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"Say what you want about the politics,prejudice or misogyny in Tarantinos scripts and his persona,but we can all agree that his movies are a great showcase for actors."-Doug

"I think Tarantino only should retire when he gives us 10 masterpieces."-Geor

"The deterioration of Tarantino's filmography can be directly linked to Sally Menke's death.Terrible loss to the film community there."-Ian

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Jul 04 2019

Yes No Maybe So: Knives Out

by Ben Miller

Director Rian Johnson can do what he wants these days.  After helming aStar Warsmovie,directors have the cache to explore different realms of entertainment.  Johnson decided to go withKnives Out,an original story inspired by Agatha Christie murder mysteries.  Let's break it down with our Yes,No,Maybe So™ system...

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Dec 26 2017

A Slightly Queer Take on "The Last Jedi"

This was originally published in Nathaniel's intermittent column at Towleroad.

There's a bit of a macro and micro thing happening at the movies.I'm not talking about Disney's new merchandising bonanza pairing those miniature "porgs"(think CGI puffins) with towering furry Chewbacca.No we speak of the wide release and limited release divide.Star Wars: The Last Jedihas been filling houses at over 4000 theaters and is obliterating the competition (already number #3 of the year in just 10 days) while a bunch ofOscar contendersare playing,not so quietly,in limited release gigs in their pursuit of golden statues.We'll talk about more of those again soon but first [cue yellow text crawl over space]Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

We now return to The Resistance (aka the proudly defiant "Rebel Scum") who are even easier to relate to know in December 2017 when it feels like the world will be ending any day with each new disastrous move from our own evil empire.(Sigh) If they can just harness the light side of the force,break through that one gerrymandered code,save that one cornered group of people,fetch Luke Skywalker,they might live to see another day...

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Dec 13 2017

Rian Johnson: A Star Wars Story

BySalim Garami

What's good?

To many,this weekend is the imminent release of "oh my god,the newStar Warsmovie".To me...it's also the imminent release of "the newStar Warsmovie",I can't even pretend that's not the way I think ofStar Wars: The Last Jedi.I just also find it very exciting to look at as the new Rian Johnson movie,a filmmaker I've followed since the start and am incredibly happy to find in his successful and stable position.This especially considering that he's one of the few filmmakers who never established a production company of his own (Endgame Entertainment,who producedThe Brothers BloomandLooper,is the only company to produce more than one of his films).

So if you'll join me,today I'd like to look back on his journey from the lo-fi shoe-string ingenuity that inhabited the beginnings of his filmmaking career to being handed the keys to one of the biggest film properties in the world.

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Oct 09 2017

"The Last Jedi"Trailer Arrives!

Chrishere.A full trailer forThe Last Jediis finally here!Now before anyone complains about long waits or lack of plot details,allow me to remind that the limited information for the newStar Warsfilms has been refreshing compared to other franchises.Which is good,because now officially starts a likely three month period ofStar Warsinvading conversation and consciousness with relentless vigor.Luckily,it looks like director Rian Johnson has created a thrilling and singular entry into the beloved franchise that even the indifferent can get excited about.

But the thing you will all be lamenting is that we get no glimpse of Laura Dern's mauve-haired Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo.I'll give you a moment to let out that frustration before we dive in to the trailer.Inhale.Vent.Exhale.Very good.Shall we begin?

No need to give this one a Yes No Maybe So treatment,because we've already bought our tickets!Take a look at the trailer (if you haven't devoured it a dozen times already) and I'll give some ecstatic notesafter the jump...

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May 25 2017

The Dress Heard Around the Galaxy and the Year of Dern

By Spencer Coile

As the year of Laura Dern rages forward,ignited byBig Little Lies,it was only a matter of time before fans learned a little bit about her character inStar Wars: The Last Jedi.Marking her first appearance into the franchise,Dern's role is an invention of director Rian Johnson's,playing Vice Admiral Holdo,an officer of the Resistance.But if that weren't enough for us lucky fans,Annie Leibovitz of Vanity Fair went on set and snapped some stunning photos of numerous cast members ofThe Last Jedi.Pictured above is Dern's colorful,sweeping,elegant look (the film's costume design is byMichael Kaplan).I don't know about you,but this one photo is enough to help me make it to December.

Arriving in December,The Last Jediwill put a nice cap on 2017 for Laura Dern.So let's look at what she is busy with this year...

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Sep 27 2012

The Linking

GQan oral history of the great sitcomCheers
/Filmfirst looks inside Darren Aronofsky'sNoah's Ark via the great cinematographer Matthew Libatique.They should've filmed this under the pseudonymSnakes on a Boatand surprised us all with a Noah's Ark movie.
Indie Wiretalks to the director ofRoom 237.Is the documentary,a compilation of theories and obsessions surrounding Stanley Kubrick'sThe Shininga celebration or a critique of film critics?I'm dying to see this even though I'm no expert onThe Shining.

NY Postthe Self Styled Siren takes on Brian de Palma'sPassion,a remake of the french thrillerLove Crimeswhich starred Ludivine Sagnier (interviewed).
Oklahomais excited about the stars ofAugust: Osage Countyin their midst (reminder:filming has begun!) There's a few blurry pics of stars (as well as some clear ones) and one of Meryl Streep doesn't look much like her but I'll take their word for it given the blur.
Hollywood.comwonders if audiences want to be challenged at the movies.A question posed through the filmCompliance(which you'll rememberI wasn't crazy aboutthough I do love a good movie challenge.)
Now TorontoRian Johnson talking about his fineLooperstars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis
The Film Doctornotes onThe Master
In Contentionwonders ifSkyfallcould land a best picture nomination
Hollywood ElsewhereGuillermo Del Toro on Ken Russell's great filmThe Devils

Do you all follow theVanity Fair tumblr?It's fun.I love this Bruce Handy quote they recently featured:


and it just begs for a poll...