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Feb 14 2022

Oscar can't quite let that "Popular Movie Oscar" idea go...

While the "Popular Movie" Oscar idea the Academy Awards floated a few years ago was met with immediate backlash, Oscar can't quite let the idea go. Their latest attempt at populism to increase ratings is to incorporate Twitter users into the ceremony via a "Twitter Fan Vote"... and that begins today. Whichever movie gets the most votes with the hashtag #OscarsFanFavoritee will be honored on the Broadcast, though it thankfully won't be getting an official statue. A fan favourite scene will also be played on Oscar night via the hashtag#OscarsCheerMoment. All of which seems like an excuse to show a clip of Andrew Garfield walking through a magical portal intoSpider-Man No Way Homewhich they could do anyway since the movie is up for Best Visual Effects. Plus Oscar ceremonies would always be wise to include a montage of the past year in film.

The second part of this is ultra specific and odd. Three twitter users who vote this year will get an all-expense paid trip to Los Angeles topresentan Oscarat the 95th Oscars in 2023. Why anyone buttheirfamily would want to watch three random civilians present an Oscar when we there are hundreds of bonafide celebrities in the room we could be watching instead is beyond us.

Jan 06 2022

The Case for Andrew Garfield Winning Best Actor

ByBen Miller

Garfield at The Hollywood Reporter actor's roundtableWill Smith has had his name chiseled into the Best Actor Oscar since we first laid eyes on the trailer forKing Richard. It's a foregone conclusion, no need to pay attention to anyone else. As with Best Actor last season and Best Actress 2018, everyone knows who is going to win, so it doesn't matter who the Academy votes for! If your memory is fogging up, it's because those "foregone conclusion" frontrunners in 2018 and 2020 did not, in fact, take home the trophy.

2021 may well repeat history as Andrew Garfield campaigns, charms, and web-slings his way into the conversation to take home Best Actor on Oscar night. Let's break down the reasons why Garfield could walk away with the trophy...

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Dec 29 2021

视觉效果Shortlist - Scene Breakdown

ByBen Miller

The 10 finalists for the Best Visual Effects Oscar were announced last week. Though once reserved for films that pushed the boundaries of what films could visualize, the Oscars have since gravitated towards spectacle and bombast. Of the 10 films, none came from an independent studio or had a budget less than $100 million. That isn't to say their effects should be discounted, but don't expect to see something likeEx Machinaor shortlisted documentaryWelcome to Chechnyafrom last year. This category is usually reserved for outright spectacle, and these shortlisted films reflect that.

Let's focus on one specific setpiece per film that highlights the visual effects artists...

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Dec 26 2021

Tweet the Season

Tweet of the Year incoming!

Hahahaha. But seriously Twitter is good for somethings. Unexpected moments of frivolity, silly memes, amusing notes about movies and television, mutual lust appreciation societies for celebrities, tweet threads that can become great movies (like Zola) and so on. So, anywhere, here are some tweets we enjoyed this holiday week...

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Dec 24 2021

"No Way Home" and Oscar Dreams. Or, When advocacy goes wrong...

by Nathaniel R

There are some that argue that Oscar pundits shouldn't be critics or vice versa. Prognostication and film criticism both require analytical skills but they're different jobs. The lines get murkier when it comes to advocacy. Each media outlet produces more Oscar coverage than we have ever had in the past. It's subversively hilarious that as Oscar ratings have steadily dwindled in the era of splintering audiences, discussion and analysis of the awards race is noisier and more populated each year! Yet, if the proliferation of film critics organizations has taught us anything it's that if you get enough film types in a room to talk "Best"... they will immediately, whether consciously or not, begin to equate Best with Oscars. That's how successful the Oscars have been as a name brand and institution. You can see it in the prizes given each year in the precursor awards and how eagerly space is handed over to presumed Oscar hopefuls that don't really need the boost. Even while the same journalists and outlets, who vote on the preliminary prizes, regularly bemoan that 'Oscars never get it right'. Advocacy doesn't equal prognostication but it looks too much like it at times.

Into this mess of adjacent but not always compatible agendas, comes the superhero blockbuster. In this case,Spider-Man: No Way Homewhich is suddenly getting the "nominate it for Best Picture!" discussion...

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