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Mar 26 2015

The Rise and Fall of DreamWorks Animation,Part 2: Fall

UPDATE 3/29: Well!NowHomehas gone and ruined my entire beautiful narrative arc by wildly outperforming even the most rosily optimistic predictions during its opening weekend,with an estimated $54 million.With that total in its pocket,even under the worst imaginable scenario,it should still glide past $100 million in the United States with ease - $150 mil is certainly in play - and combined with its sterling overseas performance so far,it shouldn't have any problem turning a profit for DreamWorks.The day of reckoning has been put off.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.As DreamWorks's only 2015 release,the studio won't be able to build up any momentum,but it gives the powers that be a good chance to breathe easily and take a good long time to re-work their future plans.Hopefully the right lessons are learned from this ("Non-white girls can sell movies,too") and not the easier wrong ones ("That absolute piece of crap made us money!We don't ever have to try again!),and hopefully it will encourage this and all other animation companies to experiment a little bit more with new properties instead of just retrenching to sequels every time someone says "boo".-Tim

Tim here.Last week,we took a tour through the peak years of DreamWorks Animation,during which time the House That Jeffrey Katzenberg's Hatred of His Old Bosses at Disney Built established itself as the biggest gorilla in American feature animation.And as 2010 dawned,the studio was on the verge of a remarkable achievement.That year,DreamWorks released three feature-length theatrical films – the most any studio had ever produced.It proved to be a great year to do so,an extraordinary year for animation: five of the year's top ten films at both the domestic and worldwide box office were animated,an unmatched record.

That,of course,is exactly the problem.Having perfected a factory for producing animated features that anyone could follow,DreamWorks was as responsible as any studio for the glut of animation that hit in 2009 and has continued largely unabated ever since.By making its products too ubiquitous,the studio was making them routine and increasingly easy to ignore.

Not that it was apparent from the first of the year's releases,How to Train Your Dragon,which netted DreamWorks its best reviews ever and remains its highest-grossing Stateside release without the word "Shrek"in the title.[More...]

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Feb 20 2014

Celebrating Black History Month: A brief tour of African-American animation

Tim here.With Black History Month still in full swing,I thought it would be worth spending some time diving into the history of African-American animation and reporting back to everyone with what I found,which turns out to be easier said than done.Despite a history of animation as an independent and avant-garde form welcoming any and all groups trapped without a voice in the mainstream reaching into the silent era,there has been shockingly little overlap between black cinema and animation down through the years.Which isn't the same as saying that there'snone,and I am certain that there's probably more than I was able to scrounge up over a couple of days of researching.

Pioneering animators Frank Braxton (L) and Floyd Norman (R)

By and large,though African-American animators have been associated primarily with big studios,beginning in the 1950s,when Frank Braxton signed up with Warner Bros.By the end of that decade,Floyd Norman had become the first African-American employee of the Walt Disney Company,and his association with that studio continued well into the 2000s (and may continue yet – he's still actively working,with a credit on a non-Disney production as recent as last fall's direFree Birds).The first significant branching out happened in the ‘60s,when Norman left Disney after its namesake and founder died,to join forces with new artist Leo Sullivan to create Vignette Films,a studio focused on making short animated explorations of African-American history (of any of these films still exist,the internet doesn't seem interested in sharing them).

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Nov 24 2012

The Perks of Being Anna Karenina's Guardian

By the end of each and every November I am buried in piles and piles of screeners in addition to screening invites each night (I'mnotcomplaining) that all arrive within the same two week period (Iamcomplaining).To give each film a fair shake you'd have to do nothingbutwatch movies for two weeks before ballots are due -- I'm terrified at how quickly my Critics Choice voting begins!In order to see all the films you want and rescreen those you have foggy memories of you'd have to a) give up Oscar parties,networking and campaign luncheons,b) turn down filmmaker interviews c) decline visits from family and friends and choose not to attend any holiday parties with them d) abandon your blog,your writing,and any work for clients and consulting jobs and thus all your money and e) refuse to sleep.

As I am unwilling and/or unable to give upanyof those things,I admit to a certain distressingohgodImafailurefeeling each November. This is a longwinded way of saying that I'm super far behind and overwhelmed and I hope you'll all be patient though I know your first instinct is probably sympathy-free;"Bitch,you already saw Les Miz.Shut it!"


