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"You get a medal for sitting through this cynical film."-Mark

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Apr 08 2019

1972: Soaked in Booze with "The Ruling Class"

TFE will be periodically looking back at the 1972 film year before we hit the Supporting Actress Smackdown at month's end.Here'sAnnafromDefiant Success

Adapted from the play of the same name by Peter Barnes (who also serves the film's writer),Peter Medak'sThe Ruling Classestablishes its bizarre nature early on.The plot kicks off after Ralph Gurney,the 13th Earl of Gurney (Harry Andrews) accidentally hangs himself while performing autoerotic asphyxiation.Upon his death,his only surviving son Jack (Peter O'Toole) becomes the 14th Earl of Gurney.One problem with this new arrangement: Jack firmly believes that he's Jesus Christ...

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Feb 25 2019

On Glenn Close's Oscar Curse

by Nathaniel  R

At this point in her long and celebrated career,Glenn Close surely has reason to wonder.Consider it a reverse Sally Field: 'Youdon'tlike me?Youreallydon't like me?'

There are many familiar time-tested ways to win an Oscar and Glenn Close has tried them all.She's tried the debut performance that makes everyone's jaw drop with 'who is THAT?' wonder (World According to Garp).She's tried being the actor who becomes a kind of symbolic representation of an entire film and cast (The Big Chill).She's tried having the necessary momentum,twice actually,with three consecutive supporting nominations ending inThe Naturalearly in her career,and then two consecutive lead nominations a few years later (ending withDangerous Liaisons).She's tried having the kind of blockbuster zeitgeist hit that can carry you to win even when youaren'tdeserving though she certainly was (Fatal Attraction)...

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Dec 18 2018

Christmas at TFE: The Lion In Winter

Members of Team Experience have been asked to share their favorite holiday film.Here'sDancin' Danwith his...

AH,Christmas!That special time of year when family gathers around the tree to shower each other with love,presents,and good tidings...and backstabbing,long-held resentments,and petty grievances!Which is exactly whyThe Lion in Winteris my kind of Christmas movie.

Of course families love each other.That goes without saying.But no family is perfect.For many people (I'm tempted to say everyone,but you never know!),going home for the holidays is a prospect that inspires fear and dread.You may only see these people once or twice a year,and there's only so long that certain things can go unsaid...

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Aug 02 2018

Showbiz History: Shyamalan Twists and Steppenwolf Alum

10 random things that happened on this day in showbiz history...

we just called to say we loved you,Myrna1905CharismaticMyrna Loyis born in Montana.She'll come to epitomize urbane style and wit at the movies as one half ofThe Thin Man's glorious marrieds with William Powell.Though she was never Oscar nominated she was given an Honorary Oscar in '91.

1914Beatrice Straight is born in New York.In her sixties she'll make history by becoming the actor with the least amount of screentime to win an Oscar.She rages throughNetwork(1976) for all of five to six minutes as a betrayed wife,but that was enough...

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Dec 22 2014

Monday Monologue: Henry II's Eulogy

Anne Mariehere to celebrate the holiday with a furious monologue from my favorite Christmas movie."Christmas movie"is a terrible description for Anthony Harvey's 1968 filmThe Lion in Winter,though it is technically correct.This is a political thriller of one very long Christmas night between Henry II of England (Peter O'Toole),his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine (Katharine Hepburn),and their three conniving sons as they battle over who will be the next King of England.

And you thought your family was dysfunctional.

Whilewe've written extensivelyabout Katharine Hepburn's Oscar-winning performance inThe Lion in Winter,this Monologue Monday before Christmas I'd like to shine the spotlight on Peter O'Toole's underawarded performance as the manic,magnificent Henry II of England.The movie is filled with great dialog for the Irishman to chew on,but O'Toole's best (or biggest) moment comes midway through the film,after a midnight meeting with the King of France.

A eulogy for a kingafter the jump...

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Sep 03 2014

A Year with Kate: The Lion in Winter (1968)

Episode 36 of 52:In which if there's only one Katharine Hepburn film you see,make it this one.

When you take Screenwriting 101,your first lesson is the Three Act Story Structure.Act 1: Introduction.Act 2: Conflict.Act 3: Climax (and hopefully Resolution).If I were to so arrange the lives of Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine,it would roughly look as follows: Act 1: Eleanor and Henry II fall in love.Act 2: Eleanor and Henry fall out of love and into battle.Act 3:The Lion in Winter.

James Goldman's script startsin media res,with Eleanor of Aquitaine (our own Kate) and Henry II (Peter O'Toole) already at the end of two civil wars and any pretense of civility.Knives are out as everyone prepares to fight at the Christmas court at Chinon.Joining them are their three angry sons--Richard (Anthony Hopkins),Geoffrey (John Castle),and John (Nigel Terry)--and the newly minted King of France (Timothy Dalton).(That's right,Hannibal Lector shares a movie with James Bond.) What follows is the messy climax of decades of personal grievances fought on the international stage.In short,it's ahellof a lot of fun.

Eleanor,Queen of England,former Queen of France,and Duchess of Aquitaine,is pure Katharine Hepburn: a perfect synthesis of part and persona.It's Kate the Great at her greatest,channeling three decades of star power,15 years of classical training,and one year of intense grief into a powerful performance that radiates rage and sex in a way the Hayes Code and her image had never allowed previously.Kate uses her beautifully mastered voice to chew on James Goldman's dialogue and spit it out with focused intensity.But behind that perfect control seethes a barely contained fury,which bursts forth in beautiful surges of speech.


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