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Aug 06 2018

Beauty vs Beast: Running Mates

Jason Adams fromMNPPhere with this week's "Beauty vs Beast"query -- when I saw it written in my calendar that today is the 25th anniversary ofThe Fugitivemy first thought is I must have done that movie for this series before,but a quick skim tells me I hadn't,and so here we are!I vividly rememberThe Fugitivecoming out in the summer of 1993,a banner year for this movie-lover - I had gone to seeJurassic Parka dozen times by then and I needed something fresh and new to feed this newly awoken beast inside me;Harrison Ford leaping out of a train-crash did the trick.

I went to see the film several times after that,but save a few minutes here and there on TV I don't think I have seen it since?Still it's an easy enough film to remember,especially after we spent that entire year's awards season getting the clip of Tommy Lee Jones saying "gas station,residence,warehouse,farmhouse,henhouse,outhouse and doghouse"hammered into our heads over and over and over,until he got his Oscar for it the next spring.

PREVIOUSLYTwo weeks back we hadyou tackling PTA'sThe Master- turns out that Joaquin Pheonix holds that title,taking a precise 2/3rds of your vote.SaidDevin D:

"This performance truly cemented Joaquin Phoenix as one of the irrefutable greats,and it was very nice that Philip Seymour Hoffman got to work yet again before his untimely passing with Paul Thomas Anderson in a role so sizable."

Jan 18 2018

The Planet of the Links

Pull it together,Nathaniel!There is so much showbiz news of late that we've been buried in avalanche of it.How to stop and collect the linkage?So herewith a looooong list of links in a vain attempt to catch up or but by the time you've read it we'll surely have missed another 20 stories in addition to those that already slipped by in the past two weeks.What I'm saying is "too many things too many things too many things"

So read on and click away forThe Avengers: Infinity War,Paul Thomas Anderson,Jessica Chastain,Big Little Liespaydays,Sundance buzz,and much much more.Please to enjoy or at least peruse...

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Dec 13 2017

Soundtracking: "Magnolia"

With a new Paul Thomas Anderson film waiting in the wings,Chrislooks at the music ofMagnolia...

Rarely is a film and musician as inextricable from one another as Paul Thomas Anderson'sMagnoliaand Aimee Mann.The singularity of her voice repeated throughout helps streamline Anderson's massively expansive vision,like a tidy bow pulling together the film's many untidy pieces.With the film's religious themes and allegories,her omniscient voice makes Mann the film's watchful angel,perhaps a messenger of God.She's as much as character as everyone else,if a far more enlightened one.

"One is the loneliest number..."and Anderson announces his ensemble as a collection of "ones".The Harry Nilsson track is a smart choice,establishing that no matter their twisty associations to one another,each is essentially isolated.Having Mann cover the classic song marries the old and the new,sounding like something that's lingered for an indeterminate time but still aches like a fresh bruise.A curse of the biblical variety destined to perpetuate and repeat itself...

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