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Apr 03 2019

Showbiz History: Star Wars' Oscar Ceremony & Matthew Goode's Birthday Suit

8 random things that happened on this day in history (as it relates to showbiz).Happy April 3rd!

1882Jesse James is Assassinated by the Coward Robert Ford (Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck recreating that for you above circa 2007).

1930The 2nd Oscars are held with亚博主页Broadway Melodytaking Best Picture.(No film won more than 1 Oscar at that ceremony but that's less crazy than it sounds since there were only 7 categories then.)

1942Zoltan Korda'sThe Jungle Bookopens in movie theaters.It certainly won't be the last film adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's wild boy and jungle animals adventure but it receives the most Oscar nominations of any of them by far in four categories (Cinematography,Production Design,Visual Effects,and Original Score)

After the jump the historic 50th Oscar ceremony.So much good trivia awaits you...

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Apr 23 2018

Vintage '70 - Marinate in it!

The Supporting Actress Smackdown 1970 Edition arrives in three weeks (we've moved the date to May 13th) so as we approach and you vote (hint hint),let's talk context in movies and entertainment...

Great Big Box Office Hits: When it comes to box office,there are a lot of competing sources about what films were massive hits prior to the internet era when tracking success became such a cultural activity.But all sources basically agree that there were five true behemoths at the movies in 1970.The top four were the tearjerkerLove Story,the all-star disaster flickAirport,the Altman comedyMASH,and the war dramaPatton(remarkably they made up 80% of the Best Picture list...though prior to the 1980s it's always worth reiterating that the public had much more Oscary taste in their movies -- it was public taste that changed,not really the Oscar aesthetic...contrary to much of the grousing you here online about Oscar shunning hits and preferring underseen critical darlings).The fifth consensus smash hit was the Dustin Hoffman Christmas releaseLittle Big Manwhich scored only 1 nomination from the Academy for Chief Dan George in Supporting Actor;he was the first Native American to score an Oscar nomination in any category!

Chief Dan George in "Little Big Man"Beyond that quintet the details about which films were big hits gets fuzzier though various sources also list some,though never all,of these movies:Ryan's Daughter,Tora!Tora!Tora!,Chariots of the Gods,The Aristocrats,Joe,Beneath the Planet of the Apes,the documentaryWoodstock,andthe musicalOn a Clear Day You Can See Forever.

Oscar's Best Picture Nominees:Airport(10 noms / 1 win),Five Easy Pieces(4 nominations),Love Story(7 noms / 1 win),MASH(5 noms / 1 win),andPatton(10 noms / 7 wins).Our theory as to what was just outside the Best Picture shortlist plus more '70 goodies follow...

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Aug 03 2016

Beautiful Dolores,Princess Anne,Merylish Mamie,and Olympic Jesse

on this day in history as it relates to the movies...

Dolores Del Río auditioning for Catwoman.No wait that's not right.Dolores Del Rio in Journey Into Fear (1943)1885Carlo Montuori,famed cinematographer of Italian neorealism is born.He went on to lens the essentialBicycle Thief(1948)
1904Dolores del Río,one of the first three Mexican actors to become movie stars in Hollywood (the others being her cousin Ramon Novarro and Lupe Vélez - they all started in silent films and moved into talkies),after which she used her fame and beauty as part of Mexican cinema's Golden Age with the occasional Hollywood film thrown in.Credits include:Bird of Paradise(1932),Flying Down To Rio(1933),Journey Into Fear(1943),Cheyenne Autumn(1964) and multiple Best Actress winning films in Mexico:Las Abandonadas(1944),El Niño y la Niebla(1953),andDoña Perfecta(1951).
1906Alexandre Trauner,Oscar winning production designer.His credits includeThe Nun's Story(1959),The Apartment(1960,Oscar win) andThe Man Who Would Be King(1975,Oscar nomination),Subway(1985),and'Round Midnight(1986)
1923Jean Hagen.I "caaaaiiiiinnnnt stan' it"thatshe didn't win the Oscar forSingin in the Rain(1952)
1926Fifties beefcake Gordon Scott is born in Oregon.Later stars in five Tarzan movies (including one of the best of the franchise,Tarzan's Greatest Adventure) and sword and sandal flicks

More after the jumpincludingThe Princess Diaries,Unforgiven,Mamie Gummer's debut,and the Summer Olympics...

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