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12月 05 二千零一十七

The 25 Youngest Women Ever Nominated for Best Actress

by Nathaniel R

Saoirse Ronan托管SNLTimothée Chalamet (about to turn 22) and Saoirse Ronan (23) are only a year apart in age and both are looking like major Oscar contenders inBest ActorBest Actress,分别。In other words,这可能是一个非常年轻的奥斯卡年。Despite their close ages they're miles apart in terms of Oscar statistics.If Timothée is nominated he'll be a first time nominee and become the 3rd youngest maneverup for Best Actor while Saoirse,if nominated,将被提名为3号候选人,几乎不可能在20名最年轻的竞争者中获胜。category.


DISCLAIMER: The male list was comparatively easier to order as there were significant gaps in ages.在这份名单上,有这么多年龄大致相同的女性,这一顺序可能并不完全准确(考虑到奥斯卡的日期每年都不一样),但我们尽了最大努力。


JUST MISSED THE LIST劳拉·德恩24岁时Rambling Rose出来了,但当奥斯卡季开始的时候,她已经25岁了。When Audrey Hepburn won on her first nominationRoman Holiday(1953) and Shirley Maclaine lost for her first nomination for有人跑了(1958) they were both about to turn 25.珍妮·克莱恩是另一个24岁的女孩,她刚刚错过了这份名单。小指(1949).They were the closest all rans...


Jan 07 二千零一十六

Interview: Affonso Gonçalves and the Art of Editing Great Actresses

Affonso Gonçalves with this ACE win for editing True Detective (2014)阿方索·冈阿尔维斯是一个每个女演员情人都应该感谢和嫉妒的男人。Over the course of his career in TV and film he has been privvy to a consisently vivid series of strong and sometimes downright iconic performances by several of our greatest actress.他帮助塑造了我们看到他们的方式,too.

His career began in earnest with as an assisant editor on Todd Solondz's cult hit about a nerdy teenager Dawn Weiner inWelcome to the Dollhouse(1995) and soon thereafter he was editing multiple films for Ira Sachs and other independent minded directors.在他出道20年后,他编辑了蒂尔达·斯温顿的表演。(Only Lovers Left Alive),Kate Winslet (欲海情魔),Kerry Washington (夜幕降临),Michelle Williams (The Hawk is Dying),Kim Basinger (地板上的门),and  Patricia Clarkson (Married Life).更著名的是,他编辑了两部年轻的明星表演,并获得了年詹妮弗·劳伦斯的奥斯卡最佳女演员提名。冬天的骨头(2010)和Quvenzhan_wallis在南方野生动物(2012).下周,他将有可能在凯特布兰切特和鲁尼马拉的二重唱中再加上两个奥斯卡提名的表演。Carol.

I had the pleasure recently of grilling him about watching and shaping these Best Actress performances in冬天的骨头,南方野生动物Carol.这是我们的对话(为了长度和清晰度而编辑),非常温和Carol如果你还没看到的话,就把它给毁了。这部电影本周末在其他剧院上映。跳跃后更多…


九月 18 2015

Tim's Toons: Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet

Tim here.To the right kind of viewer (e.g.the kind writing this review),Kahlil Gibran's The Prophetis THE animated event of 2015.Which does not,unfortunately,turn out to mean that it is THE best animated film of 2015,甚至在竞选那个头衔的时候。But let us not accentuate the negative;it's still a special and enormously idiosyncratic little movie,and its failures are honorable.

The film is a long-simmering passion project for producer Salma Hayek,one of the many ardent fans to accrue to Gibran's 1923 English-language collection of essays (Gibran was Lebanese,和哈耶克的祖父一样)。When,exactly,she decided that the adaptation needed to be done in animation is anyone's guess,but it was exactly the right choice: the book consists primarily of a series of spiritual lessons in the form of prose poetry,with the ghost of a narrative connecting them.The film by necessity fleshes out that narrative considerably and literalizes it,但电影的核心仍然是那些散文:吉布兰26部原作中的8部,each handed off to a different luminary in the world of international animation.

Those eight sequences are easily the best reason to see先知.


Aug 07 2015

No Sophomore Slump?

这里是Murtadawith casting news for three directors' sophomore efforts after the critical success of their debuts.

Insane chemistry retread?

