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"AbsoluteYES!Queen Saoirse is coming for her Oscar!"-Wesley

"Look,I understand what Gerwig is trying to do but this is much moreNOthan "yes"for me.Much more."-H

"MAYBE SOI think I would have preferred Gerwig's take on a modern retelling."-Pam

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Aug 06 2015


must read
"Want to work in Hollywood?Only straight,white men need apply?"thisnew study from USCis getting a lot of attention and it is pretty damning evidence all told.(How did diversity issues get so much worse instead of better?- It boggles the mind.) That study is just for films but TV is doing a lot better.On that note it looks like we lostLee Daniels to TV for good(*sniffle...no morePaperboyorPrecious).In addition to "Empire"Season 2 he's developing a girl-band series called "Star".NYTalso looked at the diversity gap on the bigscreen from that study andDana Delanytweeted in response underlining why she doesn't do film anymore.

The migration of actors (particularly female) and creatives to television has been well documented.I can only blame moviegoers at this point.They just only seem willing to look at "adult"and female stuff on television and save their ticket dollars for fx films

VarietyTodd Haynes to get a tribute at this year's Gotham Awards
Empireremember when Lasse Hallström was a big deal?His breakthrough wasMyLife as a Dog(not a literal title) and now he'll be directing a movie calledA Dog's Purposewhich is actually about a dog,a reincarnated dog who helps various owners in his lives
imgura native of Florida photographsEdward Scissorhandslocations 25 years later.The foilage sure grew and the colors sure are drabber now
Interviewrepublishes an archival interview with Warren Beatty from 1972 as we await anything on his long-gestating Howard Hughes biopic
MSZ"Unloved"series looks at Peyton Reed'sDown With LoveandThe Break-Up
Filmmaker Magazinetalks to Randal Kleiser aboutSummer Lovers,an 80s guilty pleasure starring Daryl Hannah and Peter Gallagher.
Indie OutlookcomparesAmerican SniperandSelmato find the structure of "Oscar Bait".It's interesting but I wholly disagree on the notion that Selma's focus on the mechanicas of civil disobedience makes it dry and unsatisfying.I think that's exactly what makes it so good and so much more worthwhile than a simple "great man"biopic would have been.Love that movie.
This Is Not PornJessica Lange on the set ofKing Kong(1976).Hee

spandex city
CW SeedThis is actually cool.CW,which had a major hit with their fun and well-craftedFlashseries is now streaming the originalFlashtelevision series from 1990 -  I had forgotten that existed even!
Comic Alliance"why I'm boycotting Marvel Comics"more on Marvel's very real diversity problem
Htxt.AfricatalksStar WarsandThe Jungle Bookfrom a Disney Africa presentation.Also saysDoctor Strangelooks "horror-movie-dark"

for London readers
FacebookDesperately Seeking Susanis getting a 30th anniversary screening at the Prince Charles Cinema

the Leftovers

Oooh,here's the Season 2 trailer to HBO's "The Leftovers"which hadso many good parts for ladies last season.This new season shakes things up a lot so we don't know quite what to expect.

free the bacon
Kevin Bacondemands more male nudity in Hollywood

Aug 20 2014

Thoughts I Had...while looking at sudden Ant-Man stuff

Ant-Man(2015) has only been filming for a few days and already we have a first image,a complete cast list,cute tweetingbetween cast& director,and so on.It's the new age of filmmaking in which you can be totally sick of a project before it ever nears post-production.I kid,sort of.I'm not sick ofAnt-Manyet but I'd rather be watching it than wondering about it.

Nevertheless let's do what we do.My thoughts as they come to me without censorship...

