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Nov 19 2014

Steve McQueen to Helm a Paul Robeson Biopic (& other news)

Manuelhere bringing you news about Steve McQueen's next film project.

Surely one of the joys of this past Oscar season was McQueen's ebullience,no?

While we know McQueen has been busy casting his lead for hisHBO pilot,Codes of Conduct,it was less clear what his follow-up to his Academy Award winning12 Years a Slavewould be.Well, now we have an answer: a Paul Robeson biopic.He's quoted byThe Guardian,noting that,

"His life and legacy was the film I wanted to make the second after Hunger.But I didn't have the power,I didn't have the juice."

Robeson's life will surely offer McQueen quite a bit to play with,though I'd love for him to focus on Robeson's impact and role in the Harlem Renaissance;might I be selfish in wanting him to craft an entire movie out of Robeson's (in)famousEmperor Jonesproduction?I feel we've yet to get a big-screen treatment of that colorful era,with so much necessary cultural history embedded within.After12 Years' historic win,it seems fitting that McQueen (who's teaming upwith Harry Belafontefor the pic) would use his leverage to get his passion project off the ground and particularly timely as 2014 continues to see films for,about,and by black artists taking center stage in mainstream conversations.

And for those of you who want to champion and support work by African American women (also beautifully being spotlit recently withAva Duvernay,Gina Prince-Bythewood,as well as BritAmma Asante's films all receiving warm critical and box office notices),theAfrican-American Women in Cinema festivalkicks off today in New York City.It looks like awonderfully diverse slate;the opening night film Seasons of Love features Taraji P.Henson,(also soon to be seen in the upcoming Lee Daniels' produced television showEmpirewhich will hopefully give her the juice role she deserves) as well as the fittingly and timely titled Afraid of the Dark documentary which attempts to answer the question,in director Mya B.'s words,"Why is everyone afraid of black men?"Let us know if you make it to any of the films!

Taraji & Gladys Knight in Seasons of Love

Who do you think McQueen should cast as Robeson?And while we're on the subject,share with us your favorite film directed by a woman of color (mine'sThe Watermelon Woman);I'm always on the lookout for new titles from voices that veer away from the stronghold of the straight white male director.

Feb 16 2014

Podcast: Our Favorite Films by This Year's "Best Directors"

It's a special edition of the Podcast.And by special I don't mean "filled with sound problems for which I apologize"but that we're not staying in the now but looking back.JoeandNickjoinNathanielto discuss this year'sBest Director Nominees...but not for their new films.We each choose our favorite film by the five artists nominated.

We throw in a few Oscar party food tips as well...

00:00 Oscar Fatigue and Scheduling
02:30 The Films of Steve McQueen
07:45 The Films of Alexander Payne
16:00 The Films of Alfonso Cuarón
20:25 The Films of David O.Russell
28:30 The Films of Martin Scorsese
39:30 Tangent: The Departed and Modern Day Scorsese
43:00 Oscar Parties - Do We Go?Do We Have Them?
47:00 Choosing Oscar Party Food Items

You can listen to the podcast right here at the bottom of the postor download the conversation on iTunes. Continue the conversation in the comments!Hunger,Shame,I Heart Huckabees,Taxi Driver,King of Comedy,Goodfellas,Cape Fear,Children of Men,Y Tu Mama Tambíen,

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Jan 10 2014

The Next 12 Years Are More Like 50

JA from MNPPhere - almost every review I've read of Steve McQueen's 12 Years a Slavehas made note of the fact that this is a British man making a movie about an American experience,and usually falling down on the side that maybe it took the perspective of an outsider looking in to capture something previously uncaptured about it.
Well the only luxury of distance McQueen will have with his next project is that of time,and only that partially - he's next planning (after he wins an Oscar,fingers crossed) on making what's being called an "epic"series for the BBC on "the black experience in Britain"from the end of the 1960s up until today.(There might be an emphasis on the 1981 Brixton riots - he's talkedabout them before.) He talks to The Daily Mail about the new project here- it's in the early stages,without any actors attached or script yet...although I'd be shocked if there's not at least at least one Irish-German gingerskulking around in it at least in a small part somewhere,wouldn't you?
Jan 07 2014

I'm Linking As Fast As I Can

Who can keep up this week?

Vanity FairKatey Rich on the embarassing Armond White display at the New York Film Critics Circle awards ceremony.I seriously don't know why the NYFCC risks their reputation this way each year?
BBCJane Campion will head the Cannes jury this year.Yay!(Although this article weirdly states that Campion is the only female to win the Palme D'Or which is no longer true.Lea Seydoux & Adele Exarchopoulus won with their director forBlue is the Warmest Color
ScriptNoteswith John August and Craig Mason wonder if filmmakers will ever be able to release a surprise feature a la Beyonce's surprise record
Time50 things you didn't know about Nicolas Cage for his 50th birthday
The CarpetbaggerWill Forte on his surprise detour intoNebraska
TowleroadLily Tomlin finally marries longtime partner/collaborator Jane Wagner
THRhilarious interview about the forthcoming Golden Globes with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

Cinema BlendLiza Minnelli loves The Dallas Buyers Club,says to McConaughey...

And,honey,if you don't win the Academy Award,I'm giving you mine."

Next time I hear "Mein Herr"I'll think,however briefly,of McConaughey.But I hear Mein Herr so often so it won't ruin it for me (what?You watchCabaretmonthly,too,right?).In fact,I'm okay with this regifting if:

1) Matthew can do the entire choreography of Mein Herr flawlessly
2) Matthew gives Liza a supporting role inMagic Mike 2

Jan 07 2014

Mini-Symposium: Oscar's Fifth Spot (Part Two of Two)

Will American Hustle win multiple acting nods?ICYMI we are starting a new tradition here at The Film Experience.亚博主页Though we usually gather a handful of prominent film bloggers to discuss the Oscar nominations in great detail (once they've had time to sink in),this year we're doing a mini-symposium before the nominations to discuss the always competitive situations surrounding the "just glad to be nominated"spot.Yesterday,Kurt Osenlund(The House Next Door),Nathaniel R(亚博主页,c'est moi),Christopher Rosen(Huffington Post),Sasha Stone(Awards Daily) andYou(in the comments) began with the supporting categories and who might rise should one of the expected five in each category falter at the finish line.(Though if you really think it over,isn't Nomination Morning really the starting gate?)

Where we left off yesterday: Sasha thought Robert Redford'sAll is Lostnomination would still be nominated,despite worries that the campaign faded too quickly and that if anyone fell for DiCaprio or Whitaker it'd be Tom Hanks in Captain Phillips.Christopher thought Leo wasn't happening due toWolf of Wall Streetbeing "Zero-Dark-Thirty'd".We had spent a lot of time agreeing but that ends,now.

CHRIS: I had always thought Whitaker would get in,simply because he's really great andLee Daniels' The Butlerseemed like a perfect Oscar movie,but that one just has not seemed to take.If Harvey getsThe Butlera Best Picture nod,I wouldn't be surprised to see Whitaker in there,probably at the expense of Hanks.But that's just crazy talk,sinceCaptain Phillipsis lined up as one of the strongest films in major categories.The Redford SAG snub was shocking,he hasn't really campaigned,and Bruce Dern has stolen away Redford's slam-dunk narrative for a win ...but I would still be stunned if Redford doesn't get a nomination.That said: Sasha's theory about Bale getting nominated as proof of the strength ofAmerican Hustleis a good one,but a more likely scenario for me is an Adams nomination forBest Actress.Either way,I think one of those lead performances gets a nod for that film,so if Bale winds up in,maybe he steals Redford's slot?

KURT: Hey all.Sorry for the silence on my end.I was out pretty late last night,braving the bitter streets of SoHo tucked into my coat,like a latter dayLlewyn Davis.On that note,I think it's absolutely criminal that Oscar Isaac won't be making it into ourBest Actor fivethis year,but I've pretty much accepted that reality,and I guess it's appropriate given the character's non-trajectory.

Leonardo of Wall Street,30 Years a Butler,and Best Actressafter the jump...

Click to read more ...亚博足彩app

Oct 11 2013

NYFF: 12 Years a Slave

The New York Film Festival (Sept.27-Oct 14) is in its last few days;here'sJA's thoughts on Steve McQueen's12 Years a Slave.

The free man turned slave Solomon Northrup's been sent on a trip to the grocer by the mistress of the plantation.He's to get something or other.He walks down the dirt path dutifully...until he doesn't - he darts into the woods,quickly,making pains to not be seen.His brow bursts with sweat.He dodges around trees,through vines,and he runs,and runs.We've been waiting for this moment,for his nerve to snap,for the surrounding wilderness to swallow him up and carry him back to his family up North.

If only freedom were that simple.No,simplicity belongs to the other side here.Evil comes easy.Around every corner,behind every hedgerow,a hangman.A crowd surrounding two black men,strung up.There is to be no escape-just a trip to the grocer,picking up something or other,or else.The two black men yank up into the air furiously,twitching to death,and so Solomon moves on,which is all he can do - that,or hang,twitching to death in the strange surrounding wilderness of this nowhere nothing place where he doesn't belong.

But then it's not quite a nowhere nothing place,though the plantations are all rendered as any muddy backyard anyplace,thick with moss and turned-soil stretching out - it's a specific time,and a specific place,and a specific horror where Solomon Northrup finds himself imprisoned.And to say he doesn't belong implies that anyone there does - that his birthright on one side of a line drawn on a map renders him different from the souls he now stands and suffers beside.12 Years a Slaveknows better and muddies up every distinction - freedom's just a word,its meaning rendered by the person who says it or doesn't say it,so easily snuffed out in a world built upon institutionalized indifference laid over bottomless cruelty.To say one man's a little bit better than another only seems to mean he'll push the problem,you being the problem,off on someone else - you're gonna hang either way.

To say that Steve McQueen's film renders the unfathomable brutality of this period in our history tangible in a way that I've never seen captured on-screen before is both an understatement (for one it makes the cavalier jokiness of Tarantino'sDjango Unchainedseem terrifically misguided,to put it nicely,in retrospect) and a bit of a side-step - it does that but it somehow,miraculously,does so through inclusivity.This is not a film that pushes you away,even as it renders you breathless by its terror.We become one with Solomon.That's on Chiwetel Ejiofor's flawless and open performance of course,but also McQueen's direction and John Ridley's script,which never feel the need to force us any which way but to what's suddenly,inescapably,right in front of us.The commonness of the horror,the ease of it - it's all just so simple here,the way you can turn a corner and find freedom replaced by a sack over your head and your toes scratching at the mud,as you gasp for one last strangled breath.

The scars,by the way,never go away.The ghosts neither.We might crumple into the arms of the people who love us,or we might crumple into the dirt a battered rag doll of a person,but we're all gonna fall.It's as graceless as it is inevitable.It is what comes after that means to survive.And then,after that too.And always,the after,that's all there is,stretching scarred out towards infinity,and falling some more.

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