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"I'm with Murtada and Nathaniel thatMidSommarjust doesn't come together.Whereas inHereditaryyou can see the connection between the characters' strained family and the horror that befalls them,I still haven't figured out what a bad relationship has to do with Swedish cults."-Evan

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Apr 03 2017

Beauty vs Beast: Grande Dame Guignol

Jason fromMNPPhere with a new edition of "Beauty vs Beast"that was so obvious,so "sitting right there and staring me dead in the eyes,"that I couldn't believe I hadn't done it already and had to do three searches just to make sure.But no,it's true,we have somehow never usedWhat Ever Happened to Baby Jane?for this series.Perhaps our minds had blocked it off until Ryan Murphy'sFeudbecame a reality?Well much like Emmy nominations for Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon,its moment has come.Of course now it might be tougher than ever to sort through all the extraneous on-set shenanigans to get to the ladies behind the ladies - the Blanche and the Baby Jane behind the Bette and the Joan.It's always about billing,you know.But let's try.

PREVIOUSLYThe now classic rom-comMy Best Friend's Weddingis很快就迎来了20and you can tell the movie still works because it still has the ability to divide our sympathies among its two extremely charming leading ladies - while the numbers went back and forth over the course of the week in the end it was the pretty woman in the lead who walked away with just over 53% of your vote.说brookesboy:

"This is one of Julia's best performances.The way she combines ruthlessness with charisma is unique.You realize how awful she is all along,但你仍然忍不住与她。That's a pretty nifty trick.And this is a comedy that's actually kind of a tragedy.I hate myself,but I'm Team Jules.GAWD!"

Mar 27 2017

Beauty vs Beast: My Fiancée's Best Friend

Jason fromMNPPhere for another round of "Beauty vs Beast."I was doing my umpteenth (literally,my umpteenth) post onMuriel's Weddingover at my own site this past week when I realized that I really do not give enough attention and affection to director PJ Hogan's masterful follow-up film,1997's deliciously cold-blooded Julia Roberts rom-comMy Best Friend's Wedding.Which turns 20 in June!That's nuts!

On the page the character that Julia plays is a selfish and manipulative monster,but Roberts pushes the star wattage to full-tilt (has her hair ever been bigger and bouncier?) and charms us even as she's being despicable.(God do I understand and empathize with Jules,much to my horror.) Meanwhile Cameron Diaz,one year beforeThere's Something About Mary,gave her own off-the-charts effervescence to the woman we were supposed to,but it was impossible to,hate.Take your corners...

PREVIOUSLYWe tackled Fake News and the folks who make and fight it withourBroadcast Newspolllast week - y'all came down on the side of truth of the Albert Brooks sweaty sort with 64% of your vote.AskedMarco:

"Is the film on either man's side?Aaron is infinitely smarter and more genuine than Tom,and in a fair world his talent and knowledge would win him the news anchor job ahead of his more traditionally handsome and charismatic colleague.But he's also,to quote Tom,一个刺痛(在一个伟大的方式),supercillious,arrogant,and very needy.When he informed on Tom's fake tears during the date rape report,it seemed less of a moral stance and more of a desire to torpedo his relationship with Jane after she spurned his own interests."

Sep 16 2015

TIFF: Kate Winslet Goes Couture in 'The Dressmaker'

Glennhere.I'm not in Toronto (booo!),but I did get to see this homegrown film recently so let's talk aboutThe Dressmaker.This is a film thatmakes a lot better sense when the end credits roll and you realize that director JocelynMoorhouseco-wrote the screenplay with her husband,none other than P.J.Hogan.It makes sense becauseThe Dressmaker,despite the refinement suggested by its prestige audience-courting title,iskindacrazy.It is a buoyantly excessive feat of far-fetched camp that isn't as good as its highly-stylized cinematic cousins of the early 1990s such asStrictly Ballroom,The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert,and Hogan's ownMuriel's Wedding,yet which nonetheless has enough of a unique voice to work as a very Australian piece of crowd-pleasuring fluff.It's the cinematic equivalent of Betsy Johnson designing anhautecouture line forDior.[more...]

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