Rise of the Guardians
Santa isn't the main character but he's the character I kept thinking about while trying to organize my thoughts.Santa has "naughty"and "nice"tattoos and the movie is that way,too.Ineveryrespect it's a mixed bag,no matter how many gifts it has stuffed inside.Despite confusing character design (why are tooth fairy and easter bunny so scary looking?) and steady but strange characterizations (Santa laughs a lot but there's no vocalization whatsover that might be interpreted as a "ho ho ho"),the characters were sort of endearing.I really enjoyed Sandman,who doesn't speak but communications through shape-making,and Jack Frost who is visualized here as a teenbeat icy hipster twink.The film is often gorgeous but it's also so over-designed as to be instantly forgettable as it leaps from busy lair to busy lair of these iconic characters.The story is both overly familiar and alien (what's with that 'listen to the man on the moon' messaging?) and nonsensical.Most of it all it just smells weird;that's the aroma of frenzied "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?"flop sweat.C-
Oscar?There is still plenty of debate as to which toon will win theAPP亚博娱乐 this year,but given the strength of the field,Guardian's chaotic overkill doesn't bode well for its chances.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Logan Lerman is Charlie,an introverted troubled high school freshmen (hence the title) who finds solace in writing and literature and renewed energy for life when a group of "misfit"seniors take him under their wing.The best moments of this adaptation of the beloved best-seller resonate with tender universality but the screenplay (and I assume source material) are problematic.High school is traumatic enough withoutactualtrauma as ever present backstory.Why all the gilding of such a delicate lily?B+/B
Oscar?Traction would be a stretch in any category given that youth oriented films,no matter how heartfelt and soulfully performed,are rarely recognized.Still...this is a significant leap forward for all three of its principles: Logan Lerman does his best work yet anchoring the film;Ezra Miller proves he has a much wider range thanAfter SchoolandWe Need To Talk About Kevinsuggested;and yes even Emma Watson -- who longtime readers will know I've been ice cold on -- impresses.

Anna Karenina
Brief Thoughts: If Joe Wright's brazenly theatrical take on this oft adapted classic about a respectable Russian wife who loses her place in society to her obsessive affair with a young soldier isn't the year's strangest film (The MasterandHoly Motorsfight for that honor),it's still one of the most compelling high wire acts.The stylization,which mostly turns on an ever shifting stage set and constant art and film history referencing,isn't always consistent and the film feels like an almost-musical so often it borders on torture (for musical aficionados at least).But there's something about all the eye-popping scenic changes,grand acting gestures,mobile camera,and plot riffing rather than storytelling that give the film a propulsive self-absorbed energy that dovetails perfectly with the stubborn sexual obsessiveness of Anna herself.B+
Oscar?The film will undoubtedly prove too divisive for major prize-gathering -- hell,I'm the target audience and even I am of two minds about it -- but it still has a fighting shot at the eye candy categories or,as we like to call them,theMoulin Rouge!prizes (a film it often recalls).If the actor's branch is feeling daring,they might want to take a closer look at Keira Knightley'shugestar turn.She's getting braver and more adept at stylization all the time.She's the ideal model for Joe Wright's picture-making.Knightley will never be everyone's favorite actress but there's much to admire in this gutsy editorial posing performance.

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Nov 10 2012

"Rise of the Guardians"Begins Its Oscar Push

This morning,very bright and early,MOMI unveiled their new exhibit "The Art ofRise of the Guardians"with an accompanying film series on the Best of Dreamworks Animation.A museum exhibit is definitely a way to announce that you are Serious For Real and not just for,you know,for kids.Methinks Dreamworks Animation wants their third Animated Feature Oscar.

And hey,this year's Oscaristotally up for grabs.SureWreck-It Ralphmightbe the one to beat unless the Cult of Pixar regathers forBravebut it's hardly a done deal this early in the toon throwdown.


The only two things I could think staring at this beautiful image above is

  1. I have to see this exhibit!and...
  2. Wouldn't the (admittedly unseen) movie have been more awesome if it actuallylooked likethis image above --- so graphically compelling and painterly and not like it does with the semi generic 3D modelled CGI?

Who do you think has the edge in the Animated Feature Race?

Jul 28 2012

Two Animated Films I'm Excited About (Will Oscar Be, Too?)

This year I had made a silent goal to myself to talk about animated films more often at The Film Experience since I sometimes really enjoy them even if I don't say so and you definitely enjoy them but we tend to not cover them.亚博主页So far so getting better. Here are two films I'm looking forward to that I didn't even realize I was excited for because I almost forgot they existed.

1.Me and My Shadow(2014)
This upcoming effort released a teaser poster a few days ago and has a cute concept.It will reportedly be a blending of traditional animation and CG animation with the traditional being the shadow world and the CG being for the "real"world.From the official synopsis...

Stan (Bill Hader),our hero's shadow,yearns for a more exciting life but happens to be stuck with Stanley Grubb (Josh Gad),a timid guy with an extreme aversion to adventure.When a crime in the shadow world puts both of their lives in danger,Stan is forced to take control of Stanley...

My mind immediately lept to Steve Martin's body controlled by Lily Tomlin's spirit inAll of Me(1984) and Linguini's body going all marionette for Remy inRatatouille(2007) so the concept is just rich for potentially golden physical slapstick and awkward charm.Not that it's easy to be as good as either of those pictures!

More after the jumpincluding Oscar potential...

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