当每个人都是talking about Miles Tellerand how maybe he was fired fromLa La Land,他的新电影鞭打(2014) director Damien Chazelle,that movie has been adding cast members.It's got a rather charming cast all told.Joining Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in lead and J.K.Simmons and机器交货'sSonoya Mizunoin support,areJohn Legend(Selma) andRosemarie Dewitt(Rachel Getting Married).

这部电影讲述了一位有抱负的女演员(斯通)和一位音乐家(高斯林)在洛杉矶相爱的过程。Legend's role is unknown but we assume his talents as an Oscar winning songwriter will be used in some capacity in addition to his acting.据报道,德维特将扮演戈斯林的妹妹。你能发现家族有什么相似之处吗?

昨天迈克尔·香农和艾伦·泰勒·约翰逊announcedas the latest additions to Tom Ford'sNocturnal Animalsjoining Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams.几个月前有报道称,华金·菲尼克斯正在考虑参与其中,which we'll assume is the one Shannon has now taken.Plot details are sketchy on this one beyond the fact that it's based on Austin Wright's 1993 novelTony And Susan,它包含两个相互关联的故事。One story is maybe a fictional one within the other.Ford has written the script and could have veered a bit from the book.Any readers of the book that can shed some light on the plot?

Will he find someone as talented as Quvenzhane Wallis?

而且Benh Zeitlin终于跟进了南方野生动物(2012).Reports出现在网上,他提出了一个要求儿童演员出演他的新电影的演员阵容。Wendy.Filming will take place in Antigua and the story is about "a young girl who gets kidnapped onto a hidden ecosystem where a tribal war is raging over a form of pollen that breaks the relationship between aging and time."Hmmm,sound similar to兽类,不?其他报道称,这是基于彼得潘的神话。

希望在2016年看到这三个有趣的项目。Have they jumped to the top of your most anticipated lists?

OCT 02 二千零一十四

Another Lead Role for Quvenzhané Wallis

玛格丽特here to talk about what's new with everyone's favorite collector of puppy purses: Quvenzhané Wallis is on a roll.Her breakout performance in南方野生动物could have easily put her in the pantheon of one-hit wonder child actors,but the way she's been lining up projects makes that look unlikely. Now 11 years old, Little Q is two months out from the release of her first big studio film in the musicalAnniewhich,with the Columbia promotional muscle behind it,might make her a real star.She has also just signed on to star in an adaptation of best-selling middle grade novel "Counting by 7s."

In the Holly Goldberg Sloan story, Quvenzhané will play a 12-year-old genius named Willow Chase who loses her adoptive parents in a car crash and has to push past her grief to find a new community of support.Said Quvenzhané to最后期限

我很荣幸能在《数到7秒》中扮演柳树的角色。I love the message behind the story.我很高兴能成为它的一部分,并看到它的出现。”

Other upcoming projects for the busy young Oscar-nominee include voice work in an adaptation of Kahlil Gibran's先知, and父女, where she will star alongside Jane Fonda,奥克塔维亚·斯宾塞,and Russell Crowe.

Even if none of these particular jobs ends up being earth-shattering,这项稳定的工作让我们这些支持她成长为一个成熟的演艺事业的人感到振奋。至少我们会参加一些非常迷人的新闻发布会。Is it foolish to hope that there's another Hushpuppy-level performance in her future?


Mar 06 二千零一十四

对,No,Maybe So: "Annie"and Kneejerk Musical Reactions

“明天到几号”Anniecomes out?"


That means we just need to get through 294 days of internet hyperbole BEFORE ANYONE SEES IT about how the newAnnie(the third filmed version after a 1982 feature and a 1999 telefilm)是有史以来最糟糕的事情,音乐剧很烂,而且会扼杀每个人的事业…Give me strength!BUTin fairness to whatever social media hatred happened (I only saw a little but I'm assuming there was more since I wasn't online much last night) the new trailer which is embedded at the end of the post,会响警铃吗?

Here's the thing.I realize that my own kneejerk defensiveness/love for any and all new musicals在我看到他们之前,is,在某些方面,就像互联网对任何和所有新音乐剧的不信任/憎恨一样。before they see them.Both reactions have less basis in reality than in indoctrination.But the reason my indoctrination is superior (heh) is because its self-indoctrination - a connosieur's faith in his own taste and in the possibilites of the genre and not lazy long-since disproven cultural indoctrination that this genre is over or passé.I can blather about this peculiar problem for HOURS but I should probably spare you and we'll get back to "Annie".

After the jumpwe'll discuss the pros,cons,and "which column do I put this in"beats from the trailer.