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"Finally went to seeOnce upon a Time...in Hollywoodand boy did I find it pompous and underwhelming!"-FrenchToast

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May 12 2017

Posterized: Guy Ritchie

The British director Guy Ritchie never finished school and didn't attend film school either but by the time he was 28 he was on his way to making cinematic waves.His short filmThe Hard Case(1995) attracted the attention of financiers and his debut featureLock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels(1998) was a scrappy success.Sudden fame for new directors is usually somewhat invisible since it's their names rather than faces that get the publicity.Not so for Guy Ritchie.His rise went meteoric via a marriage to global household name Madonna before people had even really learned his name.They famously wore each other's new products on t-shirts;he pushed her album "Music"across his chest in 2000 as she paradedSnatch,his second film, around on hers.

The marriage soured but his movies got bigger and bigger if not always more successful.Like any regularly working director he's had both hits and misses.His 9th featureKing Arthur: Legend of the Swordis now open in theaters everywhere.

Let's look at all his movies via posterized after the jump.How many have you seen?

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Oct 31 2016

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

Happy Haloween.Please enjoy this Photo of Oscar nominee and birthday girl Sally Kirkland wearing a live tarantulaHalloween isn'tonlyfor trick or treating and costume parties though it is most definitely for those things.It's also home to many fine birthdays and eventson this day in showbiz history...

1795Poet John Keats is born.Two hundred and fourteen years later Ben Whishaw plays him beautifully in the still undervalued Jane Campion movieBright Star
1864Nevada becomes the 36th State.Without Nevada no Las Vegas,one of the favorite cities of filmmakers and storytellers.It is entirely untrue that what happens there stays there -- it's always broadcast!
1879Oscar nominee Sara Allgood (How Green Was My Valley)is born in Dublin
1892Sir Arthur Conan Doyle publishes the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.Movies and TV haven't shut up about the Great Detective since they were invented as mediums.
1906George Bernard Shaw'sCaesar & Cleopatrapremieres on Broadway.39 years and 11 months later the film version starring Vivien Leigh is released.
1922Barbara Bell Geddes ofDallasandI Remember Mamafame is born in NYC
1925Oscar winner Lee Grant (Shampoo) is born.Have you read her recent autobiography yet?
1926Harry Houdini dies

Mount Rushmore,River Phoenix and more after the jump...

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Oct 27 2016

The Linking Dead

TowleroadJack O'Connell will star in Andrew Haigh's Alexander McQueen biopic.Good casting
MTVIs Jon Hamm funny...when the punchline is always just,"Jon Hamm"
GuardianTom Hardy to play famous Antartica explorer in 1914 set film
/FilmScott Derrickson says he wants to make aDoctor Strangesequel 'in the vein ofThe Dark Knight'.First theInceptioninspired visuals than this?Someone take his Chris Nolan dvds away pronto!
Tracking BoardCatherine Keener joins Del Toro & Brolin for theSicariosequel calledSoldado
The TalkhouseFilmmaker Bruce LaBruce sings the praise of...wait for it...John Travolta & Lily Tomlin in infamousMoment By Moment(1978)

ExpressSusan Sarandon in costume as Bette Davis forFeud
Interviewtalks to rising star Alden Ehrenreich - great photoshoot too
Comics Allianceshares concept art fromSuicide Squadthat wasn't used.Too colorful and fantastically gorgeous (Enchantress) - not grimy and ugly enough for Warner Bros / DC comic aesthetic!
Nerds of Colorgrades the reviews forDoctor Strangeon how they deal with the Swinton casting as The Ancient One
i09Star Trek: Discoveryjust lost Bryan Fuller as its showrunner
VarietyApparently Jude & Robert are going to make yet anotherSherlock Holmesmovie.Wasn't 2 enough?
/FilmShaun The Sheep Movieis getting a sequel.Hopefully this one will have a less awkward title
Coming Soonlots of photos from the set ofThor: Ragnarokas it wraps filming

Gay Gay Gay
PeopleTrevante Rhodes talks about playing gay inMoonlight(straight stars are gettingmuchbetter at these interviews but one wishes gay actors could get a crack at some of these key gay roles)
VarietyWill & Graceconsidering a possible TV revival after their election special reunion
THRSean Hayes apologizes for not coming out sooner while receiving a prize from OutFest
Kenneth in the (212)Stonewall Fundraising Event gets help from icons like Cher,Madonna & Steve Nicks

PlaybillPatti LuPone on joiningCrazy Ex Girlfriend
YouTubeJohn Cleese recap ofThe Walking Dead's first six seasons - it's funny and I don't even watch the show
Vulturereminds me why I don't watch the show by discussing its more exploitative qualities when it comes to the violence
Fusiona great piece on the non-sexualized dude robots onWestworld

Just 4 Fun
Gothamistbest dog costumes at Halloween in Thompson Square Park including movie spoofs likeHuman Centipede,The Little Shop of Horrors,andHarry Potter
Vultureremembering the best Celebrity Vines

...And Lady Gaga on Carpool Karaoke

May 22 2016

Great...Train Robbery,Detective,Balls of Fire

On this day in history as it relates to the movies...

