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a look back atKing Kong(1976)

"Worth every dollar spent to mount it on Broadway."-Romy

"It looks fabulous but a love story musical does need two lead that have chemistry or no matter how dazzling the show will not work"-Jaragon

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Jan 04 2019

Months of Meryl: An Epilogue

JohnandMatthewwatchedevery single live-action film starring Meryl Streep.

Meryl has been a superstar for 40 years now

MATTHEW: You never forget the performers who first reach out to you from an illuminated screen and lay claim to your gaze,mind,and devotion.Before I knew anything about the art of screen acting,I knew about the miraculous and almost mythic marvel that is Meryl Streep.Months of Merylwas an undertaking that exhausted and aggravated me without end: for every unparalleledSilkwoodin Streep's filmography,there are at least twoThe House of the Spirits;for every forgotten or underrecognized gem likeThe Seduction of Joe Tynan,One True Thing,orA Prairie Home Companion,there are at least threeStill of the Nights,Primes,orDark Matters.But,more importantly,this project illuminated a great deal about a veteran artist whose empathetic interest in the lives of others moved me at such an impressionable age and will never cease to do so.

Watching and writing about Streep's films side by side by side for well over a year has not taught me a single overarching lesson,but only deepened my appreciation for her mastery...

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Feb 28 2018

Months of Meryl: Silkwood (1983)

JohnandMattheware watching every single live-action film starring Meryl Streep.

#9 — Karen Silkwood,a real-life chemical technician turned labor union activist and whistleblower.

"Karen Silkwood has come to stand for so many things to so many people that I had to start all over again in trying to play her as a person,not a symbol.I really don't think we can know much about people after they're not there to tell us.All their real,real secrets die with them.At the end of this whole experience of making this movie,I thought about those minutes before Karen's car went off the road,and I missed her."
— Meryl Streep,1983

: Meryl Streep appears in every scene and what feels like nearly every shot ofSilkwood,which marked the first but certainly not the last time that the actress would play a real person.Streep's career was technically still in its early stages whenSilkwood's cameras began rolling in Texas in 1982,but it was already replete with shelves of awards and a peerless level of respectability that prompted co-star Cher to crack this gem about first meeting Streep: "I thought it was going to be like having an audience with the Pope"

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Aug 04 2017

This & That: Silkwood,Stewart,and other things we forgot to talk about

Herewith a random collection of things that have been clogging up The Film Experience pipeline (i.e.亚博主页my desktop and emails) which I never got around to writing about and no team maker volunteered to cover.In some cases I saved a photo I don't remember from what and for what!

Once you're done reading the post please imitate that "empty trash"desktop noise and feel as uncluttered as I will once I've hit publish.

We'll start with Meryl because that always gets you going...

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Apr 30 2014

April Showers: Silkwood

Thewaterworksconclude with the month's last entry fromabstew.And it's a doozy...

Although the most famous shower scene in the history of film may belong to Hitchcock'sPsycho,no other cinematic shower has entered into pop culture,taking on a life of its own outside the film,in quite the same way asSilkwood.To take a Silkwood shower is even an entry in theurban dictionary(so you know it's legit.) But for something that has morphed into such an iconic cultural moment,it may be surprising to note that Meryl Streep only spends a little less than a minute in the film's entire two hour running time actually in the (invasive) cleansing waters.Despite its brevity,its emotional impact is palpable.

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Nov 05 2012

First Look At "August: Osage County"

Well,lookie here.It's our first official photos fromAugust: Osage County.Albeit tiny blurry ones.

UPDATE:What the text on that page says

This glossy promotional item with photos of Meryl Streep,Julia Roberts,Juliette Lewis,Julianne Nicholson,and Ewan McGregor and The House (!) where it all goes down was emailed to me by a reader who is currently attending theAmerican Film Market.

Streep with dark hair always makes me think ofSilkwoodwhich is never an unpleasant thought and coincidentally also takes place in Oklahoma.IfA:OCis anywhere close toSilkwood's quality everyone wins.

P.S.I'm wild for Juliette with red locks.

P.P.S.Back to this year's Oscar race!