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"I watchedWhere'd Ya Go Bernadette,it was entertaining enough but what did it all add up to in the end,not sure.I also watchedAngel Has Fallen,which was silly,made no sense in parts but who cares,it was a fun movie."-Rami

"Finally went to seeOnce upon a Time...in Hollywoodand boy did I find it pompous and underwhelming!"-FrenchToast

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Apr 14 2016

First Look: Battle of the Sexes

Murtadahere.So you have a new movie about a very popular internationally recognizable person,what to do to announce that your film has started shooting?Why get Billie Jean King herself to tweet a photo of your two stars,right next to the two real life people they are playing.Get everyone talking about the uncanny likeness.Easy peasy,the internet ate it up!

Battle of the Sexesis about the 1973 tennis match between King and Bobby Riggs that made headlines worldwide and still stands in the culture as encapsulation of 1970s changing social attitudes about sport and feminism.Emma Stone is King and Steve Carrell is Riggs and boy do they look the part.Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (Little Miss Sunshine) are directing,the supporting cast includes Sarah Silverman,Alan Cumming,Elisabeth Shue and in aBirdmanreunion Andrea Riseborough as Marilyn Barnett,King's girlfriend at the time.It was surprising to see Danny Boyle's name as a producer,although not so much when seeing hisSlumdog Millionaireand127 Hourspartner Simon Beaufoy as the screenwriter.

Barnett during the alimony trial.

Riseborough's casting hopefully means that the movie will explore the tumultuous relationship between King and Barnett.Their relationship became public in 1980 when Barnett sued for alimony,outing King and putting her in the path of LGBT rights advocacy.That was 7 years after the battle of the sexes,so we are keeping hopes tempered.

The film just started shooting,so we have a long wait before we can see it,perhaps in the second half of 2017.However since this is an awards site,it's never too early to speculate.We know that playing a real life person - with that person making the campaign rounds alongside the actor - is a surefire way to win an Oscar.The movie has to be good of course,this one at least has the pedigree.Will this be Emma's moment?

Jan 30 2016

SAG Awards Live Blog

Let's talk about you for a second...

7:11 This is the face Sarah Silverman made after hearing "Let's talk about you for a second"which is...sublimely funny,a perfect encapsulation of the faux humility #blessed of superstars attending awards shows in which they all fawn on each other.You're great.No,no,you'regreat.

07:14 Rami Malek doesn't know who he was wearing.Alicia Vikander says 'I've only watched this on YouTube' before.Idris Elba is working the grey in his beard.Everyone is adorable x3 is my point.

07:22 Saoirse is in light pink and Brie in baby blue and I'm not sure what to make of that.

07:25 Jesse Tyler Ferguson and E!Brad talking to each other

- "Are you a nervous nellie."
- "Yaaas"


"-I hope I didn't get any contour on you"

This is the gayest thing I've ever seen on television.Which is saying a lot.

07:31 Nicole Kidman has arrived.[More...]

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Dec 24 2015

Holiday Podcast Part 1: The Ballot Rush

Nathaniel,Nick,Katey,andJoeall return for a two part discussion -- something you can listen to while you're travelling for the holidays,a gift from us to you.This was recorded on December 13th (apologies for the delay) so it predates the Critics Choice nominations and subsequentStar Warskerfuffle which is why we don't discuss those.But we're here to talk precursors and more.(Part Two will be up tonight)

42:30 minutes
00:01The Big Shortis suddenly a factor.Why?
07:30 Helen Mirren inTrumboandWoman in Gold
11:00 Sarah Silverman and Best Actress
15:00 Randomness and SAG voters
22:00Spotlightand the Globes
24:30 Rooney Mara & Alicia Vikander & BFCA
32:00 Best Director & Picture Possibilities
35:00 Original Song Contenders
40:20 Weird Stats plus Hair and Makeup

Further Reading for Context:
SAG Nominations
Globe Nominations
Original Song's 74 Contenders
Oscar Charts

You can listen to the podcast here at the bottom of the post ordownload from iTunes.

Holiday Podcast Pt 1

Dec 10 2015

Best Celebrity Reactions to SAG or Globe Nominations

Normally the press release soundbytes involving celebrities being thankful for their nominations are as dull and even more flavorless as an trophy winner reading names from a piece of paper in monotone.It's usually along the lines of "this film is special to us and I am so genuinely grateful.Thank you"So it's worth noting any reactions that display even a little bit of personality or say something more specific.Here are our favorites this yearafter the jump...

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Aug 18 2015

The Team on TV: Masters of Sex S3

Last week we kicked offa new weekly seriesin which we assemble a few rotating members of Team Experience to discuss various TV shows.Here's Dan,David,Deborah,and Manuel on discuss Masters of Sex -Editor

Dan: Hello everybody,welcome to our roundtable discussion onMasters Of Sex.I want to begin with a general topic: How do you all respond to time jumps in TV shows?Masters of Sexdoes this a lot,with several months often taking place offscreen either in between episodes or even during a single episode (S2's "Asterion"comes to mind).The second season ended in 1961,and this season began in 1966,skipping anything dealing with finding a publisher and marketing the study as a book.Did that throw you?Did you miss anything that would have been covered in the years we didn't get to see?

I was taken aback when it turned out Isabelle Fuhrman was Virginia's daughter Tessa,because last we saw Virginia had given up custody of her kids and Tessa was still a little girl.Now she's all grown and sneaking alcohol and drunkenly attempting to kiss Bill....what happened to our sweet girl?

Deborah: Hi Dan and all!I'm aMad Menfanatic,so I don't mind time jumps in theory.ButMasters of Sexhas been clunky with it.A big time jump at the halfway point of a season (Asterion) is awkward.At the time,I wrote "Halfway through Season 2,Masters of Sex decides 'to hell with this.'"It was strange.Jumping forward between seasons is a more elegant way and it makes sense.Here's what doesn't make sense: The show clearly wanted to get to the publication of the book,because all the years of research for the book were bound to become repetitive.That being the case,now that they've brought us to the book,why put so much attention on Virginia's kids and Bill's marriage?


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Feb 02 2015

Sundance: A Bleak Character Study Triple Feature

Michael C hereto look at a trio of dark films that premiered at Sundance.What would Sundance be without some downbeat character studies?Every festival gets its share of films charting the process by which self-destructive people make a shambles of their lives.Some of them are utterly engrossing and have the audience hanging on the protagonist's every move.Many of them are a chore,dragging the audience through fifty variations of misery to no clear purpose.The type of film where you tip your hat to the artistry and to the gumption it took to get it made,while silently resolving that you never need subject yourself to that again.

(I Smile Back,James Whiteand Patrick Wilson inZipperafter the jump)

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