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"Clemency and 1917 today...two of the year's best. " -Me

"I caught up on two best picture nominees I hadn't seen, Joker and 1917. Joker was two hours of my life I'll never get back." -Jules

“我抓了起来,终于,在t。美好的一天he Neighborhood. Was teary-eyed for the entire second half. I'm surprised more people weren't impressed." -ER

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Nov 19 2019

Yes No Maybe So: Pixar's 2020 Films "Soul" and "Onward"

by Tony Ruggio

Pixar gonna Pixar. That is, use cute anthropomorphic beings to explore the many profundities of life and make us cry in the process.Soulappears to be another excellent example of their personal stamp. Better yet, it's one of two Pixar originals this year (their firsts sinceCocoin 2017 since the last two years have been sequels). Let's do the Yes No Maybe So after the jump...

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