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Oct 11 2017

Resident Evil: A Bloody Valentine

By Salim Garami

What's good?

We're already one week into October and so that means a lot of us are in the middle of binging our favorite Halloween watches or trying out some new ones.Personally,I'm revisiting the long-time zombie science fiction action franchiseResident Evil,based on Capcom's survival horror games that made up my childhood and starring the brilliant Milla Jovovich as apocalypstic ass-kicker Alice (self-promotion moment: it's more than likely I'm going to be writing about the series onMotorbreathwithin the month) and I have a bit of an observation about the concept of the character that I think might at least amuse the Actressexuals among this site's audience...

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May 24 2017

Is a Good Video Game Movie Possible?

Roberthere.There has been a flurry of video game movie news this week.On Monday it was announced that new Spider-Man (or Spider-Boy,as it were) Tom Holland had been cast as a young Nathan Drake in the long gestatingUnchartedmovie.

We also got news that theResident Evilfilm series which ended just this spring already on the reboot track.Not just a reboot butthey're threatening an entire second hexalogy.(DoesResident Evilneed12films?)  Meanwhile,the latestTomb Raiderreboot staring Oscar winner Alicia Vikander is trucking right along towards its March 2018 bow.

Movies based on video games have long been a profitable cash grab for studios,but they have a reputation for being bad to abysmal quality wise.Does this latest trio of features have any hope...

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Jan 26 2017

Resident Evil ...Again.

by Brian Zitzelman

One of the strangest things about Oscar month is that the movies that open during it are usually the opposite of prestige.Tomorrow sees the release ofResident Evil: The Final Chapter,the allegedly last installment of this long-running franchise.With more than a decade's worth of subpar critical reviews,it's nonetheless more notable than it might seem upon first glance.

Superhero movies aside,R-rated action franchises haven't especially been booming in the twenty-first century,or even in the post Arnold/Stallone/Willis dominated run of the 80s to mid-90s...

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Sep 19 2012

From Link With Love

Pajibawonders ifThe Master's insane per screen average this weekend will finally translate into mainstream box office dollars.(No P.T.picture has ever grossed more than $40 million in US theaters)
First ShowingMelissa Leo prepping for a busy 2013.So many films,one of them (Prisoners) is with Hugh Jackman from the director ofIncendies.
Cinema BlendGong Li may becomeThe Last Empress...but she needs a director first

The Guardianon Mitt Romney and his choice of favorite filmO Brother Where Art Thou?
Geekologieimpressive fan sculpture of He-Man
Pajibaon the casual barely-trying success of theResident EvilandUnderworldfranchises
Coming Soonhas an exclusive with Oscar Isaac (Drive) singing songs from two new films10 Years(it's a song he co-wrote)and the Coen BrosInside Llweyn Davis.Here's the oft-covered "Dink's Song"from that forthcoming Coen Bros picture...

...and we end with a little tangentially 007 related business (we'll have a Bond series soon with guest star Deborah Lipp of "Basket of Kisses"and "The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book"fame)

Press Play
Matt Zoller Seitz onFrom Russia With LoveandSingin' in the Rainand "unsophisticated"audiences...
Monkey Seeresponds to this article with more on the problem of contemporary audience's "ironic distancing"from older films.Very worthy topic o' discussion
Movie|Linea tale of two posters forSkyfall