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他说:“这是一个很好的选择。”这部电影是(并且将是)在我的“最爱名单”的顶端今年。It's incredible.他说:“这是一个很好的选择。”-Eli

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Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)



Mar 01 2019年

Our Coverage of the 91st Academy Awards is a Wrap

24 articles later,除了这个星期天的播客,we should probably call it quits on The Film Experience's coverage of the 91st Academy Awards.亚博主页Whew.Hope you enjoyed!Please sign up for our weekly email,在Instagram上关注我们(我们很快就会改进这个帐户!),请and follow our individual team members too,是吗?我们承诺在2019年很快会有很多好东西,比如女配角斯马卡顿的新赛季,改进的播客,and the usual goodies in our potpourri of new cinema,classic cinema,and the occasional sidebar dips into theater and TV.  Oh,还有很多很多你喜欢的动作。

Index of Oscar Charts我们今年的预测是17/24
New Oscar TriviaSince we've wrapped up another year
5场音乐表演-克里斯·费尔,我们的音响师,ranks them
We are the Champions-黛博拉在奥斯卡上讲述同性恋故事亚博主页
Ranking the 20 Acting Clips- from 'cringe-worthy' to 'favourite'

Wins & Losses
Glenn Close's Oscar Curse伟大女演员的第七次历史性损失
复杂的感觉Green Book的胜利- Lynn Lee has conflicted feelings
黑豹Wins- The zeitgeist smash has three historic wins
Regina King's James Baldwin Tribute-我们会得到更多的适应吗?
最差接受度演讲- Vice wins Best Makeup

Oscar night's most unexpected photo: Madonna & Gaga at an after-party

Best Dressed Supporting Actress- VOTE!
Best Dressed Best Actress-投票!
Men's Fashion- Chadwick,维戈,Diego,Henry,拉米,and more
20 More Oscar Lewks- Notable gowns from non-nominees
Joe vs Nicholas-投票!

最佳反应球Hang this in the Louvre
First Gentleman of the Oscars亚博主页Chris Evans is love
Richard Met Barbra- Actors stanning other actors is always fun
Melissa McCarthy和Brian Tyree Henry- The funniest awards presentation
Team Reactions Pt 1- Horniest & most joyful moments
团队反应第2部分- MVPs and noticeable absences

Alison Janney has obviously seen The Favourite.

附笔。And here's a perfectly irreverent post-script to the Oscars...亚博主页and an unintentional answer,当然,为什么保罗·施拉德以前从未被提名(他残酷的诚实可能会激怒业内许多人!)奥斯卡颁奖典礼后的第二天,他在Facebook上…亚博主页

Jan 24岁 2019年

Blueprints: Memorable Scenes from Your "Best Original Screenplay" Nominees


We all rose at the crack of dawn on Tuesday morning to hear Kumail Nanjiani and Tracee Ellis Ross banter in a way that we won't see anyone do on the actual Oscar stage.While we were all bracing for catastrophe (and yes,Bohemian Rhapsody是最佳影片提名者)the nods balance between expected precursors and delightful surprises (still high on the Marina de Tavira wave).至于最佳原创剧本,there were no surprises.Four out of the five nominees were pretty locked from very early on.It was the fifth slot that was the question mark.While希望Bo Burnham能在青少年焦虑症中得到升华,Paul Schrader's distillation on environmental nihilism works just fine as well.

After the jump the writers,their history with Oscar,and what scene we think landed them that nomination...


Jul 09 2018



也许英格玛·伯格曼的电影中没有一部比1963年更能勾勒出“伯格曼电影”的陈词滥调了。Winter Light.WhilePersonais undoubtedly the cinephile consensus choice for his best film,和第七章orWild Strawberriesare his most widely-seen,经常装饰关于欧洲电影史的大学教学大纲,the morose sadness for which his work became known feels most exemplarily expressed inWinter Light.“上帝的沉默”三部曲的第二部分(已经开始阴郁了)Winter Light's infinite quiet,黑白电影,冰冷的外表,and tear-soaked monologues scream BERGMAN in capital letters.一个炎热的夏季工作日的早晨开始观看是很奇怪的,但我们到了。尽管电影的严重性威胁着你,it is my personal favorite of the Bergman canon,superbly acted and filmed with a brisk lightness that befits an auteur frequently in danger of getting weighed down in heavy-handedness.A freezing shot of aquavit on the rocks can knock you over and have you questioning the purpose of your life.

Winter Lightmay be reaching new audiences this year as it has received a renewed relevancy from Paul Schrader'sFirst Reformed,请an unofficial remake blatantly taking the premise and applying it to the contemporary United States...


Jul 06 2018

Links: Nutcracker and the Two Directors,Schrader on Selfishness

Gr8ter Days特伦斯·斯坦普很少出现在我们面前谈论他的职业生涯并推动他的新回忆录。这位伟大的演员快80岁了…
/胶卷Hmmm,即将到来的迪斯尼奇观Nutcracker and the Four Realmswill now have two directors credited after reshoots.Joe Johnston (Captain America: The First Avenger) will be credited after the original director Lasse Hallström
VultureDirector Susan Seidelman on her 80s NYC classicsSmithereensDesperately Seeking Susan

MNPP卢卡·瓜达尼诺展示了Suspiriato Quentin Tarantino who loved it
MoviemakerPaul Schrader on our selfish legacy and environmental disaster (DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T YET SEENFIRST REFORMED
海报if you're in NYC in the second half of July there's a lot of 15th anniversary happenings forAvenue Q包括一场原创的演出音乐会
PajibaSofia Vergara's ex is making an anti-abortion movie about Roe v Wade and the news about it gets worse and worse
i09The legal system in难以置信的2令人困惑
一片混乱this video is 90 minutes long but if you're studying to be a screenwriter it's worth a look since Michael Arndt (Little Miss Sunshine,Toy Story 3) maps out what makes for a great third act of a story
Coming SoonKeri Russell加入Star Wars: Episode IX.她的角色不为人知,但会涉及战斗场面,所以我猜她会比劳拉·德恩有更多的工作要做。
电影学校拒绝the best movies of 2018 thus far
Nick Davis尼克做他心爱的“五十年代”to detail the best of the movie year thus far

六月 09 2018

Ethan Hawke in "First Reformed"

byChris Feil

保罗·施拉德的First Reformedis a bit like running a psychological and spiritual marathon,an unflinching look at despair in the modern era but told with the style of Tarkovsky and Bresson to lend its concerns a punishing timelessness.All the critical hosannas it has received are spot on,但请放心,这是一项艰巨的任务,bruising sit.What keeps us from running away from the trauma is the absorbing honesty of Ethan Hawke's showcase performance.


10月 15 2017年

NYFF: "First Reformed"and "Let the Sunshine In"


First Reformed
一位处于危机中的中年牧师与一位年轻人坐在一起,他对我们当前世界的地位感到幻灭。Once the pleasantries are done with and the futility of existence and our doomed world become the topic of conversation,警报器开始响了。在纽约电影节放映的几分钟里,观众们才意识到警报器并不是电影上映的一部分。but an actual false fire alarm asking us to vacate the cinema.

That's how deeply engrossing Paul Schrader'sFirst Reformedis...