• If TFE were like most movie blogs I would immediately start theorizing what the license plate "D69W01Y"could possibly mean.Is it a secret message?the code name of some scientific invention?a codebreaker to unlock the titles of all those announced Marvel movies in the pipeline?
• But TFE is not like most movie blogs and we'd rather live in an imaginary world where people got more excited about films that exist already.Or intense upcoming dramas about Women Who Lie To Themselves™.Online film culture seems to be solely reserved for wondering about the minutae of new superhero movies.
• minutae.Hee!Get it?Ant-Man.Because he shrinks.(I'll be here all week.)
• What if Ant-Man crosses the bridge and meets Ape-Men?That's where they live!
• Everyone I knowlovesSan Francisco except for me.Maybe I should give it another try?
• What's in the bag?I hope it's the Wasp all shrunken already.I'm so starved for female superheroes

more after the jump

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Jun 09 2014


The Daily Beastthe sexual politics ofGhostbusters,30 years later
The Wirethe career of Lorraine Toussaint beforeOrange is the New Black
BFIlet's kill the buzzword "hybrid"when it comes to documentaries
/Filmthere might be a sequel toNeighbors...which wouldn't surprise anyone
VarietyKino-Lorber has picked up one of Sundance's buzziest titlesA Girl Walks Home Alone At Night,an Iranian vampire movie,for US distribution (Glenn's review icymi)

In Contentionon an new animated contender from GKids,Boy vs.World
Pajibacelebrates Emily Blunt's greatness as an action star inEdge of Tomorrow
GuardianThe director and his muse will try for more Oscars in 2016 with a biopic called亚博主页Joyabout the creator of the Miracle Mop.She was 12 years out of college with 3 children when all this stuff happened.EventuallyJennifer Lawrence will be old enough for the parts David O.Russell keeps casting her in.
MTVChanning Tatum still super excited aboutGambitprospects.Everyone wants their superhero dollars
AV Clubrumors abound that it's either Benedict Cumberbatch,Tom Hardy or Jared Leto forDoctor Strange.I worry that Marvel has no clear vision of what they want.What connects any of those actors beyond fame?Very different gifts and styles.(I love Hardy as an actor but he seems like aterriblefit for that character)

Off Cinema
Varietyon the explosion of new TV shows in summer now that the game has changed
Cinema BlendSteven Spielberg wants to turn Bryan Cranston's tony winning performance into a tv miniseries
Playbillshares the Tony "In Memoriam"segment that strangely didn't air
Playbillcollects all the Tony performances in one place (seriously,it's like no one even needs to watch live tv anymore)

And finally I just want to say a big congratulations to Peyton Reed for his new gig.I've been rooting for him ever since the one-two punch ofBring It OnandDown With Love,two stylish,absorbing,joyful,funny movies with a real vision behind them.I was bummed when his proposed retro version ofFantastic Fourwas cancelled in the Aughts and for what: A low-rent generic lousy f/x heavy version?But it's been so long since he was in the news that I figured his career was over.But now he'll directAnt-Man.There's been a lot of online sniping calling him a hack,even from sites I otherwise like,but those writers should really think before they type and consider his filmography.There's some "for hire"business yes,but he's a good director.It's an unexpected choice but a good one...even if I'm still deeply suspicious of the project considering Wright's departure and Marvel's current game plans.

May 20 2013

Monday Monologue: "There is no Barbara Novak"

Andrewagain,with your weekly monologue.Chances are,if you're asked to remember what films were tickling your fancy a decade ago you wouldn't turn to Peyton Reed's sophomore effortDown with Love.I wouldn't hold it against you.2003 had many good films,even great ones to offer.Reed's pastiche of the sex-comedies of the '60s was unlikely to be anyone's #1 film of the year but that does not mean it's without ample merits.

Ewan and Renée display their flexibility

WhenDown with Loveopened in May 2003 to unexceptional reviews,both of its stars,Ewan McGregor and Renée Zellweger,had higher profile releases coming out in December of the same year and by the end of the year few were even thinking about it.Ten years after,less so.But that's unfortunate.The film,like many an homage,does not offer expressly much in the way of originality but as far as well intended romps in the romantic comedy genre goDown with Loveably succeeds more often than you'd expect.We're a few days late in celebrating its 10th anniversary,but for this week'sMonday Monologuehere's a reminder of the frothy pleasures of the film...

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