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The Farewell: Personal and Universal

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"This movie is (and will be) at the top of my "favorite lists"this year.It's incredible."-Eli

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May 19 2016

Throwback Fun: Favorites of 1994?

Tuesday's revisit to the essential and apparently sorely underseenQueen Margot(1994) and the comments thereafter had me thinking about favorite films from 1994.This website wasn't around back then of course (I think the internet was just in listserv mode at that point?) butIwas already making lists.So what would I have nominated had our Film Bitch Awards been around back then?What would you have nominated had you had an Oscar ballot?

The answers (fluid as they are should rewatching ever occur) areafter the jump...

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May 17 2016

Best Shot: Queen Margot (1994)

Hit Me With Your Best Shot: Queen Margot (1994)
Director: Patrice Chereau.Cinematography: Phillipe Rousselot.
Starring: Isabelle Adjani,Daniel Auteuil,Vincent Perez,Jean-Hugues Anglade,and Virna Lisi
Awards: 2 Cannes jury prizes,5 César Awards,1 Oscar nomination.

They say that death always takes your lovers..."

When I was young and extremely sexually naive,let's say hypothetically in High School French class,I was startled to discover that the French phrase "La petite mort,"which translates literally to 'the little death' referred to a sexual orgasm.I had no idea why these two towers of Human Obsession,Sex and Death,would be linked up like twins.But the movies,ever the personal tutor for young cinephiles,kept forcing the connections.

Which brings us to the decadent,opulent,erotic,violent and visceral 16th century French epicQueen Margot,this week's Best Shot subject.(The shot choices are after the jump due to the graphic nature of the film...)

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May 14 2016

"Best Shot"Schedule for May

'Here's what's coming up the rest of this month on Best Shot if you'd like to join us.It's easy.You...

1) watch the movie
2) pick a shot,post it and say why you love it
3) let us know you did viatwitter,emailor comments and we link up

May 24thStar Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)
We pushed this back a month since it wasn't yet available to rent but it's time to revisit future jedi Rey as she takes onthe patriarchythe resurgent Empire and evil Emo brat Kylo Ren with her newfound gifts (and swooning sidekicks Poe & Finn.)

May 31stADietrich Double!
Morocco(1930) and/orBlonde Venus(1932)

The Film Experience obviously loves Old Hollywood sirens so why have we given Dietrich so little attention?亚博主页Let's rectify that weird gap and close our "Girls Gone Wild"month (yup,that's the theme for May) with either or both (your choice if playing) of these Von Sternberg classics as Marlene Dietrich breaks through from singing foreign curiousity to Hollywood superstar by way of androgynous seduction and chain smoking.

Jun 30 2014

Second Helpings.How Often Do You Have Them?

Ten years ago todaySpider-Man 2(2004) was released.I loved it so much that I went back the next day for seconds.This isnotin my nature.This is so infrequent for me,in fact,that I can remember every single time it's happened.The othertimes beingQueen Margot(1994) andLadyhawke(1985) and,once on DVD if you want to count that,withTrouble in Paradise(1932).Because those four movies are so similar,what.

So I guess my next-day-rewatches are on the same timetable as Cher's #1 singles and Diane Keaton's Oscar nods arriving once per decade;We're due for another.

This still from Sam Raimi's awesome movie (still my choice for best superhero film) neatly sums up how I feel about the hateful reboot franchise which is just wasting so much money and talent (Andrew Garfield,who was supposed to be one of our great new actors,has literally been in nothing else since Social Network and it's been FOUR YEARS).In case you need help interpreting the photo the reboot is James Franco and he's trying to kill the best superhero.Greed ruins everything.


How often have you seen the same movie on consecutive days?I doubt I'll ever start doing this but I will probably end up seeing movies a second time more frequenty than I used to sinceMoviePassmakes the money much less of an obstacle.I sawSnowpiercertoday and may actually need to see it a second time to clarify my feelings.