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"A action movie classic"-Jaragon

"Honestly,I sawKentucky Fried Movie -- which ends with a long parody of this film -- about 5-10 years before I got around to seeingEnter the Dragonitself.I remember so much more about [the former]". -James

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Jan 06 2014

Oscar's One Hit Wonders or When Bad Nominations Happen to Good Actors

[Here'sabstewto talk about a semi-annual Oscar tradition.Even if you disagree with the picks you surely recognize the curious problem.Will any of 2013's future nominees qualify for this list?-Editor]

When it comes to acting nominations,let's face it,not everyone can be Meryl Streep (17 nominations and counting).And with only 20 acting nominations to hand out each year,there's always going to be people left out.So many factors affect nominations: how well the actor is liked in the industry,whether they've been nominated (or won) before,how visible they've been promoting the movie,whether or not it's their "time".Sometimes the actual performance doesn't weigh in as heavily as it should.

Which is why the Academy gives something I like to call the "Oh,sorry we didn't nominate you for that great movie you were in a couple years ago,but let's call it even by nominating you for this instead"nomination.For many actors their body of work greatly out-weighs the single nomination.(For purposes of this list,I'm focusing only on actors who've received their nomination in the past 25 years or so but this has been happening since the beginning of (Oscar's) time.)

With so many greats yet to receive a nomination,perhaps we should be grateful that the following actors can precede their name with "Academy Award Nominee",but knowing how much better they are than this single nomination implies...

Single Nomination:Best Actress,Catherine DeneuveIndochine(1992)

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Dec 24 2013

Year in Review: The Bad,The Worse,and the Ugly

I used to make a big fuss over my CINEMATIC SHAME list but this year I'm mostly just feeling the love (see also that "most moving"list share).Nevertheless tradition is tradition,so herewith a few dubious "honors"and outright dismissals from the worst of 2013

One can avoid a lot of dross if you select your own movies rather than have them assigned to you by an editor.But true terror always finds a way.Let's call this a three way tie.Identity Thiefis so stuffed with uncecessary scenes and filler -- the stars don't even meet for half an hour!-- it's practically built to be ignored on cable for decades to come while you putter around your house with your phone in hand and your mind entirely elsewhere -- at least until you notice some bright color combination on Melissa McCarthy and chuckle at a line reading or two before instanteously losing interest again.

Unfortunately there's more.The Counselor,Oblivion,Diana,The Lone Ranger,Jodie Foster and more dishonorsafter the jump...

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Mar 03 2013

'Jack & The Beanstalk...on Steroids'

I can only imagine the pitch meetings forJack the Giant Slayer...

The Royal Family,Their Trusted Ewan,and Jack the Farmboy

It's like 'Jack and the Beanstalk' on steroids.not one giant but hundreds,not a farm to save but an entire kingdom,not just treasure but a princess's heart to win.Oh,and minus the golden harp since harps are for sissies!"

Okay,yes,the harp does make a cameo appearance but the story has been greatly altered in an attempt to reach today'skidsboys.Which is fine.Fairy tales are always morphing with the times and in this case why the hell not?There's a reason thatJack & The Beanstalkis a second tier fairy tale.[more...]

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