mainstream feature,and guest starring and recurring characters on TV.She's currently starring in Netflix's reboot ofLost in Space(where she plays the shady Dr Smith) and she's also recently completed filming a new indie calledElsewhere.

For her birthday we thought we'd share a list of her greatest performances.  Posey is such a curiousity that we're sure everyone's top ten will vary immensely,so have at it in the comments!

Disclaimer: I should note that the three most acclaimed performances I haven't seen from her filmography are the indiesFay Grim(2006) andBroken English(2007) and the TV film for which she was Globe nominatedHell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay(2002).

Ready for the list?Let's go!

Honorable Mentions: hell,just about everything but wanted to specifically note the following: Rhonda inAdam and Steve(2006),Miami inKicking and Screaming(1995),Debbie inDrunks(1995),Kitty Kowalski inSuperman Returns(2006),and Sissy Knox inA Mighty Wind(2003)


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Nov 08 2018

Parker Posey's On Top


Happy Birthday to Parker Posey,who gave us the best worst audition of all time.

And here's to Libby Mae Brown and her healthy blizzard.

She'll always be our teacher's pet.

Nov 07 2018

Parker Posey Priorities

Parker Posey as Miami in the college comedyKicking & Screaming(1995).She's got her priorities in order.

Guy: Do i have to start paying back student loans tomorrow?
Miami: I'm gonna go look for pot.

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Nov 05 2018

Beauty vs Beast: All Hail Queen Posey

Jason fromMNPPhere with this week's "Beauty vs Beast"contest,which this week will be marking the milestone of 50 freaking years of the eternal goddess Parker Posey.Do you recall the first place you saw her?I feel like for most people it was probablyDazed and Confusedbut I have a really vivid memory of her inConeheads,for some reason.Whatever is was she's since given us half of her life and heaps of iconic characters in that time,and we're gawping in the presence of greatness today.

It seems a bit blasphemous to ignore her work with Christopher Guest ("Busy Bee!") but I'm gonna - I'm gonna go with two of her characters that ended up shaping my perception of her screen-image the most.And those two are Mary inParty Girland Jackie O inThe House of Yes...

PREVIOUSLYOur Halloween hangovers should (hopefully) be gone by now so let's say goodbye to my favorite holiday with one last big hug to Jack Skellington,who tooktheNightmare Before Christmaspollwith 74% of your vote.Saidcatbaskets:

"Mr.Oogie boogie says there's trouble close at hand.You better pay attention,now,'cause he's the boogie man.Jack counters that there are few who deny that at what he does he is the best for his talents are renowned far and wide.Jack in a landslide."

Oct 13 2016

This Is The Day Before The Show, Y'all

by Daniel Crooke

In honor of Christopher Guest's long overdue return to the mockumentary – the costumed cheerleader sagaMascots,hit Netflix at midnight – let's take a moment to celebrate some of the most indelible characters in his filmography.This collection of ordinary folks in extraordinarily amusing niches – small town actors with big city dreams,obsessive dog owners,outdated folk musicians,awards show hopefuls – could easily be milked for laughs through condescending jabs.Instead Guest and his repertory cohort of improvisational comics imbue their creations with rich empathy and heartfelt humor,no matter how ludicrous their worlds.This marks theirs as a distinctly humanist cinema that revels in personal idiosyncrasies rather than repelling from them,and chooses ironic optimism over sarcastic defeat.While refreshingly full-bodied,they're,above all else,very funny.

For me,all roads lead back to Libby Mae Brown,the spirited,slack-jawed (low-fat or non-fat) Blizzard queen fromWaiting for Guffman,the first of Parker Posey's slamdunk soul-searchers in Guest's company films.Who among us wouldn't like to meet some guys,some Italian guys,and watch TV and stuff?But the competition is stiff and the runners up are numerous;the distant loss of Catherine O'Hara's Mickey Crabbe inA Mighty Windtugs at the heartstrings between laughs while (runner-up at the 2001 National Society of Film Critics Awards for Best Supporting Actor) Fred Willard's class clown motor-mouth inBest In Showsurely pioneered the archetype of lucid and silly sports announcers for performers such as Jason Bateman or Elizabeth Banks.And then there's always Guest's own restless dreamer Corky St.Clair,the community theater iconoclast who pops up inMascotsfor a second time.

Of all the peculiar characters in the Christopher Guest universe,which is your favorite?The one that most fuels your stool boom,if you will.

Oct 04 2016

Rachel,Rachel.Link, Link.

Rachel Rachel!No not the 1968 Oscar nominated Paul Newman / Joanne Woodward movie.But Weiz and McAdams.They're set to co-star in a Jewish lesbian romantic dramaDisobedience.Good luck to whichever lesbian romantic drama with A list actresses has to followCarol.Is this the next one that'll see release?

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Interview Magazinetalks to the incomparable Parker Posey on her improvisatory work with Christopher Guest (including the new Netflix filmMascotspremiering October 13th)

Parker Posey photographed by Craig Mcdean for Interview

Some of these scenes last,like,15 minutes.And it's so disappointing when you see the final cut.You bring so much of your life and your story,and then it's just whittled away,you know?Chris likes his movies to really fly,to leave the audience wanting more—which is the rule of comedy.So his movies are kind of short.I like a three-and-a-half-hour documentary.I like Frederick Wiseman,Grey Gardens[1976] ...I'd love these movies to be so much longer than they are.You should see what Jane Lynch and Ed Begley Jr.,and Michael Hitchcock and Don Lake come up with,by the minute.

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