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"They're saying this is for Adam Driver what Kramer vs Kramer was for Dustin Hoffman.More about him than about her.  Scarlett,to me,is the open question.By now it's Driver vs Phoenix for best actor."- Melchiades -Andrew

"Mini-shutout to Alda,whom I loved and thought did absolute wonders in his what,3 or 4 scenes.Great review!"-Alex

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May 22 2018

Why did no one tell us about "Harlots"?

There's so much TV these days and so many streaming channel options that it's easy to miss all sorts of juicy series.Case in point: Hulu's "Harlots"which pits Oscar-nominated geniuses Lesley Manville and Samantha Morton against each other as brothel madames at war in late 18th century London.

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Sep 01 2015

12 Questions: DVD & BluRay Releases

Twelve questions for you to answer (comment party!) inspired by this week's new DVD releases.Ready?

7 MinutesHeist movie starring Jason Ritter,Kris Kristofferson and more
Q1: Do you follow Jason Ritter onTwitter,Instagram,andVine?You should.

About EllyAsghar Farhadi's pre-A Separationbreakthrough,is finally out
Q2: Did you hear that Penélope Cruz is going to star in his next feature?

(reviewed) starring the late Robin Williams as a closeted gay man.With Kathy Baker as his depressed wife and Roberto Aguire as his favorite rentboy.
Q3: What's your favorite Robin Williams performance?

The D Train
(reviewed) button-pushing comedy.Jack Black,who can't let high school go,obsesses over classmate James Marsden,who made it to Hollywood.Geographically.
Q4: Have you ever obsessed over James Marsden?If so,when?

Face of An Angel
Daniel Brühl and Kate Beckinsale and a murder investigation
Q5: How many movies does Daniel Brühl make a year anyway?

Gemma Bovery
a "reimagining"of Flauberts classic with Gemma Arterton
Q6: Did you think Mia Wasikowska and Gemma are aware of each other?

Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me
a documentary on the music icon
Q7: Don't you think "I'm Not Going to Miss You"(Oscar nominated) is a pretty song?

Good Kill
(reviewed) Director Andrew Niccol and starEthan Hawke reunite for this military drama
Q8: RememberGattaca?

The Harvest
Horrormovie starring Michael Shannon,Charlie Tahan,and Samantha Morton,the latter reportedly in scenery devouring evil mode
Q9: When's the last time you saw Samantha Morton work her magic?

I'll See You In My Dreams
(Performances of 2015) A retired widow considers dating
10: Would you go out for karaoke with Blythe Danner?

Mad Max: Fury Road
(Podcasted,Reviewed,Obsessed Over) Director George Miller returns to his name-making franchise and humiliates his earlier self and most working directors with his Mad Skillz at age 70 (!!!).With committed work from: Tom Hardy,Charlize Theron,and Nicholas Hoult
Q11:Are you joining us for Hit Me With Your Best Shot on Monday September 7th?PRETTY PLEASE!

The Turning

An Australian omnibus film with 17 directors doing little vignettes starring Aussie screen icons like Blanchett,Byrne,Weaving,Otto,and Roxburgh
Q12: Have you ever been to Australia?

TV Seasons
Castle (7th),Nashville (3rd),Scorpion (1st),Vampire Diaries (6th)

Dec 05 2014

Interview: Liv Ullmann on 'Miss Julie',Jessica Chastain ...and Carrie Bradshaw?

Josehere.The first thing I tell Liv Ullmann is that I remember being ten years old and having my father introduce me to the work of Ingmar Bergman.

That Swedish legend directed her in more than ten films includingPersona,Cries and Whispers,andFace to Facefor which she was nominated for the Best Actress Oscar.She offers me a warm smile,touches my shoulder and says "oh,thank you".During our conversation I realize how much she "talks"with her hands,which she uses to draw figures on a table,to mimic camera moves and also to touch her face in an expression of awe,as she talks about the work of the actors she directed in her adaptation of August Strindberg'sMiss Julie(opening today in NYC).

She hadn't directed a film in almost fifteen years (since 2000'sFaithless),but was compelled to return behind the cameras when she was given carte blanche by producers who asked her to make a film about a femme fatale.She chose Strindberg's classic because she felt there was much that still hadn't been said about the title character.As played by Jessica Chastain Miss Julie is a rebellious soul who pretends to be in control,but has little self awareness.She finds her true self through the way she treats her servants John and Kathleen,played by Colin Farrell and Samantha Morton respectively.

