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Jan 31 2019

Sundance: "The Sound of Silence"

Abe Fried-Tanzer reporting from Sundance

There is a lot of noise in New York City.You'd be hard-pressed to find a single person who disagrees with that statement.Suggesting that there is meaning to be found within the multitude of sounds emanating at all volumes and all times of the day and night is more of a stretch.That's the premise of Michael Tyburski'sThe Sound of Silence,playing as part of the U.S.Dramatic Competition at Sundance.

Peter Sarsgaard stars as a 'house tuner,' also named Peter,who helps people achieve an aural balance in their homes that will translate to harmony and tranquility in other aspects of their lives...

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Sep 13 2018

Months of Meryl: Rendition (2007)

JohnandMattheware watching every single live-action film starring Meryl Streep.

#37 —Corrine Whitman,the ruthless head of U.S.intelligence.

MATTHEW: If the one-two punch ofA Prairie Home CompanionandThe Devil Wears Pradain 2006 represent a high-water mark for Meryl Streep then 2007 might very well be the single oddest year in the actress' career.How else to explain Streep's decision to accept secondary and even tertiary parts in four independent-to-midrange projects that not a single Streep enthusiast has ever had the inclination to hold up alongside her most acclaimed or memorable works?Streep spent part of the prior year accepting prizes forPradaand,most excitingly,playing one of the all-timegreatestcharacters in theater history on the outdoor stage of the Delacorte.During that period,Streep also found time to dip her toes into the murky waters of post-9/11 cinema for a second time,following up her monstrous mommy in Jonathan Demme'sThe Manchurian Candidatewith an equally vile political puppeteer...

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Mar 07 2017

Today in History: Joan Crawford's Oscar,Bel Powley's Rise,Loretta Young's Emmy

Need to feel festive today?Think on these anniversaries or birthdays today in showbiz history and celebrate accordingly.

1914Director Morton DaCosta was born in Philly.Though most of his career was on the stage he did direct three features:Auntie Mame,The Music Man,andIsland of Love,the first two of which were Best Picture nominees!
1933The game "Monopoly"was invented -remember that time when it seemed like every "brand"was going to become a movieand Ridley Scott was going to make this one?
1942Televangelist wife and pop culture makeup icon Tammy Faye Baker is born.

Much more after the jump...

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Oct 14 2016

NYFF: Jackie,Natalie,Peter and Pablo

Murtadareporting from NYFF.

Thursday night marked the first New York public screening ofJackie.Pablo Larraín's film about the former first lady in the few days after JFK's assassination,took Venice and TIFF by storm and now it's NYFF's turn...

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Sep 20 2016

Supporting Actor Has No Frontrunner

Oh sure...Liam Neeson you say.So did I at one point.ButSilenceis looking like an increasingly imaginary film,don't you think?I'm not dumping him from the predicted lineup just yet thoughThe Supporting Actor Charthas a ton of movement post-festival explosion.

The biggest chart debut goes to Peter Sarsgaard as Bobby Kennedy inJackie(they love actors as real famous people and he's typically strong) while Michael Shannon moves on up for stealing the entire show inNocturnal Animals.And with the eyebrow-raising news thatBilly Lynn's Long Halftime Walkis not debuting for critics before its NYFF premiere,have we been overestimating that film?What a strange decision!

Finally what to make of the men ofMoonlight?They're all terrific but due to the triptych nature of the film,not a one of the men is in more than a third of the picture.My favorites were Trevante Rhodes (the lead character as an adult) and Mahershara Ali (a major figure in the first third) but you could fill up a whole supporting actor category with the men inMoonlight.No really.Here they are...

The Men of "Moonlight"

Mahershala Ali
as Juan

Alex R Hibble
as "Little"

Ashton Sanders
as Chiron

Andre Holland
as Kevin

Trevante Rhodes

as "Black"

With apologies to Jharrel Jerome who plays Kevin as a teenager and is also really good (but we have to stick to five because them is the rules)

Sep 13 2016

"Jackie"Sells to Fox Searchlight.December Gets Yet More Crowded

The Oscar Race just gota lotmore crowded.

Natalie Portman as "Jackie".Photo by William GrayWhile Natalie Portman may be enjoying the lion's share of buzz for playing the title character inJackie(her best performance yet) if Fox Searchlight plays their FYC hand correctly the film could be a major player across the Oscar board (Portman and Sarsgard are the only acting possibillities.Greta Gerwig,Max Casella,John Carroll Lynch,John Hurt,and Beth Grant support them well but in extremely limited doses) including especially Costume Design,Director,Screenplay,and Production Design.The Cinematography,Editing,Sound and Original Score are also marvellous but the film is a little out of the box challenging so not everyone is going to respond to it;in its own caged bird way it's as angry as Pablo Larraín's Chilean pictures.

As expected given the festival raves and the film's connections to Darren Aronofsky,Fox Searchlight had first dibs.The deal took longer than expected but they will distribute on December 9th.That puts the film at the end of a flurry of major Oscar contenders opening between October and early December (Fences is the only possibly major player -- that is not a sci-fi/fantasy --  opening afterJackie.It opens Christmas day).

Pablo Larraín and Natalie Portman in Venice for the premiereThe schedule right now of golden hopefuls:
Oct 7th -Birth of a Nation,The Girl on the Train
Oct 14th -Certain Women,Miss Hokusai (APP亚博娱乐 )
Oct 21st -Moonlight,The Handmaiden (if there were justice in the world but alas,South Korea didn't select it as their Oscar bid)
Oct 28th -Eagle Huntress (documentary)

Nov 4th -Loving,Doctor Strange,Bleed For This
Nov 11th -Arrival,Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk,Elle
Nov 18th -Manchester by the Sea,Nocturnal Animals,Fantastic Beasts
Nov 23rd (Wed) Allied,Moana (APP亚博娱乐 ),Rules Don't Apply
Nov 25th - Lion

Dec 2nd - La La Land
Dec 9th - Jackie,Miss Sloane,The Salesman (Asgar Farhadi)
Dec 16th - Rogue One,Collateral Beauty,The Founder,and Neruda (alsoby Pablo Larraín)
Dec 21st (Wed) - Assassin's Creed,Passengers,Sing!(APP亚博娱乐 )
Dec 23rd -A Monster Calls
Dec 25th (Sun) - Fences,Toni Erdmann (foreign film submission)

Qualifying Releases: Hidden Figures,The Red Turtle,and ???

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