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Jun 26 2018

What will Israel submit to the Oscars?亚博主页

by Nathaniel

Flawless,which is called "The Prom"at home stars Stav Strashko (the one behind the wheel) who is a trans actress

The Ophir nominations were recently announced in Israel and we thought we'd share their Best Picture nominees.The winner of the Ophir -- which will be announced September 6th -- is almost always submitted for the Oscar's Foreign Language Film category.There are two LGBTQ films in the mix this year.Thanks to our loyal Israeli readerYonatanfor alerting us to the nominees.They're after the jump along with some stats about Israel's history with the Oscars and in US arthouse movie theaters...亚博主页

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Apr 19 2016

Ronit Elkabetz (1964-2016)

Terrible news to report today.The great Israeli actress Ronit Elkabetz has passed away at only 51 years of age.

Her last film proved to be her biggest hit (Gett: The Trial of Viviane Absalem) --we interviewed her right here-- but that courtroom drama was far from her only gem.We first fell (and fell hard) for the intense raven haired beauty in the astoundingLate Marriage(2001) where she played the older woman in a sexually intense love affair with a slightly younger man (Lior Ashkenazi) whose parents were eager to marry him off to a "proper"bride and end his long-standing bachelordom.She won the Ophir (Israel's Academy Award) for that film,one of three wins for her as Best Actress.

If you've never seen "Late Marriage,"you really must.She also starred inOr (My Treasure) (2004),the international hitThe Band's Visit(2007),and other films in both France and Israel.In the past ten years she'd branched out from acting and withGettshe was directing and writing (along with her brother Shlomi),while continuing to dazzle in front of the camera.Awards groups took notice.She won prizes at the Hamptons,Chicago,Palm Springs,San Sebastian and Jerusalem film festivals forGettand that last feature also resulted in multiple Ophir nods and a Golden Globe nomination for Best Foreign Film.

Elkabetz was battling cancer and is survived by her husband and three year old twins.She will most definitely be missed,her rich expanding career cut suddenly short.

Mar 25 2015

The Links: Buffy,Disney,Hanks,Viggo,Toxic Sets and Tight Pants

Varietyseveral distributors want the Sally Field vehicleHello My Name is Doris,an  indie hit at SXSW.But neither of the big Oscar dogs want it (no interest from Weinsteins or Fox Searchlight.Hmmm)
Teenage Bedrooms on Screena tumblr celebrating movie sets from teen films.I thought this was appropriate to share after...
TFEa discussion of interesting / fun film sets
Varietyour favorite Israeli actress Ronit Elkabetz will serve as president of Cannes' "Critics Week"the festival's sidebar focused on newer filmmakers  (That's often where the best movies are anyway!)
My New Plaid Pantson a current rumor about the "toxic"set of Alejandro González Iñárritu'sThe Revenant

Vanity Fairlooks back atPretty Womanfor its 25th,specifically it's originally much darker screenplay
TFEin case you missed it Manuel also looked back on the nation's (and his) 25 year old Julia Roberts obsession
Daily MailLauren Bacall's estate auctioning off collections.Her Manhattan partment is also for sale for (gulp) $26 million
The Guardianmatch the evil quote to the Disney villain - I got a few of these wrong.The Shame!
CHUDMarvel has reportedly cast Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel) already and she might even be added toThe Avengers: Age of many actors can be in that one movie and shouldn't they have finished it already given that it opens in a month?
Film School RejectsAnthony Russo & Joe Russo,who did such a great job on Captain America: Winter Soldier have been adopted by Marvel and will now direct all of their movies (not really but they're locked up for awhile)

The Film Stagea one hour conversation with Jessica Chastain
The PlaylistViggo Mortensen turned downHateful Eight?Sad.He'd be great in a Tarantino and could use a hit
In ContentionSandy Powell talksCinderellacostumes
ET Onlineand speaking of costumes,Billy Magnussen talks about his unmissably tight leather pants inInto the Woods

Today's Watch

Tom Hanks reenacts his filmography's greatest hits in seven minutes with James Corden.Hanks seems to be having a lot of fun with himself lately,right?