Ullmann moved the story to 1890 Ireland where she felt the socio-economic inequality between the characters made more sense than in Sweden.She unleashes the three characters in a castle straight out of the most existential version ofHamletand infuses the text with color,both literal and figurative,to make the most compelling version ofMiss Julieto be put on screen,a tribute to Bergman,Strindberg and a reminder that Ullmann's work both behind and in front of the camera is always a pleasure to watch.She talked about her cast with passion,explained her thoughts on conveying physical space on film.And she even talked some Carrie Bradshaw![after the jump]

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Sep 14 2014

TIFF: Miss Julie or,Acting: The Movie!

The 2014 edition of TIFF ends tonight and so will Nathaniel's review coverage with Still Alice.Wrap-ups and Oscar updates coming shortly thereafter.Now Liv Ullman's Miss Julie...

"Kiss my shoe!"Colin Farrell reenacts critical reaction to Chastain's debut film year

This review contains 126 year-old spoilers if you're not familiar with August Strindbergh's one act play,which has been adapted to film frequently.The play is about the bored,lonely,and loveless daughter of a Baron,Miss Julie (Jessica Chastain) who enjoys toying with the servants,especially with John her father's valet (Colin Farrell).She flirts shamelessly even in front of his fiancé the cook (Samantha Morton) ordering him to perform sometimes demeaning and not very valet-like duties,like kissing her shoe or bringing her flowers.The story takes place in a single night in which the valet and the lady of the house will consummate their extremely uncomfortable and scandalous attraction with incredibly disastrous results...especially for Miss Julie.If 19th century Swedish country estates had been unionized John surely would have told her what wasn't in his job description.'Not that.Not that.Definitelynot that.You're playing with fire,Miss Julie!'

We understand Miss Julie's maddening hypocrisies straightaway as,when the story begins,she's already ordered the cook to feed her dog "Diana"an abortive dinner since the naughty girl has had sex with the gate keeper's mongrel dog.Foreshadowing 101 anyone?Diana is played by an adorable pug so we'll ignore,for Jess's dignity,that the play indicates that the dog ought to resemble Miss Julie!The pug laps down the meal hungrily and then proceeds to whimper through the entire first scene.This too proves foreshadowing,as yours truly began to do the same.If only Samantha Morton could have scoopedmeup,as she mercifully does with the confused pup,to carry me out of the screening room!


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Jul 25 2014

Yes No Maybe So,Eros: "Miss Julie"& "50 Shades of Grey"

It's a steamy class-conscious double-feature edition ofYes No Maybe Sotoday with the recent debuts of two adult-oriented "nasty thoughts"dramas.They're both directed by women which is an unexpected plus from the complete rarity of it and oh my god I never want to type that sentence again because it's so infinitely gross that it's being typed in 2014.First we have iconic actress turned director Liv Ullman's adaptation of Strindbergh's classicMiss Julieabout a cross-class dalliance between a lady (Jessica Chastain) and a servant (Colin Farrell) and then we have rising director Sam Taylor-Wood turned Sam Taylor-Johnson*'s adaptation of the not-classic best-seller50 Shades of Greywhich is also a cross-class dalliance between a fledgling reporter (Dakota Johnson,spawn of Melanie & Don) and a billionaire  (Jamie Dornan,who has already spawned thank god because those genes must not go to waste!).

Which of these movies do you most want to have sex with right now?

Don't be shy.

Let's get to the YNMS breakdown starting with Miss Julie.There issomuch moreafter the jump...I'm longwinded today.

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Jun 06 2014

Thoughts I Had...While Looking at the Poster for "Miss Julie"

Presented in the order they appeared without self-censorship...

img src

Audrey Hepburn inGreen Mansions(but better dressed which is weird to say about anything Audrey)

That neck purse looks very uncomfortable

Oh how cute,all three starsareGolden Globe winners.

I hate when Cate Blanchett chops Samantha Morton's head off in 'Elizabeth: Full Throttle'

That's a pretty wide she running?Doesn't the whole play take place in a kitchen?The posters already panicking "open it it up"

Period frizz is the enemy: See also La Pfeiff in that age that was innocent.

Liv Ullman is flawless in Bergman movies.I did see her last directorial gigFaithless(2000) and I liked it as an actor's showcase but not more than that.

Green is my favorite co-- no,second favorite color.Purple.

I wish this were directed by Jane Campion but then she's always the first choice with ladies in bulky dresses out in the elements

This is the French poster to your left.Which to prefer?

Redheads are so hot right now.If Ariel were alive and still had her legs she'd probably compete for Isla Fisher and Amy Adams's parts.But not for Jess's.

I saw a play with Sienna Miller once calledAfter Miss Juliewhich is just basicallyMiss Juliefor Brits instead of Swedes with some politics.So I've never understood why there's another one.But then I've never seenMiss Julieperformed and am no expert on it.And this has Jessica Chastain so level up.

I forgot to say anything aboutColin Farrell.