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Feb 27 2019

"We Are the Champions"(on LGBT Representation at the Oscars)亚博主页

by Deborah Lipp

2019 was a very LGBT Oscars.亚博主页(Well,at least LGB.) And it was not merely the presence of LGB characters,although this was staggering in numbers.It was also that many were presented in a new way.

ConsiderCan You Ever Forgive Me?Melissa McCarthy was not nominated for playing a lesbian.She was nominated for playing a famous writer—a famous lesbian writer.I'm not particularly a fan of the "happens to be"formation—I think it erases the struggle and complexity of arriving at a queer identity.Let's face it,no one "happens to be"queer.We get there through a process that is sometimes difficult,or even agonizing,sometimes complex and winding.There's always a road to be taken,always an arrival that may or may not require yet more journeying.Despite that,our stories should be about more than how we got there...

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Feb 12 2019

12 days til Oscar - a dozen wishes as Oscar voting begins

Though we're dreading the Oscars for the first time in our lives that we can recall (it's that damn gnawing off of their own limbs while in ABC's trap that they're doing) we'll still be watching and hoping for the best.亚博主页With Oscars just twelve days away and voting beginning here are亚博主页


1.For voters to watch one or two more screeners before they vote.Better,or at least fairer choices will be made if they have seen every option within a category.Particularly in the lower profile categories like Animated Short or Documentaryl don't just vote forAPP亚博娱乐 APP亚博娱乐 because they're the ones you've seen -- vote for them onlyifyou think they're the actual best.

2.That John Bailey and the Board of Governors realize their disgusting mistake and reverse course yet again restoring the cut categories to the Broadcast.Giving out awards during commercial breaksis shameful and also,as we've heard from people who've attended,extra disrespectful because in the room there is tons of noise during commercial breaks as everyone runs for drinks,bathroom breaks,to visit friends in other seats,etc...

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Sep 05 2017

Some Rami to Love

Look,it's thefirst imageof Rami Malek as the iconic Freddie Mercury in the movieBohemian Rhapsody.The film will be directed by Bryan Singer,who is stepping away from the mutants for once,unless you count Freddie Mercury's mutant lungs / range (four octaves -heeeyyy) which maybe you should.What'cha think?

It's quite a fine image,really.Rami's unique facial structure really plays up the Freddieness once you add that moustache.For what it's worth we are promised that this will not be a traditional biopic (it covers only the formation of the band in 1970 through their Live-Aid performance in 1985).There have been murmurs that the project might not do justice to Freddie's story,or his sexuality,because the surviving members of Queen are totally involved.That's always tricky with true stories when the actual people are involved in telling it.

With deep apologies to Queen,I'm now singing one of my favorite of their hits with new lyrics

All we hear is Rami oh ga ga
Rami oh goo goo
Rami oh ga ga
All we hear is Rami oh ga ga
Rami oh blah blah
Rami oh,what's new?
Rami oh,someone still loves you!