Small Screen

Coming Soon
The X-Filesstars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are returning to their iconic roles for a miniseries.The original series lasted 9 years and was revived in two feature films so it's had quite a shelf-life.
VarietyI find BAFTA so confusing.They have so many different awards branches and different announcement times.But the TV craft nominations are out with Penny Dreadful doing well
Ryan MurphyChloe Sevigny returning toAmerican Horror Storynext season.She was a pleasant surprise for me on Netflix'sBloodline.I forget sometimes how totally watchable she is
Towleroadrumors circulating that HBO is cancellingLookingalbeit with a wrap up film *sniffle*
SalonJon Hamm just out of rehab for alcohol addiction.WithMad Menwrapped hopefully he won't be reminded of the glass in hand for a while.Best wishes!

Three Must Reads To Go

1.If you're a fan ofBuffy the Vampire Slayer(and who isn't) you'll LOL all through The Toast's"Every Argument about Buffy on the Internet,From 1998 Until Now."It's blissfully true to its title.

2.This doesn't have a movie connection apart from a well earned dig at that awfulFlawlessmovie starring Philip Seymour Hoffman but The New York Times has an essayon the feminist evolution of the word "flawless"that is really something.A great read.

3.David Poland has said these things before and will say them again.And we've also harped on his underlying theme / advice to the Academy - 'Embrace the fact that you're THE movie proud,not worried.' But it's always worth repeating and he does a great job in"48 Weeks to Oscar: Academy in Crisis (?)"at highlighting all the problems...which don't have to be problems!Read it (if you've ever bitched about or defended the Oscars).亚博主页Live it (if you're AMPAS).Love it (if you love the Oscars).亚博主页

That's a lot to read and discuss,so have at it!

Feb 16 2015

Interview: Ronit and Shlomi Elkabetz on 'Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem'

Josehere.InGett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem,Israeli goddess Ronit Elkabetz returns to play a part she's lived with for more than a decade.In 2004,Ronit and her brother Shlomi teamed up as writers and co-directors of a film trilogy that would concentrate on the experiences of a woman as seen through the roles society imposed on her.In the first installment,To Take a Wife,Viviane must deal with being trapped in a loveless marriage to her husband Elisha (Simon Abkarian),in7 Days,Viviane must sit Shiva and come to terms with the fact that she is obligated to mourn despite not feeling pain.InGett,which opened this weekend on the heels of its Golden Globe Foreign Film nomination (Oscar passed it by),Viviane is trying to gain her freedom from Elisha,but finds that practically impossible given that her husband hasn't committed any "sins"against her;her request is deemed invalid by the strict rabbinical court.

In the years since her breakthrough inLate Marriage(2001),also an Israeli Oscar submission,and the first Viviane installment,Ronit has become the face of Israeli cinema having delivered brilliant performances in films likeThe Band's VisitandOr.Gettalso reveals her growth behind the camera with a much more sophisticated directorial technique,as she and Shlomi tell the story from a very subjective point of view.With their use of the camera and precise shots,they allow Viviane to have the freedom of thought society continues to deny her.A perfectly cast ensemble makes the film a worthy spiritual companion toA SeparationandZodiac,in a way,as they all explore the frustration that comes along with endless,inefficient bureaucratic processes.

During their recent visit to New York City,I talked to Ronit and Shlomi about their collaborations,their unique use of cinematic language and howGetthas rightfully become a sociopolitical sensation in Israel.

The interview is after the jump...

Click to read more ...亚博足彩app

Nov 09 2014

Second Opinion - Gett & Israel's Oscar Chances

Anne Marie here with a followup toDavid's reviewonIsrael's Oscar submission.Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalemopens with a lawyer staring at his client sitting just offscreen.The lawyer turns to the judges and begins to plead his client's case: she is incompatible with her husband and wants a divorce.

The scene moves between the three judges,the lawyer,and the woman's husband as they argue this woman's fate,but the camera avoids Viviane as strangers argue over her.When at last the camera cuts to Viviane,(writer/co-director Ronit Elkabetz channeling AFI Fest honoree Sophia Loren's intensity) she seeths in her chair,muted by convention and law.She glances quickly at the camera,and her brief eye contact burns with unvoiced frustration.Considering that her divorce will take almost half a decade to achieve,the frustration will only get more bitter and volcatnic.

