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Review:The Lion King

"You get a medal for sitting through this cynical film."-Mark

"Can you feel the hate tonight."-Brookesboy

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
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Apr 20 2019

The New Classics and the return of Michael C

The Film Experience is very pleased to announce that one of our long-lost contributors,亚博主页Michael Cusumano,is returning to the fold.After a few years off,he has a new weekly column launching Tuesday and new readers are in for a treat because Michael is a fine and insightful writer.We asked him about where he's been and what we can expect.Please welcome him back with open arms!- Nathaniel R.

Michael,where the hell have you been?We haven't seen you around these parts in 4 (gulp) years!We hope you've been having film experiences without us at least.

I've been living in New York doing my own creative writing.I needed to take a step back from online film culture and clear some mental space.I had tried to write a first draft of a screenplay and I ended up with a ranked list of all the meaningful glances inCarol.

You'll be relieved to learn I still have plenty of film experiences,although I no longer feel the pressure to stay up to date with everything playing...

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Mar 22 2018

Film Bitch Awards Finale - The Medal Ceremony

by Nathaniel R

Cue trumpets and confetti!The 18th annual Film Bitch Awards have finally reached their conclusion with the "best scene"page fully up and complete with nominations and medals for BEST KISS,BEST ACTION SCENE,and BEST MUSICAL SEQUENCE and the like.

64 movies were honored over our 40 regular categories for the 2017 film year.Lady BirdandGet Outled this past year's crop with 13 nominations each and 10 and 9 medal wins respectively.Other top ten entries that scored multiple medals wereCall Me By Your Name,Baby Driver,andAtomic Blonde.The films that made the strongest showing without scoring in headline categories or the top ten list were:Phantom Thread,The Greatest Showman,andBlade Runner 2049.

Some curiousities:The Florida Projectwon only gold medals,never a silver or bronze.Oscar's best picture winnerThe Shape of Waterwas nominated in six categories but only took home one medal (gold for Production Design).And the film that Oscar completely ignored that performed strongest here was --  no surprise I suppose -- France's Oscar submissionBPMwith 8 nominations,1 gold,1 silver,and 4 bronze medals.

Part 1- Film,Director,Picture
Part 2-Acting Categories
Part 3- Visuals
Part 4- Music and Sound
Part 5- Non-Traditional Acting Categories
Part 6- Character Prizes
Part 7- Best Scene Work

...and in case you missed it,the top ten list write-up.We hope you enjoyedall our 2017 coverage.Now on to 2018 as Spring begins!

Mar 13 2018

Film Bitch Awards: Heroes,Villains,Divas,Thirst Traps...

by Nathaniel R

We're racing to the finish line for the 2017 film season.One more day until we can safely put that film year behind us and enter 2018 where y'all already are no doubt.Now we turn our eyes to the bold strokes categories.The men and women who inspired through heroics,were fun to hate,who preened fabulously,or (ahem) aroused us.So click on over to the Film Bitch Awards for:

  • Hero of the Year
  • Diva of the Year
  • Villain of the Year
  • Sexpot of the Year
  • Movie Poster of the Year

Films honored includeThor Ragnarok,The Shape of Water,Spider-Man Homecoming,Colossal,The Ornithologist,Wonder Woman,mother!,Phantom Thread,andmore.Hope you enjoy and report back with your own thoughts on these "extra"honors!

Feb 27 2018

Smackdown Companion - The Shape of Phantom Billboards

NEW PODCAST!*Updated with correct podcast file*

For this week's podcastNathaniel Rpresents a companion conversation to our Supporting Actress Smackdown (which we'll presume you've read already!).Joining him to discuss the Best Picture race and more generalized discussion about supporting actressing in 2017 are:Andrew Carden(Awards Connection / Gold Derby)Chris Feil(The Film Experience),亚博主页Candice Frederick(Reel Talker),Erica Mann(NYC Film Chick),andKevin P O'Keeffe(Into).

Index (42 minutes)
00:01 Intros & Rewatches
02:30 Favs That Weren't Nominated
13:00 Mary J Blige and Carey Mulligan andMudbound
17:00Shape of Water,Get Out,orThree Billboardsto Win?
31:00 Switching Roles Around: Octavia Spencer
37:30 Allison Janney and Julianne Nicholson andI Tonya
40:00 Lesley Manville,Laurie Metcalf and Goodbyes

You can listen to the podcast here at the bottom of the post ordownload from iTunes.Continue the conversations in the comments,won't you?

Smackdown Companion 17

Feb 26 2018

Smackdown '17: Allison,Laurie,Lesley,Mary and Octavia

Presenting Oscar's Chosen Supporting Actresses of the Films of 2017.


Two mothers with combative relationships with their daughters (Janney and Metcalf).One sister/business partner (Manville).One mother struggling with oppressive farm life (Blige).And one cleaning lady (Spencer) whose coworker/friend is mute and in love with a fish crea...listen,it's a long story!

But here's a beautiful thing that's too little remarked on this season: they're all actually supporting characters.No leads masquerading as support for once!


From top left: Andrew Carden,Chris Feil,Candice Frederick,Erica Mann,Kevin O'Keeffe,and Nathaniel R

Here to talk about these five nominated turns,are in alpha order:Andrew Carden(Awards Connection / Gold Derby)Chris Feil(The Film Experience),亚博主页Candice Frederick(Reel Talker),Erica Mann(NYC Film Chick),Kevin P O'Keeffe(Into) and your hostNathaniel R(The Film Experience).亚博主页And now it's time for the main event...


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Jan 29 2018

Ride on the Link Train

Coming Soonfirst image Zac Efron as Ted Bundy inExtremely Wicked
TMZMeryl Streep files for trademark claim on the use of her name.Wonder what prompted this?
WSJIs theStar Warsfranchise slipping in popularity?(This seems like a lot of panic for nothing since the movies are regularly grossing a billion)

VarietyBernadette Peters off to a great sales start taking over for Bette Midler inHello Dolly!on Broadway
Tracking BoardJuliette Lewis joins the cast of the next Sam Taylor-Johnson movieA Million Little Pieces
The WrapOprah responds to her action figure fromA Wrinkle in Time
Tribeca FilmMatthew Eng,who co-writes our "Months of Meryl"column,interviewed the queen herself!Check out his chat with Streep about her work onThe Post.
AV ClubSam Raimi likely to direct the Kingkiller Chronicles which already has Lin-Manuel Miranda attached for the music

Film MixtapeOur own Chris Feil's top 15 films of the year:Lady Bird,Raw,Personal Shopper,The Killing of a Sacred Deer,and more...
AdvocateSir Ian McKellen on the 30th anniversary of his coming out
Fandor"What if Pixar madePhantom Thread?"<-- SPOILERS in that article,major ones,so be warned.I'm not sure what to make of this piece.I love the concept and the header image and the cartoon being described but it's basically like 2 separate articles shoved up against each other since they keep leaving the imaginary film for multi-paragraph detours into the real one.
Cinematic CornerSati picks her 35 best shots of the year

exit video

Nicole eats "micro-livestock"aka bugs for Vanity Fair's secret talent theater.Jason made me lol withhis responseto this video:

Nicole Kidman dislodged her jaw and swallowed Lars Von Trier whole one time on the set ofDogvilleso bugs ain't shit"