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"They're saying this is for Adam Driver what Kramer vs Kramer was for Dustin Hoffman.More about him than about her.  Scarlett,to me,is the open question.By now it's Driver vs Phoenix for best actor."- Melchiades -Andrew

"Mini-shutout to Alda,whom I loved and thought did absolute wonders in his what,3 or 4 scenes.Great review!"-Alex

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Dec 10 2014

Bates,Sarandon & Curtis: Actressexual News Galore!

Manuelhere bringing you some delicious actressexual news that'll make all of you 80s/90s film lovers really happy.

A photo posted by xavierdolan (@xavierdolan)on Dec 12,2014 at 3:41pm PST

Xavier Dolan's upcoming English language debut film,The Death & Life of John F.Donovanis slowly amassing quite the cast.TheMommydirector had already announced the casting ofJessica Chastainand Kit Harrington but he's also added Susan Sarandon and Kathy Bates to the cast.Needless to say,the boy has taste.Also,if you're not following him on Instagram,you're really missing out.That's where he's been sharing tidbits from his upcoming film,but also moreNSFW-ey stuff like this(think he was celebrating casting Kit,Susan & Kathy?).

In other news,Ryan Murphy,who has yet to meet an 80s or 90s cinema goddess he doesn't want to shower with a juicy part (see: Kathy Bates,Jessica Lange,Angela Bassett),has conscripted Jamie Lee Curtis for hisupcoming horror/comedy anthology series,Scream Queens.You have to admit,that's some amazing casting.Joining her is Emma Roberts,a regular member of the MurphyAHSacting ensemble (and aScreamqueen herself!).I won't hold my breath for this being a great show,but I will look forward to the sure to be batshit crazy stuff he'll have Curtis do.If nothing else,he'll have rescued her from a career as yogurt spokesperson so we should be grateful for that.

Which 80s/90s star do you wish were given a plum role by an established TV mogul and/or a tantalizingly exuberant up and comer?

Jun 20 2014

TV 'Critics Choice' Winners

Allison Janney wins twiceThe TV critics really rolled out the red carpet for Ryan Murphy who took the non-competitive "Genius"award while two of his shows (American Horror Story: CovenandThe Normal Heart) won prizes.Alison Janney also got the deluxe treatment winning supporting actress for "Mom"and guest actress for "Masters of Sex,"both first season series,at this still fairly green awards show.

The new organization,an off shoot of the BFCA,mostly stuck with their favorites from last year repeating several wins like Tatiana Maslany fromOrphan Blackand almost everythingBreaking Bad.Bryan Cranston had to step aside for Matthew McConaughey inTrue Detective,though.We knew that was coming and the Emmys will (probably) follow suit.Everybody in Hollywood loves a winner (a phenom we've previously discussed) so when you're winning no one wants to break your streak.

I suppose I should really watchOrphan Black.I've seen the first 4 episodes and found Maslany technically scarily gifted but the the show and supporting characters I enjoyed much much much less so.Does it improve?

The complete list of winners isafter the jump....

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Jan 04 2013

Mine is the Way of the Link ♫

BuzzfeedYoung Christopher Walken looks just like Scarlett Johansson
Where the Day Takes You140 still-living actresses who were born before 1930!
Coming SoontheCarrieremake pushed back several months to October release...same weekend asMalavitaso I get JMoore and MPfeiffer on the same weekend.ayyiiieeeeee
Backstagea plea to the Academy to dump Nicole Kidman and choose Ann Dowd.Ugh, can have both.Just don't nominate Amy Adamzzz or Maggie Smith (she's better onDownton Abbeyanyway!).But FWIW Kidman is genius so this article is suspect ;)

Pajibalists 10 FYC Ads least likely to be "considered"by Oscar.Sad really because I guarantee youse that the one forOn the Roadpraises two performances that will inevitably be better than something that will be nominated instead of them.
MNPPwatch JA squirm his way throughLes Miz.He just can't deal with the all the singing.The constant singing!!!

Speaking ofLez Misérables,Buzzfeed has a funny character guidethat is so so so true.I love the recurring Cosette gag.Here's Javert...

PlaybillYAY.Sutton Foster will be back on your TV on Monday with the return of "Bunheads".Watch it with me!
SlateEven bigger YAY.Downton Abbey is back on Sunday.With Shirley Maclaine joining the cast
Gawkershares the best thing on TV this week (apparently)...Jessica Lange doing "the Name Game"for American Horror Story.A twitter follower asked me if I'd watched it but I had to admit I hadn't.I can't deal with Ryan Murphy television: so erratic in plot/characterization/quality...even within single scenes!

Have you seen the Jennifer Lawrence issue of Vanity Fair?I kind of love Jennifer Lawrence as a celebrity even if I don't love her performance inSilver Linings Playbook(though that's almost the definition of "celebrity"in terms of performance,it's so look at me sparkly and charismatic) but I'm starting to remember how very young she is with some of her quotes.Like this one:

Not to sound rude,but [acting] is stupid,"Lawrence says."Everybody's like,‘How can you remain with a level head?' And I'm like,‘Why would I ever get cocky?I'm not saving anybody's life.There are doctors who save lives and firemen who run into burning buildings.I'm making movies.It's stupid.'

