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May 31 2019

Fosse/Verdon - Finale!

by Eric Blume


Fosse/Verdonwrapped its 8-episode run this Tuesday,and here's a quick recap on the final three episodes,and some overall thoughts on this captivating mini-series.

第六集,"All I Care About is Love"
第六集讲述了福斯在编辑伦尼(1974年)editing and rehearsals forChicago在百老汇。这是本系列中较弱的一集,特别是要走了上一集,几乎要上演的剧集里角色被锁在汉普顿的房子里,arguably the show's high-water mark.That episode gave director Thomas Kail (who went from汉密尔顿to TV with graceful ease) the opportunity to put in the nails early on and keep screwing tightly,with all the actors laser-focused on their objectives and obstacles.第六集,on the other hand,包含一些直接处理的材料All That Jazz,and it felt more like a transitional episode for the final narrative haul of the show...

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May 11个 2019

福斯/威尔顿-EP.5: "Where Am I Going?"


通过Dancin' Dan

Figures that the episode randomly assigned to the resident dance expert of Team Experience is the only episode ofFosse/Verdonso far that hasn't had even the tiniest bit of dancing in it.I seem to be enjoying the show more than some of the rest of the team,and i've particularly marveled at the series' recreations of some of Fosse's best known pieces,some of which I have had the good fortune to dance myself.教我的一位编舞告诉我们的合奏团,福斯的大部分编舞都是由紧张来定义的——你必须始终保持身体某个部位的紧张,以使它看起来和感觉正确。To that end,当我们跳舞的时候,动作应该更流畅,she told us to imagine that we were dancing through peanut butter.这是一个我现在经常联想到福斯作品的形象,我发现它特别适合这一集。Even though there's no dancing,有很多紧张。Every character looks like they're moving through peanut butter,为了得到他们想要的东西而努力。


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May 02号 2019




我期待着第四集Fosse/Verdonbecause the trailers showed that it would mark the introduction of Margaret Qualley as Ann Reinking.也许米歇尔威廉姆斯会找一个真正的对手因为山姆·罗克韦尔没有站出来迎接这个场合。这主要是因为他提供的材料是重复的。一个演员能从痛苦的天才中发出多少音符?不多。我几乎不知道那个真正能和威廉斯绝配的演员会是夸莉,而是阿雅·卡什,她最好的朋友琼·西蒙。

But before we get to that we have to deal with Bob Fosse's mega year of 1973.This is the year he won an Oscar (forCabaret),2吨(用于Pippin)和3个emmys(用于Liza with a Z)……

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四月 24 2019


Previously:Episode 1andEpisode 2

by Eric Blume

Fosse/Verdoncertainly isn't flawless,but it's very strong out of the gate in these first three episodes.汉密尔顿director Thomas Kail guided the first two episodes with an assured hand,把我们带到剧院世界的第一位让观众感受他们进入环境的方式,相信他的双星表演会让人们着迷。他的直觉是正确的,尽管有些笨拙的编辑和时态转变,the show is arresting,吸收,而且很聪明。

Episode Three is directed by Adam Bernstein,一个很有天赋的人,因为30 Rock并被提名为法戈……

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四月 09年 2019


通过Chris Feil

FX'sFosse/Verdonbegins with two intriguingly quiet moments for a series founded in musical theatre.第一,an older Bob Fosse waits alone in a hotel room,有人敲门。然后我们闪回与他的妻子和搭档格温·威尔顿一起工作的天才,perfecting a piece of choreography in his iconic style.格温稍微调整了一下他的角度定位,他们继续前进。“你的更好,”he says decisively.This kind of personal and creative symbiosis,这使得这两张照片成为百老汇神圣历史的素材,is sadly only fleeting in the premiere of this new limited series.

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Jan 24 2019

Supporting Actor Fun: How were they nominated?What do they have in common?

随机琐事:山姆·罗克韦尔是这个入围名单中唯一一个不高的成员!Did you know that 80% of the supporting actor category this year are 6'1"还是更高?只有山姆·罗克韦尔不在5尺8寸。

你知道今年80%的男配角提名人都出生在加州吗?你看!Now you do.Mahershala Ali (Green Book)出生在奥克兰,亚当司机(BlacKkKlansman) in San Diego,Sam Elliott (A Star is Born) in Sacramento,山姆·罗克韦尔(Vice) in Daly City.The only non-Californian is Richard E Grant (Can You Ever Forgive Me?) and though you might have assumed he was born in London,你错了。He was born in Swaziland,在50年代后期,当时它仍然是英国的保护国。The country has been independent for 50 years now and last year rechristened itself The Kingdom of Eswatini.

On the newly updated Best Supporting Actor chart你可以阅读更多关于被提名者的琐事,vote你每天都认为谁是最优秀的,and share in our speculation about how they snagged those coveted nominations this year.

ICYMI:图片&主任图表也得到了更新。所有其他图表are updated with the official nominees and preference polls if you'd like to start voting but are not fully filled in yet otherwise.