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Oct 12 2016

The definitely incomplete history of Janis Joplin biopics

by Josh Forward

There have been so many rumoured,green lit and delayed productions of a Janis Joplin biopic,it's nearly impossible to keep track.But we're here to try!Janis was a 60's superstar,with an iconic voice and an image that was reflective of the counter culture of the times.She also sadly joined the 27 club by a drug overdose.

Her incredible life and talent has been promised on the big screen for decades and the latest announcement has Michelle Williams as Joplin under the direction of Sean Durkin (Martha Marcy May Marlene).This will be based on Laura Joplin's book "Love,Janis"made up of real letters from Joplin.This is not to be confused with the delayed version starring Amy Adams directed by Jean-Marc Vallee,halted by legal trouble which was tentatively calledGet it While You Can.

But these two productions have actually been competing since the 1990's.And before them there were other failed attempts.Let's look back...

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Dec 20 2011

Interview: Sean Durkin on "Martha Marcy May Marlene"

Oscar ballots hit the post office one week from today but movies often live well beyond the confines of awards season if they're any good.

One film that I suspect will be vying for the great honor of Best Future Shelf Life,with or without Oscar nominations,is Sean Durkin's cult dramaMartha Marcy May Marlene.Durkin was recently named one of Forbes "30 Under 30"and a week ago the prestigiousLos Angeles Film Critics Associationnamed the creative team the recipients of this year's "New Generations"award.It's one of the best critical calls this season;who wouldn't be eager to see what this team comes up with next?

I spoke to Durkin recently about his debut feature which hits BluRay and DVD on February 21st,2012.That happens to be one week before the Oscars but let's not get hung up on dates since Martha herself never knows what time it is.亚博主页

There are no clocks or calendars in those places.People totally lose track of time..."

The FYC Original Screenplay shipped to votersSo Durkin tells me while discussing his research for the film and interviews he'd had with former cult members like the fictional Martha."They don't remember anything about the first couple of weeks.But they get flashes and then they remember lying to everyone about where they've been.They're always paranoid."Piecing together the past when your identity has been systemically reprogrammed is difficult work. The decision to crosscut between the past and present,Martha never quite able to keep them separate,seemed like the only way to go."It just made sense to me"

The challenging movie favors ambiguity in its storytelling.The writer/director laughs when asked which question he most hates getting during the ambiguous-averse tradition of Q&As.(He's been promoting the movie for nearly a year now,starting at Sundance,and I figure he's heard some doozies.)

That's an original question!Whatever people feel when they're watching it or if they walk out,it's all fine."

[Ambiguity,That Title and What's Next?after the jump]

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