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Venice Red Carpet- va va voom

"Chalamet's gray...whatever that is...Is absolutely fantastic.It's always wonderful to see guys in anything but a penguin suit."-Manny

"Scarlett Johansson in pants is everything!Louis Garrel veux-tu m'épouser?Damn,he's getting more and more handsome the older he gets!"-French Toast

"That last Timmy outfit is iconic." -Andrew

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Mar 10 2017

Would you rather...?

Would you rather?

...attend Lupita Nyong'o & Dana Guira's jointComing to Americathemed birthday party
...take a shower with Lena Dunham & Andrew Rannells?
...do a little ADR with Doona Bae forSense 8season 2
...dance with Goldie Hawn
...go a round in the ring with Jason Momoa?
...or try a swimming lesson with Sir Patrick Stewart and his foster pitbull Ginger ?

Photos to help you decide are after the jump...

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Mar 05 2017

Review: Hugh Jackman's Last Stand as Wolverine in "Logan"

This review was originally published in Nathaniel's column at Towleroad

Logan,the latest and last (for now) solo Wolverine movie,was not kidding around when it opted for Johnny Cash's "Hurt"as its trailer music.It's not just the severity of the title,but the elegiac lyrics,and the dying man as guiding spirit / inspiration.Some trailers lie but this one spoke world-weary truth.This is exactly the kind of movie James Mangold,who also directed the Johnny Cash biopicWalk the Line,delivers.

Wolverine's mutation were never those iconic claws,which were a science experiment to weaponize him,but his ability to instantly heal which also slows down his aging process.The movie franchise got very silly about this,placing him in the civil war context inX-Men Originsas if the once feral Canadian hero was an immortal vampire rather than a mutant.

ButLoganis anything but silly about aging...

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Dec 15 2015

Tweetweek: Clue,Star Wars,Awards Silliness

We weren't allowed to say this for fear of screening crashers but as you're reading this I'm probably watching the credits crawl at the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.More soon obviously.

The past week has been just crazy with awards announcements and it's easy to drop usual columns on accident but I can'tnotshare these choice tweets that amused on actressexuality,.

Clue,Sir Patrick Stewart,Golden Globes and a lot ofStar Warssillinessafter the jump...

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Nov 15 2015

Sir Ian McKellen Charms the Brits.And Other Oscar Stories.

Nathaniel again in my last post directly from LA.I'll have to leave you in the good hands of Team Experience tomorrow as I'm travelling back across the country to home base NYC.This afternoon I had the pleasure of attending a Brit-heavy brunch with various BAFTA & Academy voters to honor Sir Ian McKellen inMr.Holmes,one of the year's biggest indie hits.

Look at the starry talent that showed up to support him...

Jane Seymour,Sir Ian,Sir Patrick,Kathy Bates,and The Lovely Laura Linney

Did you know that Jane Seymour and Sir Ian McKellen go all the way back to 1980 together,having co-starred inAmadeus(1980) on Broadway?She was wife to Tim Curry's Mozart and McKellen was Salieri (and won the Tony) but none of the stage cast were used in Milos Forman's Oscar-devouring film version in 1984.I was able to say hello to all the actresses.I informed Kathy Bates of her devout fanbase at The Film Experience and she credited亚博主页American Horror Storyfor giving her new fans but admitted the bloodiness of the show was a bit much for her (same) and that drinking the fake blood was disgusting.We even talked about her Oscar-winning work inMiseryas I shared earlier today on twitter.

Longtime readers,particularly "par3182"who named her thus,will be happy to know that "The Lovely Laura Linney"is now aware that at The Film Experiencce we only ever refer to her by that full title and have for years.One may not even say 'Laura Linney' in casual conversation as it must be properly heralded with 'The Lovely'.She beamed with all the apple-cheeked radiance we've all fallen for repeatedly over the years.

McKellen's close friend Sir Patrick Stewart was also on hand.Though McKellen singled several attendees of the party out beautifully as he spoke to the crowd,about his fellow X-Man he joked...

Patrick Stewart and I are practically married at this point.But his wife is here so we won't talk about that."

I personally admitted to Sir Patrick that I keep almost going as him for Halloween."That is a terrible idea!"he proclaimed,destroying my future dreams of Professor Xavier drag.

As for the man of the hour,Sir Ian McKellen was just as funny,warm,and winkingly arrogant as you could expect.'I'm very good in the picture!' he agreed without shame with those twinkling eyes while chatting.He was a delight to talk to and especially gracious to fellow actors.

I told the twice Oscar nominated actor that I thought the makeup work to age him up forMr.Holmeswas incredible -- the actor is a spry 76 but he plays Sherlock Holmes as a frail 90something.He agreed and mentioned that "the big hooter"specifically helped him in feeling like someone else.Looking into the mirror after hair and makeup and seeing the character taking shape is a great help.'Your body starts to join in,' he remarked hunching over to recall the aging affect.When it comes to actors and transformation,he quipped  'I knew what DNA was before the scientists!'

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May 25 2014

X-Men Movie: Shades of Future Franchise Past

[Editor's Navel-Gazing Note: I remind all readers upfront and as apology for this extraordinarily longwinded review that the X-Men are part of Nathaniel's actual soul,having clung to them like actual friends and role models for his entire childhood and adolescence.Other comics were mere 'entertainment'.The X-Men were the loves of his young life.-  Nathaniel]

Daniel Cudmore as Colossus and Fan Bingbing as Blink

The most visually intoxicating character in the latest "When Mutants Collide!"movie is Blink (Fan Bingbing).She has very little dialogue,if any,but linguistic skill is not a mutation ("Hey now...,"protestsCypher,who the movies will surely continue to shun).Blink's highly effective signature move involves tossed off pink teleportation portals which she,her teammates,and their enemies jump,run,stumble,fly or are thrown through.Think of it as Nightcrawler's disorientingly rapid teleportation,if it involved all characters in a scene and could be used malevolently against some of them.

In the very exciting opening battle sequence ofX-Men Days of Future Pastwe see this power used frequently and awesomely as she helps her teammates (Warpath,Collosus,Storm,Iceman,Sunspot and more) to surprise,fight back,and evade (for a short time at least) their attackers,an army of mutant-killing robots known as The Sentinels.But these Sentinels learn quickly,and are very good at their job: killing mutants.The tides turn and a mutant massacre begins...or does it?

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Apr 27 2014

Tribeca: Three Bizarro Twin Gay Films

Tribeca wraps tonight but we're still writing.Here's your host Nathaniel on three LGBT offerings.Portions of this piece were originally published in his column at Towleroad

TheTribeca Film Festival,founded in 2002 at least in part to help revitalize the Tribeca neighborhood after 9/11,has migrated and grown over the years;in 2014 I saw almost everything in Chelsea.An apt location because there seemed to be a lot of gay movies.Here are three,the first two of which seem like warring fraternal twins and the other which may or may not have psychotic doppleganger issues.

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