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"Whenever Niecy Nash is an option I've got to pause a minute and appreciate that she walks among us."-Scott

"Schitt's Creekhas managed to outdo just about every other show,comedy or drama,in how it gives its characters genuine life beats to play off,and to then pay off in beautiful (and hilarious) ways."-Manny

"Overall,I'm satisfied with the nominations.A lot of good surprises."-Goodbar

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May 31 2018

Did you enjoy 'Mermay'?A few words on "Splash"and "Siren"

by Nathaniel

You guys.I only just recently learned about "Mermay"in which you celebrate mermaids during the month of May.How did I not know about this?We could have been celebrating mermaids in film and television all month long!The least we could have done is pay tribute toTully's mermaid dream imagery.Because that film did NOT get enough attention.Jason Reitman + Diablo Cody + Charlize Theron = dream team (see also:Young Adult)...

I thought I could whirlpool up a top ten list of movie mermaids but realized I hadn't seen some key texts likeMr Peabody and the Mermaid(1948),Night Tide(1961),the silent filmThe Mermaid(1904) and a few others.Sadly merman films seem all but nonexistent...

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Mar 09 2017

On this day: Internet Boyfriends,Fishy Rom-Coms,and Toxic Masculinity Camp

On this day in history as it relates to showbiz...

1930Taina Elg is born in Finland.Briefly becomes a star in Hollywood withLes Girls(1957)winning a Golden Globe
1940Much missed Puerto Rican actor Raul Julia was born on this day."Oh Gomez..."♥︎
1943Chess genius Bobby Fischer is born.He was recently biopic'ed via Tobey Maguire inPawn Sacrifice.
1963Canadian director Jean-Marc Vallée is born in Montreal.He's really been cranking out the hits lately:Dallas Buyers Club,Wild,and the juicy actress-bliss ofBig Little Lies
1964Oscar winner Juliette Binoche,one of the greatest actresses in the world,is born in Paris...

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Aug 30 2016

Making a "Splash"

I'll be doing that tomorrow as I've been under the weather today.But don't despair if you needed a fix of Ron Howard's best movie (you heard me),the charming fish out of water comedySplashfrom 1984.Here are seven articles from Best Shot participants to enjoy.Click on the photos to dive into their takes on this romantic winner about a man and his mermaid.

Scopophiliac at the Cinema

Antagony & Ecstasy

Rachel's Reviews

Sorta That Guy

Dancin Dan on Film

Christian Bonamusa

Allison Tooey

Aug 08 2016

Q&A: I'm Not There.I'm Right Here With My Cat(s)

Your questions a few days back really got me going so you're getting two weeks of Q&As out of them.Here's the first episode with eight questions answered on Hamilton,I'm Not There style biopics,dinner with movie characters and more...

IBIS: Cast This!The film version ofHamilton

NATHANIEL: Since they'll surely make us wait another 10 years for any movement on the film we'd have to suggest actors we've never heard of who maybe even haven't started acting yet so we can't think on this.I will say though that when everyone was so sad that the original cast was leaving the show I felt like hugging everyone and going "it'll be fine if you see replacements!"because the star of Hamilton is really the musical itself,if you ask me.Yes,the actors were great but it's one of those things that's so perfectly calibrated to be its best self,that the show is really the star.I swear to you.So please enjoy it when it goes on tour somewhere near you.

Plus the wait for aHamiltonmovie gives Hollywood time to invest in some actors of color as future stars so that they don't panic when it's time to cast the movie and realize they don't know enough of them to fill this sprawling movie.

my favorite western RED RIVER (1948)SONJA: What is your least favorite genre?

I try to love all genres since they're all capable of greatness.My answer to this when I was younger would have easily  been "westerns"or "horror"but I've seen enough classics now from each of those genres that I have newfound respect.I guess I will say "war films"in general.Yes,there are great ones...but too often it's just an excuse to indulge in manly violence for manly violence's sake,which is never really a thrill for me.

But if I can extend to television throw out that entire answer and just say "medical procedural".While watching TV the other night I saw a commercial for Chicago Med which I guess is a new show?And I was like REALLY?ANOTHER MEDICAL PROCEDURAL?AND ALSO: ANOTHER MEDICAL PROCEDURAL SET IN CHICAGO WHERE HALF OF THEM HAVE BEEN SET?!?"It actually made me angry.The showbiz community is sometimes just entirely allergic to trying new things...which is strange considering it's a profession which can only exist by harnessing creativity.

RYAN T: Since the Olympics is happening in Rio,do you have a favorite Brazilian film,actor,or filmmaker?

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Jun 16 2015

Curio: The Lighter Side of Tom Hanks

Alexahere.This past Saturday,Gallery 1988 opened its newest group show of pop-culture inspired art,and it's a happy one: NO SAD STUFF includes paintings,prints,and sculptures influenced by Tom Hanks films from 1984-1994.This means pieces celebrating the likes ofThe Money Pit,Big,The Burbs,Turner & Hoochand,of course,SplashandForrest Gump(among others).

Seven pieces from the collectionafter the jump...

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