Ugh,Ihateit when actors are "above"acting.Blargh.Acting is an art.And art is important.Be proud of your craft.Actors are magicians of embodiment,sculpters of emotion,and channellers of human truth.Or they can be when they're doing it right.

Oct 09 2012

12 Word Reviews: Pitch Perfect,Gayby, Frankenweenie...

The screenings are everywhere.It's harder and harder to keep up.Herewith some twelve word reviews of things I've seen recently in order to catch up.Naturally,I cheat (sort of) a couple of times.Twelve words is so few...just you try it!

Best friends from college,gay Matt and straight Jenn,decide to have a baby together...the old fashioned way.Hilarity ensues.Personal lives get confused.

12WR:  Plotty butveryfunny.Celebrates rather than regurgitates stereotypes.AwesomeShowgirlsjoke!B+
Oscar?Not weighty enough even for Spirit Awards but warm and funny enough to age well on DVD shelves despite the "now"topic.It's best hope for awards is turning itself into a sitcom for the Emmys.I'd totally watch this crowd weekly (and it'd be way better thanThe New Normalwhich suffers from Ryan Murphy's now familiar Preachy Bull in Broadly Caricatured China Shop voice)

Pitch Perfect
College freshman Beca (Anna Kendrick) joins an acapella group The Bellas.They need to break free of their lame repertoire if they ever hope to win a competition.
I loved this one while I was watching it and didn't love it in the morning so two reviews...
12 WR (Positive)Weak story,weaker filmmaking;FUN anyway.Key cast shines with great lines.B
12 WR (Negative)Lazily constructed on vastly superiorBring it Ontemplate. Funny quick fade.C
Oscar?It's 'Aca-Awkard' to even bring that up.No.

Young science-loving Victor resurrects his dead dog Sparky in a Frankenstein like experiment.Once the word gets out the townsfolk lose it.
12 WR: Inventive setpieces,surprises,awesome character design ("Whiskers!") justify expansion of classic short.B/B+
Oscar?It would surprise me if it wasn't nominated forAPP亚博娱乐 and it could also feature intosound categoriesbut the lukewarm response at the box office has me suddenly doubting its frontrunner status.

Our Children
Belgium's Oscar submission!A bicultural family slowly crumbles through dependency and depression.
12 WR: Fascinating thematic subtext undermined by miserabilist March-Toward-Doom structure.Suffocating close-ups.C+
Oscar?I doubt it as its very dour without much in the way of catharsis.But I've been wrong before about thisalways fascinating category.

Secret Life of Arrietty
Arrietty is a "borrower"a little person living inside a house.Will a new sickly human living in the house expose her and her family?
12 WR: Delicate,lovely,quiet...but too much so!Needs more pizazz.Limited characterizationsB-
Oscar?Ineligible for theAPP亚博娱乐 race

Aug 06 2011

Ryan Murphy's "Normal Heart"

Looks like it'll be television giant Ryan Murphy (Nip/Tuck,Glee) in the directing chair for the first film version of Larry Kramer's AIDS dramaThe Normal Heart.That righteously angry 80s play,which has long flummoxed would be adapters (most famously Barbra Streisand),was all the rage on Broadway this past season during its revival (I wasless impressed than mostbutboy did the Tonys love it).

According to PlaybillMurphy is planning on going with Mark Ruffalo in the lead role of Ned Weeks and wants hisEat Pray Lovediva Julia Roberts in the awards-magnet supporting part of "Doctor Death".That part won Ellen Barkin the Tony and throat pains (we're guessing.It's very shouty!) but apparently not enough renewed career heat to get her an offer for the film version.Between this role and "Barbara"the eldest daughter inAugust: Osage CountyJulia seems to cornered the market on famously angry/exhausted stage-to-screen female roles.

But before we scream "Oscars all around in February 2013!",亚博主页it's wise to remember (always) that that stage-to-screen teleportation magic is an eternally difficult trick to master.Murphy is enjoying great success withGleebut both of his films thus far,Eat Pray Love(2010) orRunning With Scissors(2006),have had mixed results critically and at the box office.One of the dangers of success is that artists get spread very thin and that could obviously be a problem here withGleestill going strong despite its own occasional  "spread to thin"feel.

on the set of Eat Pray Love

But we wish him good luck.He was once the president of a Meryl Streep fan club ferchrissakes.And though I couldn't find the copy that interview that Playbill is quoting he supposedly recently expressed regret that he had to turn down writingtheAnnieremake meant for Willow Smith,saying:

So now she's got Emma Thompson who is 50 million times better than me.LOVE HER.

So,see?Murphy really loves actresses and musicals.The Film Experience officially has no choice but to root for him.亚博主页

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