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a look back atKing Kong(1976)

"Worth every dollar spent to mount it on Broadway."-Romy

"It looks fabulous but a love story musical does need two lead that have chemistry or no matter how dazzling the show will not work"-Jaragon

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Sep 16 2017

TIFF Horror x3

byChris Feil

Amid screening global cinema and the odd Oscar contender or two,I was able to cram in some horror films to my TIFF lineup.The festival is so large that it doesn't just limit its horror entries into the genre-centric Midnight Madness program.My sampling was not only a mini European tour,but also a trip through different genre tropes: the French extremity ofRevenge,a gothic ghost story withThe Lodgers,and a surprising psychological chiller withThelma.

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Apr 14 2013

Derek Cianfrance and Genre

Paolohere.I am the bearer of bad news.Apparently there areBlue Valentine' haters out there,two of whom are close writer friends of mine.One of these friends has repeatedly criticized the movie through Twitter,especially its director Derek Cianfrance's melodramatic tendencies.

At first I disagreed with this minor yet tolerably vocal crowd,since that movie evinces hard-hitting,unquestionable emotions.I finally admit that yes,its saturated colours do evoke a hispter version of a Todd Haynes picture (nothing wrong with that!).And as it pains me to write this,Young Dean's (Ryan Gosling) appearance and actions are reminiscent of the cartoony,blinding spark on a boyband member's smile.

Maybe it's Cianfrance's new movie,The Place Beyond the Pines,that allowed me come to terms with the director's melodrama leanings.This release is being sold as an epic crime drama and sure,it delivers on that regard;a movie with a masculine cast gets slapped and labelled with a masculine genre.I normally take most movies at face value but I'll share with you how I see this movie.One that features a handsome man from the wrong side of the tracks,dysfunctional families,rapid aging and time lapses,and the revelation of a secret identity.

We're watching a fucking soap opera,people.Revenge with Boys.

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Nov 19 2012

TV: Arrow,Nashville,Revenge,Copper, Homeland

For as much as I've tried to ween myself off of TV,it remains the go to entertainment medium when I'm tired- sick,writer-blocked or basically-broke...add those  things up and that equals a lot of time.I wish I could kill time by listening to music since there's so much good stuff out there that I'm unfamiliar with but music,like the cinema,absorbs all of me.I can't do much else while indulging in it.The only other things I can do while listening to music is exercize and clean.

Welcome to the Nineties!Jennifer Jason Leigh and Madeleine Stowe are stars again!

So herewith a few thoughts on various shows from the fall season,new and returning...would love to hear if you're watching or feel differently in the comments.More...

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Oct 21 2012

Madeleine Stowe

Confession: On Sundays I think of little else. apologies that I haven't written aboutRevengethis season.I feel so overwhelmed by every episode.Where to even begin?

Sep 19 2012

Which TV Shows Do You Watch and Read About?

It's Emmy Week so the small screen is naturally on my mind.This time of year I'll usually try out a show or two and roll my eyes in disgust.Revolutionwas SO terrible: generic actors,pandering action sequences,and terrible authenticity problems.I should elaborate so here's just one example.If there's no electricity and there hasn't been for 15 years why have men's hairstyles not evolved into something manageable that doesn't require the weekly use of electric razors or blowdryers or what have you to maintain???All the actors looked so freshly scrubbed clean,perfectly coiffed,andflawlesslymade-up like they've never spent even one minute away from their huge hair and makeup team in a nearby trailer,let alone been without luxury beautification for 15 years!

Despite the easy-to-ignore mediocrity of the TV landscape (easy to ignore given that the highs aresovery high and you're reminded of them weekly while the dross you only have to see once!) I do watch my share of TV.

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