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The New Classics: Y Tu Mamá También

"Great piece of writing of one of my all time favorite films."-Almasy77

"The final scene still hurts like the first time."-佩吉苏


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Daniel Schmidt and Gabriel Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Richard E Grant(Can You Ever Forgive Me?)
Toni Collette(Hereditary)
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Jul 23 二千零一十八

Beauty vs Beast: Live Without Masters

Jason fromMNPPhere with this week's "美女vs野兽"对于你们这些愚蠢的人来说——你们知道今天是伟大的菲利普·西摩·霍夫曼51岁生日吗?He's been gone over four years now and I ache to think of all the performances we've missed out on.No I wouldn't have given him that Oscar over Heath Ledger either,but he wasn't even nominated for the greatest film of the past two decades (that would be纽约Synecdoche) so the injustices,they pile up.

但我们是来讨论另一部电影的,one I have come hard around on since its release - I was cool to Paul Thomas Anderson'sThe Master2012年,但我对它的喜爱与日俱增;I'm pretty keen on it now,with its medicinal greens and hard elbows.It's only right,这需要一些时间-这不是那种拥抱你的电影,at least not without wanting something back,making it much like its leading men...

以前Naturally the actress prevailed and then some with l上周的Double Indemnitypoll-穿过巴拉布拉斯坦威克从来不是个好主意,当她把那把银手枪放在钱包里时,就不会了。说cal roth:

"That was so easy...I love Stanwyck and MacMurray reunion in总有明天.我喜欢斯坦威克,the most versatile movie goddess of all time.她可以从老鹰的怪胎到塞缪尔·富勒和安东尼·曼恩(导演,她有史以来最出色的表演)在《Sirk情节剧》和《Westerns》中的两个出色的表演。in皮毛

Jan 26 二千零一十八

Brand new Picture / Director / Screenplay charts!


如果你把所有的Best Picture nominees今年,你们将在第二次世界大战期间结识一段跨种族的离奇浪漫,带有挑衅的幽默感和一些令人不安的种族政治。Somehow there would also be a subplot about a mother and a daughter who are constantly bickering over maybe how to handle their newspaper or fashion empire.The movie is 115 minutes long and is rated R for graphic violence,constant profanity,masturbation scenes,and implicit interspecies sexuality.


在奥斯卡排行榜上,你现在可以读到一些琐事Best PictureandBest Directorand最佳编剧奖and see serious and silly rankings of the whole set like "ranked by horniness"和“按运行时间排序”and more.We also theorize on how the directors in particular secured their coveted nominations.Plus you can now vote (DAILY!) on who should win each of these four prizes.So have a look,share with your friends,经常回来,和评论,使这个季节更具社区性和节日性!

Jan 二十二 二千零一十八


Jason fromMNPPhere for our weekly "美女vs野兽"party - I'd been holding off on fêteing Paul Thomas Anderson's latest and most recently greatest幻影线until it got its proper wide release,and now that it has,本周末在美国各地的800多家影院上映,let us intrude ourselves upon the very strange (and strangely satisfying) union of Reynolds Woodcock (Daniel Day-Lewis),master designer,and his flung-from-space muse Alma (Vicky Krieps).Anderson muddies the waters great deal on what we think we know about this kind of power dynamic going in - Alma's nobody's pawn or pushover.And in Reynolds' sparkle-eyed acquiescence we see what she sees as worth all the fuss,too...

以前我一直在听上周的希区柯克比赛was tough for everybody and the numbers bear it out because this might've been the closest race we've yet had - Cary Grant topped Jimmy Stewart by just 3 votes out of over 300 cast!I'd say we're fairly torn on which man got the most from the Hitch treatment.评论人克拉伦was decisively Team Cary though:

"Take that,吉米!以免我们忘了谁偷了本该去格兰特的奥斯卡奖,who wasn't even nom forThe Philadelphia Story!!Tsk tsk....Shame on you,奥斯卡!“亚博主页

Dec 2017

距离奥斯卡提名还有44天。Screenplay stats!


With only 44 days until Oscar nominations and lots of confusion as to what might be nominated for screenplay (there areseemingly 7 locks for Original and only 1 contender for Adapted-- the math doesn't work.Haha!) let's use today's numerical trivia prompt for writing awards.Fact: Oscar's 4 favorite screenwriters have 44 nominations between them for writing.That's a lot of hogging of writing honors.他们是。。。

(Numbers below are for screenwriting categories only)
01Woody Allen(16 nominations and 3 wins)
他也参加过表演和导演比赛。Classics include安妮·霍尔,汉娜和她的姐妹们,曼哈顿and more...
02比利·怀尔德(12 nominations and 3 wins)
他还参与过导演和制作比赛。Classics includeSunset Blvd,The Apartment,Some Like it Hot,and more...
03John Huston(8 nominations and 1 win)
他也在演戏,Directing,and Producing races.Classics includeThe African Queen,The Asphalt Jungle,Prizzi的荣誉and more...
04费里尼(8 nominations but he never won for writing)
He's also been in the Directing,and Producing races and of course his films have taken multiple Foreign Language Film Oscars.亚博主页He's the Academy's favorite Italian...对,甚至比索菲亚·罗兰还要厉害。Classics include生命之旅,I Vitelloni,8℃and more...

It's perhaps no surprise that all of these writers are also directors and thus were in charge of bringing their own words to visual life.With greater control comes greater consistency in results.Without checking before you hit the jump can you guess which working writers are next in line to join this group?

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Dec 09 2017


We have to start with this exchange since Chris' love of妈妈!是众所周知的。

After the jump our tweet roundup of amusements,provocations,以及随意的电影爱片Moonstruck,我Tonya,P.T.Anderson,大大小小的谎言,Meryl Streep's forehead,and more...

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Nov 07 2017

Link Trip

决策者这项蒂芙尼·哈德斯奥斯卡提名可能会发生。'Let's do this!'
Guardianwhen should cinemas turn their house lights on?在学分期间?在他们之后?
Movie City News朱迪·福斯特详细地谈到The Silence of the Lambs
NathanielR…你可能已经看到我对这个话题的愤怒了Call Me By Your Name,which is absolutely not over when the credits begin no matter what the house lights or your fellow moviegoers think.Stay in your seat.尊重艺术。
IndieWirePaul Thomas Anderson explains why there will be no cinematographer credited on his new film幻影线

GQDacre Montgomery on his shirtless dancing audition tape forStranger Things 2
Guardiana new exhibit on 100 years of Australian film in pictures from the silent pictures through鬼书
品种Critics Choice Awards return to the CW.January 11th.
Boy Culturereviews the new production of Harvey Feirstein'sTorch Song
Coming SoonJessica Chastain for the续集。听起来很合理
TFE...in case you missed it: the full awards calendar for the rest of the season
Awards DailyKathryn Bigelow'sDetroit正在重新发布一个新的FYC预告片,试图引起奖项的关注
Tracking Boardin the worst idea we heard this week news,there's a discussion about making指环王into a TV series.make it stop make it stop.不是所有的事情都需要永恒地继续下去。让一些事情发生吧。
品种剑和权杖,一部关于1857年由贾西女王领导的印度叛乱的历史史诗,正在组装一个伟大的演员阵容,包括鲁珀特·埃弗雷特,Devika Bhise,德里克·雅各比,还有乔迪·梅。There's also a Bollywood picture coming about the same story

Must Watch Video
乌玛·瑟曼(Uma Thurman)最近在好莱坞爆满了性骚扰的故事。

If she can channel this rage (it's so audible despite her careful reflective words) into a performance,she'll be Oscar worthy again.一直爱着她。希望米娅·华莱士能很快出演另一个经典角色,The Bride,H夫人,Cecile de Volanges,还有琼·米勒。