1859Arthur Conan Doyle is born.Probably rolls over in his grave 150 years later when Guy Ritchie'sSherlock Holmespremieres and the great detective becomes a slo mo action hero
1868The Great Train Robbery happens.It's the subject of a highly influential 10 minute silent film (embedded above) as soon as people figure out what to do with cameras and celluloid in 1903.Cross-cutting,breaking the fourth wall,inventing the western action movie genre?It's all happening right here.
1907Laurence Olivieris born.Not yet a "Sir"but already expecting a cooing audience
1945Paranormal investigators Lorraine and Ed Warren are married.They become the fab Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson inThe Conjuring (2013) andThe Conjuring 2(2016)

1958Jerry Lee Lewis tells the world he's married his 13 year old cousin Myra.Later they look just like Dennis Quaid and Winona Ryder in a movie
1967Brooke Smith,the girl in the pit,is born
1973Nikolaj Lie Kass,Danish actor of underappreciated hotness (Brothers,The Idiots),is born
1998The Opposite of Sexhits theaters,Christina Ricci gets a well deserved Golden Globe Best Actress nod for her inspired star turn
2005The razor sharp Cronenberg filmA History of Violencewas stiffed of any prize at the Cannes Film Festival despite a strange round of winners which at least included Michael Haneke as Best Director for the brilliantCaché.Both films went to to make the Best Picture lineup right here at The Film Experience.亚博主页
2016The 69th annual Cannes Film Festival closes.Awards ceremony tonight in France so come back for the winners in the late afternoon!

Nov 15 2015

Sir Ian McKellen Charms the Brits.And Other Oscar Stories.

Nathaniel again in my last post directly from LA.I'll have to leave you in the good hands of Team Experience tomorrow as I'm travelling back across the country to home base NYC.This afternoon I had the pleasure of attending a Brit-heavy brunch with various BAFTA & Academy voters to honor Sir Ian McKellen inMr.Holmes,one of the year's biggest indie hits.

Look at the starry talent that showed up to support him...

Jane Seymour,Sir Ian,Sir Patrick,Kathy Bates,and The Lovely Laura Linney

Did you know that Jane Seymour and Sir Ian McKellen go all the way back to 1980 together,having co-starred inAmadeus(1980) on Broadway?She was wife to Tim Curry's Mozart and McKellen was Salieri (and won the Tony) but none of the stage cast were used in Milos Forman's Oscar-devouring film version in 1984.I was able to say hello to all the actresses.I informed Kathy Bates of her devout fanbase at The Film Experience and she credited亚博主页American Horror Storyfor giving her new fans but admitted the bloodiness of the show was a bit much for her (same) and that drinking the fake blood was disgusting.We even talked about her Oscar-winning work inMiseryas I shared earlier today on twitter.

Longtime readers,particularly "par3182"who named her thus,will be happy to know that "The Lovely Laura Linney"is now aware that at The Film Experiencce we only ever refer to her by that full title and have for years.One may not even say 'Laura Linney' in casual conversation as it must be properly heralded with 'The Lovely'.She beamed with all the apple-cheeked radiance we've all fallen for repeatedly over the years.

McKellen's close friend Sir Patrick Stewart was also on hand.Though McKellen singled several attendees of the party out beautifully as he spoke to the crowd,about his fellow X-Man he joked...

Patrick Stewart and I are practically married at this point.But his wife is here so we won't talk about that."

I personally admitted to Sir Patrick that I keep almost going as him for Halloween."That is a terrible idea!"he proclaimed,destroying my future dreams of Professor Xavier drag.

As for the man of the hour,Sir Ian McKellen was just as funny,warm,and winkingly arrogant as you could expect.'I'm very good in the picture!' he agreed without shame with those twinkling eyes while chatting.He was a delight to talk to and especially gracious to fellow actors.

I told the twice Oscar nominated actor that I thought the makeup work to age him up forMr.Holmeswas incredible -- the actor is a spry 76 but he plays Sherlock Holmes as a frail 90something.He agreed and mentioned that "the big hooter"specifically helped him in feeling like someone else.Looking into the mirror after hair and makeup and seeing the character taking shape is a great help.'Your body starts to join in,' he remarked hunching over to recall the aging affect.When it comes to actors and transformation,he quipped  'I knew what DNA was before the scientists!'

related:current best actor chart|more on Sir Ian

Jul 12 2015

SDCC Day 3: Multitudes of Peggy & Hateful 8 News

Anne Marie here with more from SDCC.Most of Saturday's buzz surroundedBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice(about which Nathaniel already posted a YNMS),but if capes and cowls aren't your thing,here are 5 other entertaining bits of news from San Diego Comic Con.

5)EW's Women Who Kick Ass Panelassembled a great lineup: Kathy Bates onAmerican Horror Story,Hayley Atwell onAgent Carter,Gwendoline Christie onGame of Thrones,Jenna Coleman fromDoctor Who, and Wonder Woman herself,Gal Godot.Someone make this an actual superhero team please.

4) TheSherlockSpecial sneak peek.Little explanation given for the Victorian setting,but it's fun to see Bendandsnap Cabbagepatch don the deerstalker.

3)Suicide Squadteaseris all anyone can talk about,but Warner Bros hasn't yet released it online.Fan consensus: Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn > Jared Leto's Joker.I just want to see Viola Davis eat that steak.

2)Hateful 8Panel,interviews,and new poster.Notice that very important cinephile bait bit in the right bottom corner.Good tagline,too.Tarantino revealed that if he can't shoot on actual film,he won't make them anymore and TV might be a possibility.Best news: he convinced the legendary Ennio Morricone to compose his first western score in decades.The Original Score Oscar prediction chartalready updated as a result!

1)Hayley Atwell's Dubsmash Videos.TheAgent Carterstar alleviated her boredom (and ours) with a Dubsmash challenge to herAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D.buddies.She also posed with a huge group of Comic Con attendees doing Peggy Carter cosplay