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Nov 06 2018

Tues Top Ten: Eye Patch Cool

by Nathaniel R

In the new filmA Private WarRosamund Pike plays real life war correspondent Marie Colvin (killed in 2012) who ran straight for trouble to cover it for the Sunday Times.Critics have been enthralled with her work in the film,often mentioning 'Oscar worthiness'.Jeff Schneider recently said "if NicoleKidmangave that same performance we'd all be talking about it as a potential frontrunner".I haven't yet seen the film but there is definitely truth in thae general implications of that statement that some actors carry with them a head start in terms of perception of awards-worthiness.

In honor of Pike's new eye-patched role,and to distract us from election worries,a tuesday top ten featuring one-eyed favs from both feature films and TV series.


10The Chevalier du Balibari(Patrick Magee) inBarry Lyndon(1975)
Magee was one of the best characters actors of the 60s and 70s,wasn't he?Strange that he got so little awards love during his career (apart from that Tony win forMarat/Sade).

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Oct 01 2018

Prime in October: Pushing Daisies,Gods and Monsters,The Cell

Time to play Streaming Roulette.Each month,to survey new streaming titles we freeze frame the films at random places with the scroll bar and whatever comes up first,that's what we share.No cheating.What does Amazon Prime offer us for free viewing this month?Let's survey...

Wasn't your old dog named Digby?

Pushing Daisies(Seasons 1 and 2)
In case you wanted something actually worth binge-watching.This series is so perfect,from its macabre plots,to its quirky romance,to its colorful design,through its curiously moving musical numbers.I miss it so much.Maybe we should watch the entire series again?

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Jul 24 2018

50 Kristins for Kristin's 50th

byJorge Molina

Today,Tony,Emmy and Grammy-winner (that's right,she only needs an Oscar to EGOT;get on it,Hollywood) and human ray of sunshine Kristin Chenoweth turns 50 years old.To honor her career,her legacy,and that impossibly high pitch matched only by her charisma,let's take a look at 50 roles and appearances that she has gifted the world in almost three decades of work,in no particular order:

1) Her Broadway debut in an adaptation of Moliére'sScapinas Hyacinth in 1996.

2 & 3) Her two most iconic Broadway roles: A featured Tony-winning turn as Sally inYou're a Good Man,Charlie Brownin 1999,and the Best Actress Tony-nominated performance as Glinda,the Good Witch in the world phenomenon that wasWickedin 2003.

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Jun 03 2018

Tweetweek: Fav Things About the '90s and Pride Month Begins


More after the jump including "favorite thing about the 90s",a greatRoseannereplacement suggestion,and the beginning of the gayest month of the year...

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Dec 14 2014

Missi - Bzzzzzzzzz!

-by Missi Pyle

PUSHING DAISIES "Bzzzzzzzzz!(2008)"

Bryan Fuller(Pushing Daisies,Hannibal) is sooooo good.His writing is insanely magical.I keep begging him to make me a regular in one of his shows.We keep trying but I never quite get the job.So he once in awhile lets me play someone fabulous."Betty Bee"?Come OOOON!!!!

I actually cut the tip of my finger off on camera while snipping roses in a scene on this job.
I held the tip of my finger to stop the blood from coming out until the end of the scene.They were very impressed I didn't stop the scene right after I cut it.But I'm from the theatre -- the show must go on!
previously on 'The Missi Experience': gone girl, working actor, upcoming projects

Feb 19 2014

Link Commando

Vanity FairBradley Cooper's commando White House trip
Theater Maniaa screening ofWest Side Storyon Sunday at 5 PM in New York.Rita Moreno will speak to the crowd.Who's going?
PopBytesPushing Daisiesmight be coming a musical!
1:37:1How often are entire Oscar nominated shortlists absent a Best Picture nominated film?Rarely.And almost always in the same category.I'll give you one guess

Broadway Worldsomehow I missed these images in early February from the set of Macbeth starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard so maybe you did,too?
Guardianfilms that use both black and white and color sequences
Film School Rejectslooks toForeign Correspondent,notRebecca(both 1940) as the prototype for Hitchcock's Hollywood films
NYTNeil Patrick Harris prepares for his Broadway turn inHedwig and the Angry Inch
/FilmRoger Deakins is not returning to the land of 007 postSkyfallfor the the as yet untitled Bond 24.This is going to be a tough movie for all of them: how do you follow up that 50th anniversary behemoth?
NPRtalks to Steve McQueen and the Oscar nominated editor of12 Years a Slaveabout assembling the movie
MNPPJake Gyllenhaal doubled up inEnemy,a behind the scenes look
In Contentionan oral history ofReality Bites(1994) for its 20th anniversary

Finally...The Film Stagereminds us thatTom at the Farm,Xavier Dolan's wonderfully tense queer thriller still doesn't have US distribution but it has a new poster.Bam

I miss the days when US audiences went to the arthouse and talked about subtitled hits...*sniffle* Now people only binge-watch American television.We're a nation of shut-ins!