AsDavid pointed out,Ronit and her brother/co-director Shlomi have made a social justice film about the absurdities of Israel's archaic,religion-based family law.However,Gettalso becomes a study on the harder-to-read nuances of a relationship - Are Viviane and her husband incompaible or abusive?Is he controlling or too lenient?The deceptively simple conceit of trapping the action in the stark courtroom visually emphasizes Viviane's frustration,and allows the motives of everyone who speaks - from Vivianne's hilarious family to her sadly submissive neighbor to her husband and herself. Ronit and Shlomi Elkabetz have created a film that works on every level as social commentary,and absurdist comedy,and character study.

Second Take Grade
Oscar Chances:Though it is Israel's official submission,chances are low. The first two films in Elkabetz's trilogy,To Take A Wife(2004) and7 Days (2008),were both overlooked by the Academy.At AFI Fest,Gettis currently being overshadowed by star-studded films likeTwo Days,One Nightand buzz -generatorsTimbuktuandThe Tribe.Though audiences that see it are speaking highly of it,Gett's may not have the momentum to land a nomination.

Oct 15 2014

Foreign Oscar Watch: Gett - The Trial of Viviane Amsalem

Though TIFF & NYFF are over,London and Chicago Fests are still raging.We will have a few reports from each to cover more Oscar Submissions for Best Foreign Language Film.Here's our London friendDavidonIsrael's Oscar submission.

It's your right,but it's not your choice."

We're in an Israeli rabbinical courtroom,and Viviane Amsalem wants a divorce.Absolutely,say the judges,no problem - as long as your husband agrees.He doesn't.Viviane will spend years returning to this courtroom,and the audience will spend two hours trapped in it with her,absurdity and desperation rising and falling as we skip forward in time,the temporal intertitles ('Four Months Later') quickly accumulating a farcical impression that's only tempered by the occasional grave addendum of how many years these shifts have accumulated to.Laughter comes because the reality of the situation is too archaic to believe.

Ronit Elkabetz writes,directs and stars as Viviane

Gett - The Trial of Viviane Amsalemis a social justice picture,make no mistake.Though delivered with a healthy dose of humour,the undercurrent of the picture is bitter outrage,as a very simple message is strung out to breaking point.Viviane is almost constantly surrounded by men: her sympathetic,dogmatic lawyer Carmel Ben Tovim,the three impatient judges,her husband Elisha.For much of the film,director-writer-actress Ronit Elkabetz carries Viviane with a quiet dignity,seething with an awareness that the best way to her goal might be to let the men fight for it.When she does speak,it is not cowed and submissive or (initially) passionately angry;her first big speech is delivered with such measured power that the judges are visibly taken aback in involuntary respect.

With its settings restricted to the courtroom building,Gettcould easily have ended up feeling like a staid stage play,but instead it oozes with a claustrophobia more mental than physical;the audience is trapped with Viviane in this cyclical nightmare,never granted any view of how her marriage exists outside of the courtroom.That's because,quite simply,that isn't the point;the men spend hours deliberating over why she deserves a divorce,over what her husband could possibly done to cause this,but the only necessary reason for Viviane to be granted a divorce should be because she wants one.No more,no less.The further into the film we get,the more painful it becomes,as every last drop of emotion is wrung from Viviane as she pleads,cries,begs for her request to be granted.

Elkabetz and sibling co-director Shlomi Elkabetz marry this torturous process with a smart tone of absurdist comedy;the judges,in particular,provide an abundance of weary amusement as they become increasingly impatient with the process themselves.Ultimately,though,it is with searing vitriol that the ludicrous indignity of the Jewish laws are held up to face charges;as Ronit Elkabetz put it in the post-screening Q&A, it seems incredible that such situations continue to exist "in a country that is called a democracy".

Gett - The Trial of Viviane Amsalem screened as part of the 58th BFI London Film Festival.

Oscar submission chartshere.
17 Foreign Oscar Submissions Reviewed: