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Feb 20 2019

25th Anniversary: "Reality Bites"

by Mark Brinkerhoff

Sandwiched between (and oft-overshadowed by) the so-called Baby Boomers and Millennials,Generation X,those born between 1965-1980,seems to get little attention from Hollywood — or from anyone,really.In fact,just last month CBSinfamously omittedGen X in an otherwise comprehensive chart,"Generation Guidelines Defined by Birth Year."For Gen Xers (of which I am one),this was generally considered as simply par for the course.Of course,of course,of course!

But 25 years ago this week,we got our cinematic Valentine in the form ofReality Bites,the seminal film of a "forgotten"generation...

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Apr 21 2018

Review: Lean on Pete

by Eric Blume

Andrew Haigh,the director of the new filmLean on Pete,is a major,major talent.He pulled a career-best (and Oscar-nominated) performance from Charlotte Rampling in his last film45 Years,made a splash a few years before that with the lovely two-handerWeekend,and his big HBO showLookingwas for my money one of the best gay anythings ever made.

Haigh has a particular talent with actors,and also for establishing moments of quiet power within a story.What's more he trusts that that power is enough.These talents are firmly on display inLean on Pete,the story of 16 year-old Charley (Charlie Plummer) who finds himself completely alone alongside the eponymous,discarded quarterhorse...

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Nov 13 2017

Happy 50th to Underappreciated Steve Zahn

by Nathaniel R

"Bad Ape"is still one of the best movie characters of 2017.He comes courtesy of the ambitiousWar for the Planet of the Apes,various visual effects technicians,and Steve Zahn who brilliantly embodies him.On the actor's 50th birthday a quick list of our 5 favorite Zahn performances over the years.He's one of Hollywood's most reliable (andmost adorable) character actors and still has never really gotten his due.

01 "Sammy Gray"inReality Bites
02 "Glenn Michaels"inOut of Sight
03 "Lenny Hase"inThat Thing You Do!
04 "Bad Ape"inWar for the Planet of the Apes
05 "Fuller"inJoy Ride

P.S.Also celebrating birthdays today: actors Whoopi Goldberg,Gerard Butler,Xiaoming Huang,Frances Conroy,Chris Noth,Joe Mantegna,余文乐,cinematographer Conrad W Hall,and directorGary Marshall;And though they are departed they are not forgotten:author Robert Louis Stevenson,and actors Hermione Baddeley,Oskar Werner,Madeleine Sherwood,and Jean Seberg,and 5 time Oscar nominated set decorator Hal Gausman (Mary Poppins,Bedknobs and Broomsticks,The Untouchables,etcetera)

Oct 06 2017

C O N S I D E R - Favorite Actors of 2017,3rd Qtr

With only three months of the year to go - eep!-- it's time to look back on the past three months for movieswe saw from July through September(excluding films with firm release dates in the next three months).Herewith Nathaniel's17 favoritemale performancesfrom the year's third quarter (plus first week of October to keep us up-to-date),divvied up into three categories.  (Movies with asterisks have not yet been released.)

Did these men speak to you with their turns?


Daniel Gimenez Cacho as "Don Diego de Zama"inZama*
One of my favorite Mexican actors.Though I found the film impenetrable,he's always strong.

Harris Dickinson as "Frankie"inBeach Rats
Here's to debuts that reveal both fully-formed star charisma and film-carrying craft

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Jul 19 2017

150 Words on The Beguiled,The Big Sick,and Planet of the Apes

Three movies I didn't review when they were brand spanking new but opinions don't have expiration dates so why not share 'em,anyway?150 words on each because you're busy and I'm busy,too.

War for the Planet of the Apes
The freshest character inWarfor...is named  "Bad Ape."  But really,who's good?The final installment of theApesreboot is,in essence,a war picture which means everyone is compromised.Yes,even noble Caesar (Andy Serkis) is tempted to do the wrong thing repeatedly.Bad Ape (Steve Zahn) gives the movie its only moments of levity but even those are pitiable,like the abused creature himself.The new film isn't "fun"at allbut proves a fitting capper to a surprisingly meaty trilogy.It's a danger to interpret all current cinema in light of the apocalyptic choices of the US electorate of late but boy is this thing a compelling downer;you can argue that the final film is all about racism,evil lying fascists (Woody Harrelson),and the willful self-destructiveness of the human race.Let's hope the series (if not our planet) wraps up right here.B

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